Walking slowly through the feilds…

THERE WAS SUNLIGHT. PEOPLE. LETS TAKE SOME TIME TO SAVOUR THIS MOMENT. Today, in London, yes London (i.e where I live) THERE WAS SUNSHINE, it’s a revelation, a miracle- seeing as the weather forecast predicted lightening…Today I shot my friend Millie in some feilds/nettles/clump-of-trees near my house. She was definately the best model I’ve had so far, so natrul and obedient (haha) an just right so I’m super pleased with the results! I also got to play around on her gorgeous Canon EOS Rebel T3, which had amazing depth of feild control and was just down right awesome. I also learnt that it is seriously hard to shoot just one person, so I grabbed my sister and took some shots, but that’s a whole other story *cheesy grin* Please click on the photos to enlarge them and ask in the comments if you want to know where a piece of clothing is from…Yeah I wouldn’t know, most is trendster Millie’s but whatteverr.

A good photoshoot day, but Ifeel really un-earthed and just BLLEEUUGGHHH. Meh. But guess what guys, Celia Edell (i.e mega feminist babe-a-tron REMEMBER?) is following me on twitter. My life just got infinately better! Ahh.

But I am so desperate to dye my hair now. I went busking yesterday (to raise money for my sister to go on her orchestra trip thing) and her friend Elsa played guitar for us- (…over night, OVER NIGHT I say, she had done some dying and) SHE HAD THE COOLEST HAIR! I thought streaks were really like “Eww”- LIKE: bell-bottom-jeans worn the wrong way “Eww”, but in her bunchy curly (literally strawberry blonde hair) she had bits of light pink so you couldn’t tell if her ginger hair was just oddly pale or unatural, BUT TOTALLY AWESOME. I am now so determined to dye my hair greenish like hers this weekend. Not my whole head, like I thought, but just bits and sort of dip-dyed-ish half way…Remeber I was going to go full head purple? Well, I’d have to order the colors + bleach and toner…and I want to get it done before Tuesday (when I leave for Spain) plus, they didn’t have what I wanted in stock so I dropped that idea. I was also going to go lilac (inspiration of gorgeous fairy-tale people at the Rookie meet up), but my Dad said it would be too tricky and I am trying to find any way possible to avoid bleaching my hair. I have FOUR days, just four days PEOPLE. I need help!!!!! And, hey, I just realised I have Twin Peaks (the movie) AND Ghost World (the movie) on netflix!  Whaddayah know?! Anyway, see you people soon-ish. It’s sunset and I am still feeling Blleeaauugghh. Someone wanna cheer me up? :cD Bye xx

9 Responses to “Walking slowly through the feilds…”
  1. Orla says:

    gorgeous photos, ophelia! You are soo talented!

  2. Opi … I am stunned … again! This photography is incredible. What a stunning talent. Dad 🙂

  3. isobel says:

    I love your photos 🙂 how has it been sunny in London, its been torrential where I live!


  4. Phoebe Nuria says:

    These photos are gorgeous 🙂 Ophelia, how are you good at everything, from styling to photography?? I love the blog! Pleeease check out my site, http://www.topspotfashion.blogspot.com. Thanks!! — a fan

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