Slime. Grime. And Gerlan Marcel.

It only came to my attention this very morning there are so many people out there that I don’t know the hell about. Nah that was a crap starting. Let me start again, one second: Well I happened to be browsing through my tumblr *in-a-cute-irish-accent* and I saw this {LIKE} awesome photo of these sunglasses that I totally must have {*cough-cough-probably-3000-pounds-or-something-ya-know-real-cheap-cough-cough-cough.*} They were neon-ish and ‘dripping’ with green slime and they’re the most amazing sunglasses you’ll ever see in your life! I mean, what is it with cool sunglasses at the moment? Tatty Devine eyelash sunnies, Prabal Gurung grey lenses, Jeremy Scott flying wing ones, + Jeremy Scott hands sunnies, Jeremy Scott bone sunnies (I love him for his fun-ness with his sunnies!)…+ Maybe this pair by Matthew Williamson…And then it comes to these AMAZING Gerlan Marcel ones I spotted!

Well they happen to be (or have been) an item by glamour, adolescence and most of all, prints, obsessed designer Gerlan Marcel- head of that quirky group Gerlan jeans, remember? And I wish I could  say something really amazing like: it’s amazing how influenced her work is by the…blah blah blah of the blah blah blah, but quite frankly when I see her work I unfortunately cannot spout out some essay about her inspiration on the spot. Instead I am thinking more WOH.

I love her ‘Mall Witch’ collection which kind of centered around her neon green body-con bustier completely constructed by ‘slime’- I love it when desingers do that, it shows that they’re thinking of their work more as an art rather than a manufact-urement of clothes, it makes it special. Her clothes are fun, unique and appealing: pastel prints, curvy silhouettes, cheeky skull bralets, “Don’t touch me. Don’t talk to me.” Crop tops, funky+crazy+90s+slouchy jumpers+fantasy+gothic, neons of course, motifs and cartoons- I expected they’d be something you feel really good in! With 5 collections under her belt it’s no wonder her clothes have caught the attention of Pop stars like: Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, M.I.A, Ciara and Beyonce. Here’s a really good article on her.

And an interview I nipped off Open Ceremony site:

Zachary Ching: Who is the ultimate Gerlan Jeans girl/boy?
Gerlan Marcel: Wearing Gerlan Jeans is a celebration of life and self expression! Gerlan Jeans is for girls and boys who have opinions they are not afraid to express. Girls and boys with an effortless sense of glamour, sex appeal, and self-confidence. It’s about street realness, an eye for color with a youthful sense of sophistication, and a great sense of humour.

ZC: Is there anyone you would absolutely die to work with?
GM: Dolly Parton and Willow Smith.

ZC: You, like us, looove mall culture, what’s your favorite mall shop and favorite food court spot?

GM: My favorite mall store circa now is HOT TOPIC and Pink by Victoria’s Secret… and Mrs. Fields cookies.

ZC: Gerlan Jeans is always so fresh and youthful. What styles were you wearing growing up?
GM: I was president and founder of Esprit club when I was in fourth grade. I was beyond obsessed… I wanted everything to be head to toe Esprit or Bennetton. I was also really into Forenza and anything that had the word Beverly Hills written on it, preferably in pink puffy ink. These were also the days when Gap had its wall of socks in every color behind the checkout counter, and every time you made a purchase they would ask you if you wanted matching socks. I always said yes! Last but not least, and I think this is a Midwest thing, but the store Ups and Downs. I cant find anyone that remembers this place. They were like one-stop shopping for all your Madonna dreams–everything in neon, lace, and net.

ZC: You always have the best soundtracks to your work, who is on your Most Played list?
GM: I have sooo many musical muses, but here’s a list of current most played:

Kingdom – Fact Magazine Mix 171
Dolly Parton – “Tennesee Homesick Blues”
Light Asylum – “A Certain Person”
Trina – “Dang a Lang”
Aailyah – “Down with the Clique”
Patra – “Queen of the Pack”
Busy Signal – “Unknown Number”
Sean Paul – “Hot Sexy Punkie”
Tupac – “All Eyes on Me”
Aleem – “Release Yourself”
The Grateful Dead – “Dark Hollow”
Lady Saw – “Chat to Mi Back”
Neil Diamond – “Forever in Blue Jeans”
Karen Wheeler – “Mule Skinner Blues”

ZC: What is the future of Gerlan Jeans?
GM: Gerlan Jeans in malls across the world! Gerlan Jeans Bambini, Gerlan Jeans Hommes and Interiors, Gerlan Jeans world tour coming soon to a galaxy near you! Let no surface be unprinted!


P.S sorry for not posting for this week, I just started poo-ey school again which totally sucks so I hope you enjoy this quick post. I just didn’t want to post simply for the sake of posting and I didn’t feel like it, so if you don’t feel like it there’s no point doing it because then it’s a job 🙂 Anyway, look forward to some photo blogs this week. Now I must go because my ______ parents are forcing me to go to a stupid street dance lesson which they are wasting money on because all the teacher does is criticize me on the fact that I “have a habit of talking over people” and tells me “all I have to remember for the whole week is one dance routine and I can never remember it…” Which is totally untrue because F.Y.I: I’m an art, music and academic scholar at my school, am trying to run a blog and remember a billion other things. And even if no one turns up to the lesson, so it’s a ‘one on one lesson’, it really doesn’t make a difference because I am the one who makes up all the routine anyway so I don’t ever learn anything except the fact that I have a lot of flaws. I am dreading going today because I fear if she says anything like that again I will just say and leave.  Rant over. Ahhh the joys of adolescence -_-

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