<3 Independant London ROOKIE meet-up! <3

[For those who didn’t know, the independant London Rookie meetup was arranged in a group on facebook by a girl called Emily, for teens who read Rookie only, we met at the Serpentine Gallery in Hyde Park today (14th July 2012) and we are having another meet up this September for those who missed this one and just for another catch up! None of the actual Rookie writers or staff have attended so far, though we are working to get Rookie’s only English (and England based) contributer, Eleanor Hardwick, a photographer, to come along as she works in London. The event is organised completely by readers and the dates have been chosen using a poll. So, enjoy my little diary thing. There’s alot of me giving you {LIKE} everything we did, but yeah, just scroll down to photos if you want…]

Here’s the low down: I wake up at 9:16 am after going to bed at {LIKE} 00:30 am at night (movie time, I’m a rebel- dontcha know?) But that’s something I can handle (DUH) so I waffle down breakfast and head upstairs and I’m leaving in 20 minutes, but I haven’t even worked out what I’m wearing. Don’t worry it’ll be fine…My ‘Riot NOT Diet’ tee is just here….but it’s not quite there…and that is when we have a problem. So for the next half-an-hour I am whizzing round the house non-stop freaking out because I freaakin’ can’t find ANYTHING. Story of my life. And my family, plus my poor friend (who slept over) Sezzy are running round the house too, because we are all trying to find my Dad’s boxing shorts with the planets on them (and the braces I strapped on AND don’t ask me why I wear my Dad’s boxers, they are trendy and cool and I MUST wear them!) So we find my top, but I still can’t find my Mui Mui collar- it’s dissapeared and everything of mine happens to be lost 24/7 nowadays and it usually is somehow the cleaners fault. So I am still freaking out, because even though I’ve got together a comfortable and cool outfit I have this (what seems to be) hugeee-aaawweee-mmmmoouusss spot on my face that keeps bothering me and making me feel so self-conscious and bleeugghh. And I’ve lost my other set of promarker pens (poo). And I haven’t got any food to bring and anything to swap for clothes swap or much to decorate and I’m not quite sure where we’re going and I’m not wearing my flower crown (pooo) because my little sister’s friend broke it and my Mum says I look silly or something, which is so nice and supportive, don’t you think? And all my not-so-big problems have suddenly become bigger and are creeping up on me, no? So, YES I am still kind of freaking out inside.

And then I’m late picking up Rocio (kool-kat sidekick fashionista) and she is just, like the luckiest person ever, I’m telling you. She is just lucky, {LIKE} 24/7: first, she gets this gorgeous tulle skirt during our school trip to France that I totally missed when we had our shopping time, then she finds this amazing purple lipstick in Sephora, then those fluffy creepers we saw on Brick Lane happen to be in her size, then she scores this gorgeous total TAVI skirt: a midi, with {LIKE} checkers and stripes in pale yellow- so feminine and edgy and pretty and most importantly freeaakin’ FREEE! Then she happens to be a star DIY-er, managing to make this feminist sign headwear with daisies (using the clip I said I didn’t want…OBVIOUSLY)- I think I died with envy. So it’s clear she turns up to the meeting looking THE BOMB: she’s wearing her black, ghostly tulle skirt (GRRR), some simple tights, a chic plain white top, a pointy shouldered black leather jacket her mum MADE and her pink (that were really cheap) suede fluffy bunny rabbit creepers (GRRR GRRR)+ she has her purple lipstick swiped on (GRRR GRRR GRRR) and a pretty perrrfff dash of eyeliner. Meh. So jel. She looks like a total babe-a-tron. I think I should actually win a medal for that paragraph (just sayin’) so I hope Rocio’s reading this eh, eh? Where’s my prize? :CP

We finally leave and Dad says we have to be back by two (hardly anytime PEOPLE) so I’m scared we won’t have enough time to see anyone or be awesome or anything. And then we miss the train- so we leave at the time the meetup starts and then we’re waiting in the rain. Then my Dad’s asking me where in Marble Arch we’re meeting and I’m like: ‘urm, under the Marble Arch?’ And to be honest I’m not quite sure, but Rocio and him are looking at me expectantly and I have no idea what to say. When we get to the Marble Arch, we are so late that there are not really any Rookie’s there and we are standing awkwardly and Dad is getting grouchy and I am getting guilty for dragging Dad out here and Rocio is just there- so I call all the numbers I’ve got and trying to get through to people at the meet-up, but know one answers…Then we see this girl with a box of cakes and some clothes and looking pretty awesome- so we stare at her for ages (aren’t we polite) until she picks up her phone and starts calling someone, and that someone is me, so I pick up and say I’m behind her! From then on we make our to Hyde Park- everyone’s obviously already left for the Serpentine Gallery. When we get to the map it turns out the Serperntine is on the complete other side of the park, other side of the river and otherside of everything, so it takes us half an hour and we end up being an hour late for the meetup. But we are finally there. PRAISE THE LORD.

My Dad leaves and I settle down on a little stool in this little circle of girls (+ one boy) and some people are talking in little groups and some people are eating cakes, but me and Rocio are just sitting there not sure whether to take a cake like everyone else, since we didn’t bring any, but I end up talking to this girl, Molly beside me and she tells me everyone’s just taking whatever. We get into a conversation: she’s very nice and witty and could I say sarcastic (I dunno) and quite like me. She says she’s seen me on Elle and has seen my tumblr so we get on well and it’s all very awesome. I also start chatting to this girl called Charlotte with the most gorgeous tousled lilac- faded with grayish/white/blonde hair beside me: she has an etsy website and is wearing her own ‘feminist’ stiched necklace she made herself. All of us are in our teens, but me and Rocio are the youngest, so I can see some of the other Rookies looking at me, but none-the-less we’re all getting on. Someone says we should start the clothes swap and everyone starts laying out their clothes, but I feel so bad that I haven’t brought anything so I wait and once everyone’s kind of picked at everything- I pick up this little pink jumper that says TRES COOL on it- it’s so me, so since no one’s grabbed it I hang onto it! I notice start talking to more people and I realise some of the girls over the other side have started a little ‘craft corner’ as such, so I re-locate and lay out all my crap and we move the cork stool and start laying out all this stuff. Someone’s brought a trinket box and there’s glitter and glitter glue and googley eyes and fake luv hearts (the sweets)and pipe cleaners and sparkly gems and flowers and headbands and things- and we have UHU glue and super glue (which I stupidly get all over my fingers)- so much stuff! I decorate my sunnies and I use some dinasours and some luv hearts on my headband, but it kind of fails (since the dinasoars won’t stick even with super glue so I sticky tape them on and try cover it up with glitter glue. So professional I know) compared to all the other girls amazing headbands…Oh well! Towards the end we right down all our blog addresses and things and we do penpals, so I get Emily and someone else gets me! YAY! I feel less alone! But my Dad says we have to go so we (meaning Rocio and Dad and le moi) rush off in a flurry, which is abit of a BUM because we miss the group photo and I forget my little Monsters inc. pencil case and when I get home after a while I realise and FLIP OUT and I’m like: ‘THE WORLD IS GOING TO END PEOPLE!!!!!’ But then one of the lovely girls happened to pick it up so all is good. CALM DOWN PEOPLE I’M OK. I can’t wait until the next meet-up in September, the Serpentine Gallery people say we can come back again and now we’ve worked out not to meet at Marble Arch we’ll all get there earlier and hopefully the weather will be better (than this dreadful English ‘Summer’ ppfftt) and we’ll have a stroll in the park and get a little more done! What’s even more exciting (well, not more, but equally exciting) is that the ROOKIE official yearbook (edited by Tavi {LIKE} DUH) comes out September ❤ ❤ ❤ so my life is basically complete! Now for some photos…(I took some photos on my disposable, but I haven’t processed them yet! PLUS I’ll add all the girlies tumblrs to this post when I get them)

Everyone was so quirky and kookie and I felt so out-babe-ed in my ‘not-so-perfect-as-it-could’ve-been’ outfit…


cool necklace, huh? Me gusta! 

This chic, Lil has me as a penpal. She had awesome ‘Harry Potter-esque’  glasses which were prescription and she’s awesome as you can see…

My new jumper. Tres Cool…

This girl had awesome badges and purple hair as you’ll see in the next photo…


Our junk 🙂


The lovely maker-of-the-group and everything :cD Emily- my pen pal!

 I can’t be bothered to do captions anymore…

More junk…

More badges…

More awesomeness…

Kudos for using Sylvanians on her crown, no?


This girl (Rosalind) had the coolest film camera: a canon a-1 (I WANT ONE!!!!!!)

I think the lovely girl below was called Lara!


Nash’s shoes…

CAN I STEAL YOUR HAIR?????? Charlotte’s etsy is:

Rocio’s amazing headwear (GRRR)

Ok now I’m desperate to dye my hair lilac and buy another film camera!!!!!!!! Can’t wait till the next meeet uppp xoxoxoxoxo

❤ By the way, my feautured image at the top is a collage by ME using Rookie images! No stealing please! ❤

23 Responses to “<3 Independant London ROOKIE meet-up! <3”
  1. Ophelia, I love your blog. Also, I am the dazed looking girl with too much lipstick and a crown with a Sylvanian superglued on.

  2. Emily says:

    This is such a great summary of the day! I’m glad you could make it!

  3. Charlotte says:

    Ophelia you and your blog are amazing! It was so lovely to meet you, I am Charlotte the girl with the grey/lilac hair.

    • Thankyou! I ❤ ❤ ❤ your hair…were you previously brown? Do you think I'd look ok with lilac/grey-ish hair…? Anyway, so nice to meet you- I hope you can make the September 1st meet-up? 😀 xxx

  4. maya.autumn says:

    omg omg omg it looks Amazing!! i hope i can go to the September meet up… do you know any more info about it/know anyone who knows anymore info about it? (does that make sense?!!)
    anyway, thanks for a great post:D x


  5. Tiki says:

    I luvvvv this article!! I bought a pair of boxers from target (ninja turtles??????) and I also have the purple lipstick from Sephora, I so thought I wouldn’t be able to get it but I did and I luv it!!! I love dyed hair- I just dip dyed mine neon pink and it washed out after like 3 weeks so now it’s just blonde! I luv he rookie mag, anyway I just love this article!!!

  6. sadienencini1 says:

    is there somewhere i could find times an stuff for the next one???

  7. Aww, you’re super sweet! I’m so glad you liked the jumper, it had a lonely life of not being worn before. When i saw you wearing it on the cover, I like, flipped out ^_^ by the way, are you going to the autumn meet up?

  8. Taylor says:

    Hi, I love your blog! Do you or anyone else here have the link to the facebook page for the next Rookie meetup? because I literally cannot find it anywhere! As I missed this one and really want to go to the next one! 🙂 Thanks!
    Taylor xox

  9. Hi Ophelia, do you know if there’s gonna’ be a meet up this year or if it was just a one off. I didn’t know about these until after the event. Thanks! ~ Bex

  10. kezdaqueen says:

    You should defo organise another one ❤

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