(Just before I start I’d like to say sorry for the really bummy posting lately. I’ve been super busy and in every spare moment I’ve felt too grouchy to do anything productive- therefore posting has been slightly NUL…)

So I’m in Wales. Tropical, sunny, loverly Wales. We’ve actually not had too many showers, though it’s been cold and fairly blustery. But I guess I like the gloomyness. The cloudy, pebble beaches remind me of films like ‘Never Let Me Go’ and the atmosphere is very cosy and thoughtful- thoughI must say the town we visited today seemed kind of like a big old people’s home. We walked beside the pier and then took a tram to the top of this huge hill, which my little sister called “rabbit poo mountain” because of all the crap everywhere. It was all very eerie, with wind blowing, spikey flowers (I learnt that the hard way) and messages written in rocks, like ❤ Lucy+Tom ❤ If I had more time I would’ve got together a group of gals in ghostly garments {alliteration *wink wink*} and done a shoot up there- the cliffs overlooked a bay and there were brooding clouds ahead. It was perfect.

The trip here was long, but bearable: five hours of ukelele playing and squirming around, hopelessly trying to get comfy. I was coming back from Susie’s yard sale when my parents decided we’d leave so we literally threw everything in the suitcase. We all kind of ran out the door, with hands full- I even had no shoes on (shock horror.) It was very ‘Moonrise Kingdom’-esque. And Road trippy. I can’t wait to take more polaroid photos!

Anyywwaayyyy, SUSIE LAU’S YARD SALE! Arggh. We got there ‘just’ an hour and a half late and already most of the goodies were gone- apparently 60 people were queing outside before it had opened! Jeez Louiiisse. Still, we rumaged through the rails: a Rodarte sequined dress here, an acne skater skirt there, a pair of velvet panties and Susie’s absolutely gorgeous Christopher Kane dress…What’s more, Susie remembered me- she smiled and then said something along the lines of: “Hi! How’s blogging going?” I think all I managed was a meek “oh hey”…people must think I have no personality, I always go all shy on my idols :3 So I got these £2 trousers with a subtle, but gorgeous blue flower print and a necklace sold on Topshop a while ago, but by Danielle Scutt (I got it for £2, TWO POUNDS I tell you!) So pleased- I love the original deco style. There were many other little trinkety things and several shoes I liked (muahaha) but after some pottering ’round we decided to head off…To Spitalfields and Brick Lane WHOOP WHOOP! Vintage, retro and film galore ❤

On the subject of film…I’m obbsessed. I love film. I love the Canon E1. It’s brilliant. Here are afew of the photos from my disposable camera= the closest I could get to film. They’re very un-professional, but oh-so fun so, here goes…

And if you haven’t already found out (through me blabbing on tumblr or twit-picing on Twitter) then you should know I have sort of green and purple streaked hair: I got it done at BLEACH salon in Topshop, Oxford Circus. Before I went, I tried to bleach my hair myself (so I didn’t have to pay as much money), but the dye was just from the local shops and wasn’t strong enough- instead it made my hair a really nice gold colour!

I couldn’t choose between lilac & emerald and wanted something more funky than the dip-dye all my friends had, so we decided to go streaky! It took ages (about 4 hours because my hair was so hard to bleach) but was worth the wait- and I came out feeling like a fairy princess…

I guess we’ve had a lot of publicity round here lately: The Times, The Daily Beast and Evening Standard, PLUS I was on television, which was mildly terryfying. I kind of just sat there awkwardly, looking really confused when we went on air. Watching it back was horrible- I somehow put on this weird Australian /SLASH/ American accent and blabbed on. I’ve also had several problems with sad hateful idiots making rude remarks, people out there are so judgemental, I hate it. To all those people who think: “she’s just here for the fortune and fame”- well of course I, the 12-year-old, am a malicious child villain with this whole plan to get loads of money. Why not? I’m not trying to act older. I’m not trying to please anyone. I write my blog for myself. Yes, myself. The people out there don’t know me, so why can’t they just mind their own business. I feel like all this press has sort of subconsciously changed me- and I’m not sure if it’s made anything better or worse…I feel so much more cautious and pressured and ‘BLLEEUUGH’ about what I write- and I don’t like it. Ugh I’m sick of those irritating interview people asking the same 15 questions over again, every time: some of them haven’t even read my blog, some don’t know much about fashion and most twist your words. I’m doing no more interviews (unless it’s Vogue or Elle or something fabulous…) None of this will get to my head, I just want to be left alone to blog.

I have bought way too much expensive stuff this Summer, but still, my wardrobe is {LYKE} the crappiest thing ever. I literally have worn everything a gaziillion times haha! I have been meaning to do an outfit post for ages now, since I just got two new pairs of sunnies (Raf Simmons and Jeremy Scotts), a new pair of jeans, a new necklace and a huge Reiss 1979 jacket from TK Max. I am also dying for a pair of pogo boots, pink/blue Topshop vest to throw over my tops and The Louise Gray dress from her collaboration with Topshop! P.S I am now a ROOKIE-mag Fan Group UK admin and manager (meaning I arrange the newsletter etc) so if you have any questions then feel free!  Outfit posts, sunny collections and polaroids soon to come…Happy holidays!

15 Responses to “Summmmerrrr”
  1. nadespink says:

    I understand what you mean about not being bothered to post. But now I have kind of altered my posting, and stopped feeling pressured to post stuff that other people want. I just post what I love.

    Remember to post stuff that you love! Some of the best blogs I know only post a few times a week, so it’s not everyday that it needs to be done 🙂

  2. Lacygracy says:

    When u went 2 Wales did u gO 2 Aberystwyth ! With the tram? I live around ther

  3. Opheiliafan says:

    Did u go to Aberystwyth ?

  4. Tiki says:

    Cool hair! I dip dyed my hair pink at the ends but it came out, I’m thinking I might put some red streaks in it, do you think that would look nice? I think it would look really cool!

  5. Perhaps your summer holiday in Perth next January will be warmer.
    By the way, I like your hair.

  6. Annie says:

    Hey,I love your blogs and i am a fan. Don’t mind those haters. I hate them too. I think you are very intelligent and talented. Enjoy Wales and i look forward to reading more of your fashion blogs.

  7. Woooooooaaaaaahhhhhh! i love the hair and i wanted to dip dye mine light purply and candyfloss (kind of girly colours) but it’s still a working progress and my parents need some work….
    p.s.anyone involved in any part of ROOKIE is AwESomE 🙂

  8. elizabethcrawford says:

    hey ophelia:) I was just wondering if you could check out my photography blog, , I’m 12 too and I love your blog, so it would mean a lot if you could check it out:)) 😀 thankyouuu

  9. Phoebe says:

    Bummy? IT’S A NEW WORD! LOVE IT!

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