my hot new NOW

Lazy Oaf Capsule Collection: I saw a post about this on a blog called Fashion Soundtrack and thought, this is super cool, I must inform my followers immediately! Anyway, those of you who can’t wait to see the forthcoming Batman film will absolutely love this…Lazy Oaf have teamed up with Batman to create a new clothing collection that literally spells out: EDGY, CHICK, SEXY. Slouchy jumpers, body rompers and bralets- all batgirl style. Watch their collection swoop into the scene below…

BLEACH Hair Salon: About eighteen months ago, Alex Brownsell was sick of having hair dye all other her sofa- the floor was an odd brown and the seats were stained lavender, so when two chairs opened up at the WAH nails salon (in Topshop) on Oxford Street, her and her partener Sam Teasdale knew it was about time to step in. Since then, BLEACH has been the place to be- the two have dyed hairs all over London: stencilled hearts, zig-zagged neon, candy pink dip dyed ends? No problem. They can practically achieve anything. They’ve already caught the eye of designers such as Prada, Meadham Kirchhoff and Louise Gray. Several badass celebraties are also clients (DUH.) And now they’ve launched their 2nd salon in Dalston place- twice the size of Topshop. They’re gonna be bigger than ever.

Scarlett Johansson and Lulu Guisness- Bonnie and Clyde: I actually don’t really know anything about this track, but I loved it when I heard it and the fact that Johnny Depp’s in it makes everything all the more better :3 So here’s what NYLONmag have to say…”Today we’ve got more information about the track, which scorches down on iTunes today. The song is part of a forthcoming EP called From Gainsbourg to Lulu, with the Lulu in question (whose full name is Lucien) singing his dad’s hit songs with guests like Rufus Wainwright and Iggy Pop. Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Vanessa Paradis reportedly also have a duet on the album”-FARAN KRENTCIL. The track, which you can get on iTunes, is below…

Kiernan Shipka: AKA The talented little lady who plays Sally Draper in 60s themed TV series, Mad Man. She’s 12 years old now. And the sweetest little celebrity  fashion icon ever. Finally someone my age. We should so friends. PLUS, she’s been interveiwed by Tavi for ROOKIE magazine (here)- I just, love how grounded and cool she is. Here’s a little look through her wardrobe, Harper’s Bazzar did…(is it just me or is Laura Brown slightly patronising in this? Haha…)

Collage by Minna

Louise Gray & J/W Anderson & Opening Ceremony collaborations with Topshop: I always LOVE Topshop collaborations- they pick the grooviest upcoming designers and give them a platform to shine *cheesy*- if I had a couple £100 up my sleeve I would’ve bought the whole of their Meadham Kirchhoff collab! Their ‘Topshop X Opening Ceremony’ has come out and I’m already drooling over their boxy and sporty tops (the blue one escpecially…) Anyway, remeber Susie (Bubble’s) brogue type clonky shoes with horse hair on them? Probably not. Well, they were by J.W Anderson and he’s a freakin’ genius. He just has such a fresh take on fashion and style and he always brings something completely new to the floor. I have no idea what’s gonna be in his collaboration with Topshop, but I can’t wait. Then there’s Louise Gray: eccentric, quirky, fun, frivolous, sparkling. Wearing a mix of vintage, charity shop, Simone Rocha and her own- finished off with a swipe of coral lipstick and blue eyebrows, no? Her vivid geometric designs are ones you can’t miss. I went to her A/W 12 fashion show and the atmosphere was just as amazing as the collection! I am actually counting the days until her clothes/makeup collaboration with Topshop opens up this August- I’ve seen one of the dresses in Elle and I am so hoping they’ll still be selling in October. That’s my birthday, if you don’t know (Dad, hey…) “If you love all things playful and poptastic, you’ll love the wonderful world of Louise Gray”- Topshop.

Photo From Topshop Blog and snippet form ELLE magazine

Girls with Ukeleles: these two girls have such talent. I actually thought what they were singing was a song by some indie-pop band, but they wrote it themselves and are rockin’ those ukeleles, huh?


21 Responses to “my hot new NOW”
  1. curly11thoughts says:

    Wowzers, its like you are biologically tuned to pick up on awsome stuff/people/clothes! Loved you in The Times, btw 🙂

  2. Ruby says:

    Thanks Ophelia!! (I’m the one on the right in the last video)
    Great blog by the way 🙂 You should be proud!!
    Ruby xx

  3. Tiki says:

    I love the first hair and the last, so pretty! Those girls on the ukuleles are so good!

  4. Tiki says:

    I love the first hair dye and the last one, the video is so good!!!!!!! r there more like that on youtube?

  5. Georgia says:

    hey, just watched Lorraine and soon rushed to your website, your exactly what iv been looking for! Someone who can be my trend setter! Good luck with your website your going to be a big success now you’ve been on T.V!!! xoxox

  6. Tiki says:

    These girls are so good on the ukulele!! I’d luv it if you checked out my blog as I’m 13 yrs old and luvvvvv your blog!!!!

  7. Cool post!! I’ve had the Louise gray topshop collaboration in my diary for a while!!! Im so excited!! I like your new hair on twitter! Is it permanent? How long does it last?

  8. Omg!! Yes!! Ruby as in Tara and ruby!!! U r amazing in that video!! I’m obsessed with fashion so yeah!!

  9. Glad you like the Lazy Oaf and Dsquared post ! You have a cute site ! Love Fashion

  10. I saw your new hair on twitter! Is it permanent?

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