hi readers. Aren’t I such a busy bee?

Why do I always feel the need to blog at the awkardest moments? Because I have had all half term to process those photos from my disposable and get a decent look together and mock up something relevant and I fear to admit that I’ve done not one of those things. Oh well. Life goes on. I simply didn’t want to upload something half-hearted just for the sake of uploading a post. Super dull, huh? So here are just some random Monday night photos and some of my latest tumbles…

Photographer Love:

^ Two of my favorite Photos by one of my favorite photographers: Dana Boulos in the most recent shoot- ‘China Girl’. I escpecially love the haziness and the model Natassia Lindes has to be one of the prettiest doe-eyed americans I’ve ever seen!

^ And above some gorgeous pictures by Dasha Love– I love her collaging skills I soo need to get more into arty stuff and expand my miiinnnddd!


^ And then there’s Maya Fuhr one of my newest findings! She has such talent…Above are some photos from her ‘angelic- exsposure’ collections and a shoot she did Of Petra Collins called: Golden Fortune, which is most beautiful!


two really brill photos of Tavi for Oyster Magazine, by the gorgeous and amazing Petra! In the one straight below is Tavi wearing those ohsum gold Cleopa-trean wedges by Dolce and Gabanna and the next one down: classic goody barettes (obvious Tavi style), a dash of eyeliner (DUH) and that cutesy turqouise dress (that I could steal off her and wear along with her dinasoar boots!) Back to Blonde- Ah. And great snaps Petra! Plus there are only two photos because I can’t find the whole shoot. Schmucks.

If I don’t get a proper SLR camera and a polaroid (that one from Urban Outfitters *wink wink, nudge nudge* Dad I know you’re reading this…) I think I might just die- I really need a proper camera and with all these photoshoots being uploaded to the interenet for me to dribble at this is getting unbareable. I need to develop my photography style here PEOPLE. COME ON. I’ll even buy the camera myself, just get me some experienced models to shoot and I’m there. Totes-My -Goats. Because I have goats in my back garden. Just joking I don’t HA.

And here are some of the lastest updates on my super cool {LIKE} TUMBLR:


(I don’t actually know where most of these photos are from) 😛


Has anyone else seen Arabelle’s new hair? IT IS GREEN (FOR YOU UNEDUCATED ONES)- She’s like the mermaid I never had. Literally. It is amazing. Astafurallahhfsjlkd. She is like Mrs. Hulk. And with that new rant she posted (look it up yourself)..phwoar you could just about make it hunny. That’s how I’m like at school. {LIKE} everyday. I’m a physco feminist. Nah I’m just a feminist. But I will go physco. Watch out people. I can’t wait till Summer when I am dying my hair Purple NAH NAH NAH NAH so excited! I will be mermaid- unicorn buddies with all my fellow ‘super-cool-I’m-not-scared-don’t-fudge-with-me’ hairy colour popping candy hair people! I don’t think my modelling agency will be happy. Oh well. We all die in the end anyway. lol. P.S Celia Edell’s latest video (look it up yourself) on body hair= pretty inspiring. We love you ceedle!

Celia Edell

ALSO ALSO ALSO: HeY ROOKIE Londoners. There is going to be a meet up, because we are jealous the American’s get to experience the road trip and we don’t. Ok know Rookie authors are actually going to be there except maybe Eleanor Hardwick (the amazing photographer DUUUH), but we are going to be doing DIY’s and photoshoots and being assigned penpals (from the staff DUUH AGAIN) and and and and having FEMINIST DEBATES WHOOP WHOOP and much more, so join the facebook group and keep up with the updates and I’ll see you dudes there!

Musicy Person: what does everyone think of Grimes? All ‘the awesomes’ seems to love her. I love her hair (might even get my bangs down at Bleach as a homage) and although her music is really soothing like some high aloft god (in the form of a giggling baby buddha) has decided you are the ice cream of her eye   -I feel she sort of ruins her singing voice by putting in the effects and making it all high picthed and warbel-ish. It must be pretty MEH seeing her live then. I just don’t know *David Attenborough- Charles McFarles voice*- thoughts, people of the wide, wide world?  Hmm: below is her video for ‘Oblivion’. I have to say I love the way everyone in the video is like: “Who the fuck is this chika?” Go you. Grimes, I seem to like that. Kudos to you for a good name.       


I have a feeling I’m in Grazia Mag tommorow. Look for my little dweebish- munchkin face. I am going to laugh at myself. Ok goodbye. I am tired. I need to sleep because I am a human. Who wouldda know? And I have to have a bubbly bath. And I get my results for maths and art and spanish and RS tests tommorow. Mayeb some outifit posts or something whenever I have a minute. Ok. Hastra Lavistra. I made it up. Because I’m cool. Now go away.


15 Responses to “hi readers. Aren’t I such a busy bee?”
  1. Tilly Munyard says:

    You are in grazia magazine! I read the article!

  2. it was such a cool double page!

  3. ya are doing well! maybe you could become friends with Tavi… those pictures of her were cool . you actually have got me hooked on her 🙂

  4. theo says:

    i wanna see this article plussss ur a bum

  5. Can’t find you on Grazia?!

  6. still confused! where do i go! what do i type in! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

  7. I loved the article so much! there is one photo of you standing on a table with your mum, You are wearing some white strappy chunk sandals with OMG socks, where are the sandals from?

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