The featured image above is of the awesome Grace Micelli, the last artist below…

I don’t know why I called the title of this post ‘Art is Shmart’- probably because it ryhmes and im obsessed with ryhming. BUT DUDES, I AM CONSTANTLY FINDING NEW, AWESOME PEOPLE. I’m like an AWESOME-PEOPLE-MAGNET Anyway, today I am going to say a quick word (not really any info. just saying {LIKE} these people are here!!!!)…about some people who I think are really bhldvkldca l; amazing DUH: ok, so, they’re pretty much all graphic designers, collagers, photographers, arty people AND I’ve missed out Petra Collins *shock horror*, but I think I’ve blabbed about her enough, no?……..Here goes!

1. Maisie Cousins: Young photographer. She’s contributed to ‘The Ardorus’, which is probably one of the reasons she’s friends with all these super awesome beings like Celia, Beth and Arabelle (from one of my previous posts!) And has been featured in the U/O blog and HI! Magazine and probably more too! What’s more, she’s right here in England. Well, Brighton, to be exact. I’m beginning to feel less alone!

All of the above photos/art by Maisie 

(website here and tumblr here and flickr here and blog here)

2. Emma Dajska: 19 year-old Graphic Design student in Poland. One of my freakin’ FAVORITE artists: her style is so scheek and effortless, her collages are so clean shaven and easy going, everything she does is with an eye catching, but ‘nonchalant’ laid back cool that still strikes you as uber-ly edgy! She says: “Experimenting with comic, animation and screen printing, I’m currently exploring mainly the art of collage. I work as an illustrator and writer for Rookie Mag and I’m a member of a female artists collective The Ardorous. I’m open for any type of artistic collaboration – I took part in collaborative projects of WAFA Collective, Carpaccio Magazine, BOLO Magazine and more.” Blog header inspired by her. An idol. So cool.

Collage for Rookie by Emma 

Collage for Rookie By Emma 

Collage by Emma

For Rookie By Emma

From Emma’s behance profile. By Emma.

For Rookie by Emma  

3. Kelly Avrili: Cartoonist. I don’t know much about her, but her adorable and amusing cartoons are really superduper cool. I should start doing drawings like this. If I did something as cool as this I would eat my hat-THEY’RE SO AWESOME. Cause of death? Chicness.

all of the above by Kelly Avrili (tumblr here and flickr here)

4. Beth Siveyer: the young curator of the private and un-published monthly feminist magazine or (more casually better known as) ZINE: ‘Girls Get Busy‘- but she’s contributed to Petra’s: ‘The Ardorus’ too (see here)- (she lives in le London) PLUS she was going to come to the Rookie meet-up (AND SHE WAS BRINGING KATE NASH!!!!) But then she couldn’t and Kate Nash had to fly to New York anyway, but oh well. LIFE’S HARD. PLUS PLUS She’s interveiwed Meadham Kirchhoff on her website with awesome disposable camera photos ❤ ❤ ❤ And she’s interveiwed Tavi Gevinson. AND PLUS PLUS PLUS she commented on one of my youtube videos…How rad is that? Below are some snippets from her zines…

(tumblr here) (She also has a cool shop where she sells her zines, Girls Get Busy tee shirts, badges, bags and other trinkets)

5. Eleanor Hardwick: is a 19 year old photographer and was born in Oxfordshire, England. She started taken photos at the age of 12 (same as me ahahaha) and since then, she and her photography have been featured in Harper’s Bazaar, British VogueDazed & Confusedand the Independent in London, among other places. Friends with Meadham Kirchhoff and a contributing photographer for Rookie, she’s one of the coolest people I (wish I could) know…When she’s not taking pictures, she enjoys making films, painting and going to music festivals. I love her fairy tale photos, quite similair to those of Saga Sig and Petra Collins, though hers are more definate and less fuzzy and dreamy like Petras…Y’all, this girl’s got talent!

All of the photos above by Eleanor Hardwick

(website here)

6. Grace Micelli: was born in Chicago and grew up in the suburbs- she recently graduated from Smith College with a degree in Studio Art and also spent a year in London studying at Goldsmiths, although I think she may have moved to NYC. She’s already got her head in there and contributed to Petra’s ‘The Ardorus’ (here) and she does paintings too..But: She’s drawn just about everyone (I can’t get enough of her!) Including Gwen Stefani and LIL.B and her individual, feminist artwork has formed a great following on tumblr and the underworld of zines and is known by all the trend-ies. She is interested in the intersection of female adolescence, pop culture and technology- PLUS she wears flower crowns so she’s gotta be cool, huh? And her tumblr theme is pretty cool too me thinks…Here is an awesome interveiw…I can’t believe she drew Ed from Meadham Kirchoff and Tavi for the Garage ZINE!!!! I love her honest, funky, colorful drawings. I want one (please?!??) Some drawings of hers below below…

(Website here) (Tumblr here)

All of the above illustrations by Grace Micelli 
Wouldn’t it be amazing if one day I could meet or even just interveiw one of these guys? Dream on, sista! P.P.S sorry for the half-ish MEH-ish posting lately. Just to finish off this post I found this awesome video of this cute young feminist naaawww:

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