Get your flithy paws offa my Silky Draws!

Ohai people of the world, it’s a Saturday night (AND I’M FEELIN’ RIGHT, IT’S A LADIES NIGHT AHA COM ON!) *Picture me singing horridiously with a huge grin, thinking of you thinking of me thinking of you thinking about me, if that makes sense. Anyways, my wonderful mother just came back from Parieee (is the key to your ‘art)! Β And brought me back the cutest lace collar (from Zara!) It is oh-so Louise Vuitton S/S 12 don’t you think? And I felt like Audrey Hepburn from ‘Breakfast At Tiffany’s’ all day in my silky draws, working the pastel, lady-like and PJ trends all at one. BOOO-YAAARRHH! *How un-ladylike!* :O

Anyway, just a quick post to give you the update and dote over my immense/intense – whichever you preffer…model poses…Lool. All photos taken my self though (I’m quite skilled at 10-second timer), starring my sofa, which was capturing some great light I MUST say πŸ™‚

Well, see yah. Oh, I mean Toodle-Ohhh.

21 Responses to “Get your flithy paws offa my Silky Draws!”
  1. Ginny says:

    Well done sofa!!

  2. where is the shirt from? πŸ™‚

  3. oh no sorry, just ignore me

  4. leah says:

    such a cute look! i live the sunglasses and the collar is real pretty! you look very “vogue” in these pictures might I add (im not quite sure what i mean by this but it seems appropriate) your post made me laugh too btw ❀

  5. Ginny says:

    I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU WERE IN THE SUNDAY TIMES!! (calm down ginny…) Anyhoo… even though it is not related to this blog, I just wanna congratulate u! So here GOES!

    p.s I chose to write this slightly insane comment on this blog cause it was the latest one but whatever……REVISE GINNY THIS IS NO TIME TO BE COMMENTING ON OPI’S BLOG WHEN I HAVE EXAMS ALL NEXT WEEK………AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH
    okk.. I’m done……..see ya


  6. Ginny says:

    I just realised u wrote the blog about it oops………
    Was I the 1st person to read it YAY! ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm… bunnies are fluffy!

  7. Katie Fitch says:

    Your English is tremendous, your style is quite shabby and so are your tastes in fashion. Go back to Barbie dolls. Just to let you know, BTW, “YOUR” is a possessive pronoun, “YOU’RE” is the contracted form of “you are”. Believe me, you need these advices as you need oxygen.

    • I truely appreciate YOUR criticism and will make ammendments, but no need for the sarcasm darling its so last century.

    • Tilly Munyard says:

      I think you’re seriously rude, so go back to your playpen you ox! Stop calling her rude things. I haven’t even met you and i already know that you have no style or sense. Envy and distain are not good looks, so stop being a POOEY ox. Oh and your right, her english is tremendous. BTW, she has already got a tankful of oxygen thanks very much.

      That was for you Opi x your email buddy Matilda Munyard x (or tilly for short)

  8. Katie Fitch says:

    Oh, and it’s “FILTHY”, not “FLITHY”.

  9. no, i don’t know what i mean. just stop being harsh.

  10. Phoebe Nuria says:

    Love the sunnies, and oh, you wore that blouse SO well! I’m a big fan, and I swear you are going to be the most influential person in the entire fashion industry someday!

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