Who IS that Girl?

It may have become apparent to you that I’m in the Sunday Times Style. Long story that I can’t be bothered to say. I have huge end of year exams (oohohoohhooohoh) tommorow that I am kind of not ready for so yeah. This has been a really bumish month. So much woe and sorrow. My music theory teacher hates me. I have tests all next week (so no blogging!) And I have a music theory and flute exam after half term. I am in some {busy} shizzy. SO I am simply here to tell you: I am still alive. The sun has been amazing here in London and I’ve been WHAT REVISING ALL WEEKEND LITERALLY NOT LEAVING THE HOUSE FOR BUMS SAKE. Interesting things that have happened: seen three groups of dragonflies mating (awhhhhh.) And that’s it. The first thing I did this morning was ran down to the shops to by the Sunday Times Style.

And yeah. P.S It says I’m 13 because you have to be over 13 to be in the magazine! :CP

I am wearing: Louise Grey NEWGEN tee, ASOS sparkly over the knee socks, Underground leopard print creeps (creepers), Year three pinafore, ASOS studded belt, ASOS sunnies and DIY Mui Mui S/S 10 collar + my ROOKIE flower crown. Gotta Love it.  

-Also ignore the biting bottom bit (ohh aliteration!) About Mrs. Mills at the bottom. Don’t know what that’s supposed to mean…

-Also Also sorry for the lack of accurate spelling in this post. I’m a poo.

-Also also also sorry for increase in BUMS or POOS used in this post. It’s my immature kid vibes coming out for Summer.

-Also, also, also, also thanks to all those who looked at my blog today. So far it’s been 1600 views and is rising by the minute! Keep it up!




And on that note, I bid you goodbye. Next stop: VOGUE!

16 Responses to “Who IS that Girl?”
  1. Ginny says:

    k lets congratulate you here!! If you dont get it, other opi fans you might wanna look at my comment on her blog before but YAY I think I read it first!!

    CONGRATULATIONS….and revise

    • Ginny says:

      I think I just took up the recent comment space…….ummmm anyhooo who new the Sunday Times was so expensive… but its worth it! SO ALL YOU OTHER PEOPLE READING THIS WEIRD COMMENT… BUY THE SUNDAY TIMES NOW!!! and no I was not paid to make you guys wanna buy it or am I a druggie although I take hayfever medicine…ACHOOOO its not workin but i’ll tell you what does work…….CLARYTIN yes it seriously works….k i’ll go now

  2. Islay says:

    I just saw your blog in the Times magazine, I just wanted to say oh my gosh, you are the coolest 13 year old ever. I am totally inspired by your outfits, I wish I could get away with wearing my pinafore! You have such a funny personality aswell, I just read through a load of your posts!
    Love from Islay xxx

  3. Ginny says:

    Hehe HAHAAAAA!!!…. Ummm…

  4. watchashdbvffgshgsgzjchhghd????!!!
    You were in the sunday times?! CONGRATULATIONS! Oh yeah, and *invisible high five* for test week! I HAVE DIED

  5. Harriet says:

    Dear Ophelia,
    Me as a 13 year old my self I admire the way you dress so much. I is ver had to pull off creepers and you have done the job perfectly! I also adore your miu miu collar, what a clever idea to make one out of the school skirt. You have a great taste and I love your sunglasses. You are very cool, sneaking in the Meadham Kirchhoff show I agree it was amazing. Reading the Sunday times style every Sunday I always wanted to see someone a similar age to me to see what there wearing -if it’s like what I wear. You have set the bar high for young “fashionistas”!

  6. Amaya says:

    Love what your wearing! And also love that your blog is getting more attention and followers. 🙂

  7. lucy says:

    where did you get your floral hairband?! been looking everwhere for one!

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