Call me Miss. I don’t care. PEOPLE! That is my message.

Here are just some photos I’ve taken lately, yeah. I am doing a drama rehersal tommorow so I won’t be blogging my half-weekly blog tommorow (it’s today instead IMMA REBEL), but definately on the weekend! :CD I know these are all ‘wierd’ and ‘out of focus’, but that was kind of the point- I was doing some abstract experimenting with cameras- I stuck the lends of my digital camera close to my disposable camera lense so you were looking through a magnifying glass, almost, which is why the effect is odd, but pretty cool, huh? And EVERYTHING now is seriously exciting BECAUSE I HAVE ORDERED A POLAROID!!!!!! It’s a miracle. A Revelation. I know the film is {LIKE} UBER horrendously expensive but it’s more of a souvenier and yeah, but it’s still amazing. Finally. It’s because I got really good exam results. Read the bit at the bottom if you are not going to have a go at me for having an opinion.

(All photos by me)Β 

-Firstly, I’ve been getting lots of emails from people lately like: ‘how do you not care what people think?’ OR ‘how do you have the courage to dress so crazy?’ e.t.c so I think I’m going to do a question post on something along the lines of not caring what other people think so if you have any queries or questions you’d like me to answer, then send your friendly suggestions/queries/questions into me! Or better still, comment!

-And I didn’t reply or post back to that rude comment from whoever it was and I’m not even addressing it now, I just felt like doing some deep little paragraph on not caring- I’m revelling in all my greatness mAUAHAHHA. This is just {LIKE} a general like Haazzhahhh I DON’T CARE to anyone who’s interested (that’s not a word, but I don’t care…) well, Ok so I am 12 years old *gimme a break* and I’m blogging because IT IS FUN and you (mean commenter DUH) actually have the in-deceny to do a whole lot of swearing at me telling me all my hard work is rubbish and I am a wannabee and I should stop because BLAH BLAH BLAH- because you have nothing better to do? Are you serious (in-the-voice-of-my-main-power-girl-Astrid-from-how-to-train-your-dragon?) And it’s funny how I read this horridible comment and I laugh. I’m LIKE: ok…bit of a nutter and then I say to myself, if I ever find you imma hunt you down and eat you using Jimmy Choos as my cutlery. And I am yet again laughing because I am joking with myslef *MUAUAUHHA I AM SO FUNNY LOL* And I’m not even insulted because I’m the one who looks in the mirror and goes: “Damn girl, yah look good”- and I’m the one who (what a surprise) doesn’t care what you say, so you just wasted two minutes of your life when you could be making your own blog and started something new that can change your life- so then you’re the one who’s too busy being awesome to comment on some poor person’s blog with some bum fluffin’ stuff. So, to anyone who is considering commenting right now like: ‘omigod, you are like such a full-of-it-snob” PLEASE. I beg of you, don’t waste your time, I’m not listening, imma keep on swimming *keep on swimming what do we do? WE SWIM SWIM LAH LAH LAH LAH I LOVE TO SWIM IF I WANT TO SWIM* So just, don’t be a pooey ox, THAT IS THE KEY TO LIFE, PEOPLE- In the wise words of Tilly ❀ (not that one!) And lastly, I am sorry……………………….that in infact, I’m not that sorry :C)




11 Responses to “Call me Miss. I don’t care. PEOPLE! That is my message.”
  1. Tom Horton says:

    Don’t worry, I love the post Opi … hey and I get a mention!

  2. Tom Horton says:

    Amazing photos by the way!!!

  3. firefliesandfashion says:

    Another great post πŸ™‚ Keep going, who cares about the haters

  4. hannah says:

    likin d pics ophelia! by the way whats ur email coz i want to be able to get some tips on fashion!?

  5. i love ze photos they look uber duber cool and I CANT BELIEVE YOU ARE GETTING A P O L A R O I D and drama high five cos im doing a play on our schools open evening with my friend for drama! we are WITCHES *CACKLE* and i am uber duber hyper cos tommorrows mufty day and life is just generraly great these days…

  6. hannah says:

    where did u get does awsome shoes!? they are sooooo cool!

  7. SOOOOO uber-awesome!!! Keep it up πŸ˜›

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