Spring ViBeS Dude {LIKE}

Hey guys. There’s been ‘nul’ posting for possibly years now and I am feeling like blogging ‘ce ne pas mon truc @ le mome.’ And a bit pooey and ploppy, so I decided to make like Tavi [she just did another post- it’s been like a month mate] and stop trying to do (actually relevant-to-your-life) posts and instead just conjure up some VIBES for this month (I don’t have nearly as cool-a-camera but I try my best.) Comprende? I don’t know what it is with me and languages at the moment. Anyway,I guess I’m sort-of late, but how was everyone’s easter holidays? Mine was pretty meh. LIES, LIES, LIES I tell, mine was good, I spent the whole  time blogging and I didn’t see many of my friendies and I didn’t D.I.Y  so that’s a bit pooey. Anyway, my SPRINGTIME/NESSIOSITY so far:

All collages by me. If I have used a photo of yours or you want credit for it or something then please contact me via my email

I made some moodboard/collage things last night from some of my most recent tumblr photos. The first one was inspired by pink and adolescent- femininity hence Scarlett Johansen in Ghost World saying: ‘He gives me like a total boner’ (which made me laugh inside) and the creepy pink unicorns and kids exectera. The second uses a disco picture from one of Petra Collin’s ROOKIE-mag shoots mixed with some nostalagic glittery polaroids and sticker shit.  I love the image of Ken (I’m assuming) with another man (I’m assuming) in the third collage, cos it’s so controversial to the typical image of Ken being accompanied by Barbie 24/7- has anyone ever asked Ken if he’s straight or gay or pansexual or anything? I THINK NOT. (I’m yet again assuming from the photo.) YOU GO GLEN COCO  KEN! *Also reminds me of my big fat gold-fish called Ken and Suzanna. hA.

 Daises have always been asscociated with Summer for me. They are kind of amazing. The 4th photo shows the nude swimmer’s bumcheeks (possibly my favorite phrase) covered with daises: it seemed appropriate at the time, OK?!?! And finally (trying to to waffle on here) the last collage (I’m sneakilyly missing any inbetween) is just very California dreaming. Marina (cos everyone’s talking about her new album,) flamingos because they are cooler than you and bubble gum because no one doesn’t like bubble gum. BOOO—YARRRH.

Me being vain with myself. Ah well. 

Seriously, although I’ve probably moaned so much already,

Sprind has been PRETTY & OR inspiring. Here’s my etsy and

all that shiz exectera, findings…








Now please don’t think I am a creep when I show you this next bit because I am not a creep- {LIKE} DUH?! Well, Tavi just turned 16 so I thought start of a new month would kind of be ok-ish appropriate to make: AN EVOLUTION OF TAVI. You’re right I am a creep. Oh well. I love how she is  practically a foetus in the first few photos with her cute BLONDE bob and geeky specs…Then she goes GREY for all you budding grannies out there (true fact) and then on the next line to a snowy- white blonde again after the dye’s faded out {I’ve missed out the blue, but whateva}- on the next row she goes GINGE with a wavy little cut and then a gorgeous GOLDEN CARAMEL on the next row and finally back to her old blondie self! Oh Tavi, I wish I was you.

Evolution Of Tavi Gevinson: 11- 16 years old

I have been trying to make Zines and Shrines and all that shiz lately. It sort of failed, I guess. I don’t know. You decide. This small one I made with my friends Maddie and Charlie are to creepiness and kiddieness. Watever. Also after that are some things I made or found this week: seahorse barette, company magazine free eyeliner- penicl and liquid {WHOOP WHOOP GO COMPANY} from Barbie barette (DIY-ed by me) and me wearing my little sister’s star of the week cap and my vere special DIY-ed ROOKIE flower crown {WHOOP WHOOP} finally did one and didn’t even use a glue gun. Oh I’m so proud. (Post coming up about tha tby the way!) 😀

A few weeks ago in half term I travelled all the way to the outskirts of Brick Lane (cos Imma hipster) with ma mere et ma compain? NAH. It wasn’t to far. But there was so much amazing stuff I think I nearly died a little. Pitty I only £20- bit dumb, huh? We went to my favorite (apart from Cenci) vintage store: Beyond Retro and my friend Rocio got some shorts and a very flattering little swim cozzie- we also saw some uber-cool neon pink nikes {ahhhhh} and at this cute little boutique these fluffy cansy pink double-soled suede creepers which kind of completed my life. Luckily they were my friend’s exact very RARE size {DAMMN-IT} but they were getting some more WHOOP WHOOP- they’re even cheaper than normals creeps, but way swisher. Since when do people say that? Anyway, twas a vere refreshing trip here are some piccy-poo-poos I’ve just taken recently:



My head collection is gradually growing. YES

And finally…My favourite jacket at the mome (vintage shiny black and was only a fiver!), My playlist (first songs to pop into my head), Wishlist (the only things I can think of at 10:00 at night the day before school) and my outfit for today- what was on the floor in front of me. Joking. I really put  puppies and puppies of thought time and procession stuff into this. Geez I’m tired. That is all I can say really.

Asos metallic lurex sparkly black over-the-knee socks, asos studded belt, asos sheer top, my old school uniform pinafore and ROOKIE flower crown by me 😀 


5 Responses to “Spring ViBeS Dude {LIKE}”
  1. emmaungaro says:

    Where did u find #4??? I love… P.S. check out my blog…http://emmaungaro.wordpress.com/

  2. Amy Hunt says:

    Lana Del Rey is so the best!!!! xx

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