Say hey to the newest girl gang :)

UGH it’s been one of the busiest weeks ever- one day I got back at school at 9:15pm. I mean, are you serious?! Sports day and music concert. Doesn’t mix. Anyway, everything’s been really awesome apart from that and tommorow I leave for a school activities trip camping in France. No internet for 5 days. 5 DAYS I TELL YOU. How will I cope?! How will I live without the constant tweet of that twittering bird and the tip-top tumble of my feminist tumblr, the comfort of my witty little blog, my emails and everything else, huh? HOW HOW HOW. And the fact that I don’t reply will have nothing to do with my inability to reply to emails DON’T FRET GIRLS,  so I guess this’ll be my last post till next Saturday…*SHOCK HORROR* To be honest, I better be more scared about clothes. I can’t wear anything I don’t want ruined (i.e everything) so I’m probably going to just wear Dad’s teeshirts, but what for my buttox? Me no know…It’s a hard life people, a hard life. And the teachers make the trip sound so horrendously dismal. I mean come on. We’re being thrown in a lake *YAY* make it a little more exciting, why don’t you? At least I’m in a tent with my little girl gang…Pity I can’t use my polaroid, hmm……AND WHY? I hear you (eagerly) ask. {LIKE} DUH!? Because I used ALL EIGHT of my free film (that came with it) today for a superdupercute photo-shoot, it’s obvious, don’t-cha know? I’ve been trying to scout teen girl models for ages, but none of my oh-so-dedicated followers offered their amazing-ness (..thanks for your help guys..) so I simply asked my older sister’s friend, Iris to bring along some uber-awesome people and Aoi and Zoe were more than adequete: so photogenic and natural! Great job dudes!!!!

There was too much of a mix of clothes I haven’t added captions, but if you have a question or query then just leave a comment and I’ll ask! We were going for the “rockabilly/SLASH/pin-up” kind of look, but with a more edgy badass babe side, though kind of casual and feminine too! Most of the clothes were vintage from Iris’s impressive, huge-awemous wardrobe, but a few pieces were from Zoe’s- including her Grannies hot-pants and Mum’s skirts (if I’m right?) The beautiful Aoi brought her own bra-let and all was “tres cool”, though now I’m just thinking we could’ve done with some over the knee socks, no? Anyway, it was a FAB effort (me thinks) combining our wardrobes (ok, all I did was sunnies) and it was one of the best day’s I’ve had in a while….All the photos are taken at the Carter’s Steam Fair- where we were stopped at first, because they thought we were profesional *flicks hair*, but then we told them we weren’t and they bothered us NO longer as we had to squeeze the shoot in during a 1 and a half hour slot! SKILLS. We used two cameras (both mine): imPossible project 600 camera using 600 colour film and my usual Sony digital Cyber-shot (it’s obvious which is which!) It was funny using the polaroid for the first time. Apart from the fiddle-ish (needs to be kept cool and taken out an hour before use) film and the fact we all scrambled for the photo as soon as it came out- trying to shield it from light, it was fairly easy and the photos were both authentic and awesome. Although the film is seriously expensive and they didn’t scan too well and look MUCH better in real life… I’m so happy with the results and would highly recommend all the cameras! Maybe next time I’ll try the Px 680 colour shade in spain with Rocio during Summer! So much to look forward to…I have to shut up with the rambling. Seriously, here’s the shoot…

Iris, Aoi and Zoe: a PRETTY victorious girl gang 

Rockabilly pin-ups

Hangin’ by the carousel 

Helter Skelter, anyone?

check her out

The master behind it all (MUAAUAHAHAHAHAHAHA i.e me- I’m so modest, huh?)

I think for once I’m not trying to mimic Petra or Tavi style so much. Just me. I’m so proud of myself :’) The funniest bit was probably chasing the girls round the carousel, or leaning out of the bumper car, whilst Aoi drove, manically trying to snap away pictures of Iris and Zoe, who were also quite manically laughing their heads off (not helping lol!) Now, I have to remember, film is expensive Ophelia, don’t get carried away….Meh. Moh. Mah. Nah. I’m already addicted. Bon Voyage Chikas- I’m off to France for camping, oh WHOOPIE DOO DARRH. See you next Saturday for Summer and MOST EXTREMELY IMPORTANTLY: intensive blogging. Be ready. See you there.

That Girl xx


14 Responses to “Say hey to the newest girl gang :)”
  1. YAY!!!!! fab job everyone 😀 they turned out brill opi, you are such a great photographer!! xxxx

  2. hannah says:

    gr8 pics they were so good i thought they were from an actuall mag!

  3. Loving the last pic! 😉 Specially your skirt opi! Where is it from?

  4. maggie says:

    really excellent shots

  5. hannah says:

    i like the girls outfit… the one with the dark hair and skin

  6. pictures on polaroid=cool
    it turns out my dad has an ancient polaroid in the attic but it doesn’t work (just when i was feeling sooo pleased with myself i get bummed off!) 😦

  7. Mary B says:

    I love all the outfits here!
    It looks like you’re all actual models
    Well done 😃

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