My Skirt is such a rip-off of Dolce and Gabanna haha, from Primark and the crop tops from Topshop…

❤ THE SUN HAS BEEN AMAZING IN ENGLAND FOR THE LAST 2 DAYS ❤ But, ALAS, the blog has been abit starvatious since whenever- I’m going through one of those boring phases again when I’m just too lazy…All I can think about is:

…How after all that skitzo weather, just as it gets sunny in England, I go to Spain (it’ll be sunny there but whatever OK) and I won’t be able to do photoshoots with all the beautiful Summer clothes I’ve just  got, because I’m leaving {PLUS}I can’t do it there because I’ve got no film and I have no SLR camera GGGGRRR BUM- such an oppurtunity lost :c(  …How I will miss my computer/baby (and family of course) and how I’m missing the opening of my feature in ‘The Times’ and possibly my feature in The Daily Beast online AND how many Rookie updates and articles and mail and stuff and EVERYTHING I’ll miss…Then I can’t stop being desperate to hop on a plane to Los Angeles and go to Petra and Tavi’s ‘Strange Magic’ exhibition at Space 15-20 and have feminist talks and have fun in their 70s teenager’s bedroom and artwork fest- ahh I wish I lived in America *breaks out into “I want to be in America, I want to be in America” lalalaa* and whether my film for my polaroid, will arrive before I leave for Spain (it wont I’m just trying to make myself feel better-meh…) Sucha BUM DAD WHY DID YOU NOT ORDER IT WHEN I ASSKED? WHY?! WHY?! I need to email people, I haven’t packed my bag, had a bath, or practiced neither cello or flute since the end of the school, printed my ticket, or done anything significant that I can remember and most BUM-ISH-LY, I haven’t scored any tickets to London Fashion Week and I think it’s during school time anyway. I HAVE TO GO, YAH KNOW?  Don’t even start me on school… dsjkajfhklcasclf ARggh my head is just going to fridge-ING explode…

Then I am contemplating what this post is going to be about, because I’m really not quite sure and pretty much all I’ve done so far is moan (which is kind of my speciality- BUM.) I was planning on an outfit post but then my mind just complains about how I have no polaroid film and how cool my outfit would look like that…I’m moaning again. Wow. What a surprise. Oh yeah and I haven’t dyed my hair yet (ugh) but my Mum’s friends said she knows this lady who can get all the professional shiz and then do it at home so hopefully I’ll have something done after Espana :cD Anyway, apart from all my senseless moanings and groanings, a lovely lady called Clodagh Norton sent me three pairs of sunglasses, which featured (ON MY FACE) on the eyestylist.com several days ago and I may be/may not be on the cover of  ‘The Times’ Saturday magazine this week…LIFE IS GOOD- see you next Tuesday for an update and some photos :3

14 Responses to “Ok WHATEVER”
  1. I saw you on the eyestylist and you were wearing your ROOKIE meet-up jumper (tres cool) You also had on some skinny jeans and a pair of immensely high and awesome shoes! Where are they from?

    • yes top from rookie meet up :3 then trousers from H and M
      The amazing shoes are from ASOS…I wanted to wear them in the Grazia shoot but alas, I did not. THEY ARE MY LIFE ❤

  2. i actually almost bought that skirt

  3. thats actually a pretty fab print! great blog will be following you on bloglovin

  4. Hannah WTMF says:

    I’ve just seen this post – I’m late to the partayy! Haha.
    I love the skirt – anything with prints, I love. Have you seen the skull print scarfs? The most blatant rip-off of the Alexander McQueen print.

    Don’t worry, I’m doing the same thing as you. Getting picked up tomorrow in the morning and I’ve not finished packing and I need to charge my camera! AHHH!

    And what colour are you going to dye your hair? I finally convinced my mum that purple was a good idea, so we bit the bullet yesterday and now I have black hair, that’s purple in the light – it looks AWESOME! 😀

    Sorry for being stalkerish,
    ~Hannah xx

  5. Phoebe Nuria says:

    Love the skirt!! Lolz that DOES look like D&G!! : D

  6. Yasmin says:

    This post perfectly describes my kind of mind jumble/procrastination!
    Also, do you have a bloglovin?

  7. Yasmin says:

    aaaand I forgot to ask, where did you get your riot not diet tee from? it’s rad

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