<3 Feminists and people I'm loving YEEAAAHHH <3

Celia Edell. “Celia AKA ‘ceedling’ is a 20 year old Canadian philosophy student, who dabbles in film studies. She has a tendency to look like an alien on acid while still remaining abnormally shy in social situations. She prides herself on a stellar taste in music and art despite the fact that she is useless in producing either. The popularity of her blog is almost entirely determined by her hair color(s).” Not a giver of fucks, but a creator of inspirational youtube vlogs, sun-glazed cheeks, tousled fringes -her voice could melt butter. She’s a mega-super-babe-a-tron so deal with it.


photos from tumblr, rookiemag, tumblr 


Arabelle Sicardi. “Arabelle is a teen witch with too much to think about and not enough time on her hands. She has an extensive dead butterfly collection, likes to sleep in her closet in a pile of clothes, and has an obsession with reorganizing her makeup collection by height of product. She wakes up in a pool of other people’s blood and her own hair dye a lot. For lunch, she eats the brains of boys who make rape jokes. She is a firm believer that life is beautiful, but people are mostly terrible.” She’s one of the reasons Tavi started her blog (remember her saying: “well, Belle started a blog so I decided I would” in her video?) Writes for ROOKIE-mag, has died her hair practically every colour of the rainbow (it being all green and ‘Miss Hulk-ish’ at the moment), is confidently queer and  is {LIKE} the best strong minded role model a young feminist could ever have. What’s not to like?


Photos from her blog


CJ or Ciara J Alberts. “CJ is an 18 year old photography student living in Portland, Oregon. She enjoys teeth, Albert Einstein and daisies. She spends most of her time inside of her apartment avoiding the ever present Portland rain and daydreaming about Conor Oberst’s middle part.” From what I’ve seen she’s pretty shy SLASH moody +is a top teen witch, but has a fredibilious sense of fashion (I just made that word up because no other word in the dictionary would sufice to the description of her awesome style) and has parents in the carnival buisness. You don’t get much cooler.  


photos from her blog


Ari(ana) Bardallis. “Ariana bardallis (or ‘aurora borealis’ if you squint real hard) has been alive for twenty years, the same age heath ledger was in 10 things i hate about you. a snowglobe enthusiast, book devourer, cemetery bike rider, and collector of all things halloween; she currently resides in chicago, illinois with a yeti, a platypus, and a family of sea monkeys.” Ok, she dressed as Suzy Bishop and Sam Shakusky. She owns a polaroid and has candyfloss coloured hair, SHE’S CALLED ARIANA FOR BUM’S SAKE and might just get the prize for the coolest name! 

photos form her blog

“But why, (I hear you ask) doth thou greatest one talkest of herth inspirationalestest beingth upon thy blognimostiness of brilliance? What THING doth these ripe young queens of teen witchiness have in common, my Lord, my Guru, my directioner of all style and AWESOMENESSSSSSSSS?” Well, they’re feminists, all UH-merican (DUH), all dye their hair and all occasionally write for online feminist collective (SLASH magazine) ‘GIRL GUTS!’ Another one of those teen magazines- a slightly less involved and established one, perhaps- but developing nicely and just as good!

Me think(est) it’s time to update my blogroll, no?

5 Responses to “<3 Feminists and people I'm loving YEEAAAHHH <3”
  1. So what do you classify as a ‘feminist’ ?

    • oh god. Please don’t ask me that. After women. And {LIKE} everything. Feminism and classifying feminists is the most complicated thing ever. You almost can’t do it. There’s probably some kind of explaination on rookiemag (http://rookiemag.com/) but until then…you just gave me an idea for a blog post 😉 MUAAHAHAHH


  2. why does everyone dye their hair???? (i want to but people say not to ruin my colour 😦 !!!!)

    • I’m dying my hair, because it’ll be exciting and fun and diffrent. And we all dye in the end anyway. At least you don’t have to bleach yours (ETERNALLY DAMAGING IT AARRRFHHGHG) like I do…But it’s true, with such a beautifully gorgeous snowy white colour you have, I wouldn’t advise anything more than a mild semi permenant dip dye or Topshop’s non- permenant wash out with shampoo dye, huh?! We all die in the end anyway! 😀

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