Phew! Holidays :D


PEOPLE OF THE WORLD. I wrote this post afew weeks ago (ok like a week and a bit I think) but forgot to publish it and I’m feeling really unispired and lazy and pooey at the moment so I decided I couldn’t let it go to waste :CD PLUS The weather has been so dreadful and skitzo-ish (sunny one minute, hailing the next) UGH and I got blown off by afew friends so I’m not exactly in the mood. PLUS PLUS PLUS PLUS I’m so unsatisfied and bored with my wardrobe at the moment. It seems I can’t whip up anything? :C/ sucha buummer- oh, what to do? Anyways, I’l stop babbling and the post is below…

Hey! This week has been super-duper BUSY. I had my music theory exam on one day and my grade 5 flute on the next day. We’ve had the school literary evening and my poor sister’s had her piano grade 6 music exam and her tap grade 7 dance exam this week+ TWO auditions for saturday music schools ON THE SAME DAY. bbhjekavlslkv. How am I still alive (More like how is she still alive?) Anyway, it’s just one week until our year 7 activities week to France WOOHOO!!!!! And guess what? My polaroid has arrived. Obviously I can’t take many pictures with it because the fudging film is {LIKE} £17 for 8. Like what the bannanas? So my Dad said it will be more like a souvenier (as I can re-sell it after use) and all my shots will have to be really well planned out and totally worth it. Meh. But nether the less, it’s still a camera. I was hoping to buy the online Impossible project X Urban Outfitters one (£120), but then they sold out, {BUT THEY HAVE IT AGAIN AND ANOTHER ONE SO GO GO GO LOOK} so anyway, I got a reconditioned polaroid from Impossible its self and it was infact cheaper! It was £85 and comes with a free pack of film (oh whoopie-doo-darhh) and I must say is pretty gorge (am I really saying ‘gorge’ now?)

It has been pretty dreary here in England, but the sun has finally decided to sort of show up and I’m hoping to have weather good enough for a photoshoot in the park near my house (if I can find some teen models…hmm?) But, at the moment I just feel like taking photos of everything. I’m not feeling as fashion orientated as I usually am which is odd, but sort of nice to be feeling something different for Summer! I can’t wait till I go to Rocio‘s house for a week in Spain (in the town of Colunga HAHAHAHAHAAHAHHA funny name) and we are going to go horse riding and hiking and cayaking and beaching and I can’t wait to take craploads of photos to post once I get back. And there’s the ROOKIE London meet up on 14th July and I’m dying my hair purple in the holidays and I never want Summer to end…And then we have S/S 12 LondonFashionWeek in October/September to look forward to- near the time of my 13th birthday! I REALLY REALLY REALLY will die if I don’t go to at least one show (I mean, come on)- I can’t wait for Marni and Comme {De Garcons} and Louise Gray and Meadham Kirchhoff most importantly! And then after that it’s the usual glommy old xmas, but NO. I’m going to Australia for a month to visit all my relatives there- who we haven’t seen since I was 10 {naaaaaawww!} It’ll be boiling hot (switch over of seasons DUH)- we’ll go donoughting and crabbing and vintage shopping, and thrifting and everything will be so different! It’ll be perfect for (not London-ish) photoshoots with all the retro-ish sweet shops and beaches and it’ll be great to have a different to shoot in. Some of my cousins have their own pools (as you do in hot OZ) so I am going to buy an underwater camera and take loads of poolside (and underwater DUH) photos like the one below by Petra! YAY. And everything is going to be amazing and by January there’ll be something else to look forward too, no? I like these happy vibes? Don’T YOU?

That’s the end of the post.

-And hey people, ELLE have picked up on me. Go you guys. Here’s the article:                                                                       -Also, thoughts on my new header (As a pose to my eyes)…? I wanted to get something done professionally but it costs {LIKE} £70 for the sort of thing I wanted so I decided I’d do it myself, but then it  didn’t fit the crop boundries which sucks a bit. Still contemplating…                                                                                   -P.S This lovely lady called Clodagh just sent me three pairs of gobsmackeringlly awesome sunglasses. Can’t wait to send her some photos in and do a blog post!

More laterz. I need to get off the computer and do something. Hasta Luego. Anyone know what that means?

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