<3 Meadham Kirchhoff Photodiary! <3

Hey dudes, I know I’m {LIKE} SO LATE and we need to catch up on each other’s lives, but I forgot to post these pictures of me and my friend Rocio at the Meadham Kirchhoff jubilee opening at Topshop Oxford Circus, for their last collaboration! I absolutely adore all their work and it’s so sad to know they won’t be continuing with the help of Topshop. Oh well. LIFE GOES ON. The mannequins were REALLY amazing and the decoration was just sublime. Me and Rocio both got a glitter love heart for our faces and so did my little sis. Awwww. Now, anyone want to buy me one of these tops?



^And lastly, some severely cool girls we spotted. Their style was slightly harajuku, but more creepy and sophisticated and amazing. Look at that hair and the leggings and next the girls fairy-like dress and oh-so-cool bindi and then this purple-lipped {YUNG} rapunzul with these edgy suspenders, glittery shoes and billowing spooky white cape thing with lace all over it. I think they won the crown competition and serves them right for being so awesome. Our theory is they’re unicorns in disguise. I swear they were so cool they weren’t even real. Cause of death? Chickness.

8 Responses to “<3 Meadham Kirchhoff Photodiary! <3”
  1. theo says:


  2. Jenny says:

    Wow your lucky, I soo love your blog, I mean I have 13 and making a blog is soo way out of my world.

  3. sadienencini1 says:

    AARRHH! Wish i was there! 🙂

  4. notafashionshow says:

    Such gorgeous photography! I am also twelve, just began my blog, and am loving it, but am waiting until I have a camera in August until I update it…You are my blogging icon!

    Do you have any blogging tips? And how did you get noticed out there?

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