Just a quick post for the sake of blleuugh.

Nude. A word, still today, people don’t want to hear. You’re either looking at this post and thinking “what the fudge this chic on about” or being all uncomfortable-ish and like “eww naked-ness, yuck no!” I have never had a problem with being naked, as a kid I would always run around the house being crazy (and awesome DUH) just thought you should know as it is totally relevant to the subject *NOT* But anyway, it is kind of crazy how this topic still causes taboo, since basically everyone around you has a body, with half the same crazy stuff that you have. So why are people so offended by their own anatomy? Most people are scared of nudity, because it’s an aspect of truth they don’t want to see. Just a thought. So now for some beautiful photos by our good ol’ friend, Petra…

13 Responses to “Just a quick post for the sake of blleuugh.”
  1. Dayzee says:

    I totally agree! Like, it’s a body. We all have one. I don’t get what the problem is! My friends are so fussy about stuff like this which really annoys me. There was this one time and I was talking about the Hole song ’Jennifers Body’ and my best friend went ’eww’. Because of the name. What the hell? Because it mentioned the word ’body’. And apparently talking about bodies is not cool.

    styledynamite.blogspot.com – le blog

  2. Ha I thought you were on about nude colours when I first saw this so nude lips and nude shades etc. This definitely follows on from our conversation on the bus the other day but very true you go girl! Xxxxx

    • Ha ha YES, was hoping you’d read this, I know it’s kind of your thing ehehe 😉 I was on this blog of this photographer called Elizabeth Walker and then i saw the picture saying NUDE and I was like: “right, it’s time to blog” xxx

  3. I say bus but i mean train aha ah well I’m sure you gathered that. X

  4. ethanbradshaw says:

    Nakedness is an art form. People stroll topless on the beach, why not in cities?

  5. nadespink says:

    LOL, i get it, but people have a lot of respect now. I mean 1, you could get cold, and 2. it would just look weird. We have been wearing clothes for centuries. We have to have some self respect, and not everyone thinks like us. They either might take advantage of the situation, or just go with the flow.

    We should all be happy with our bodies though. I totally get what your saying.

    • Thankyou, but I don’t entirely get what you’re trying to say here. Escpecially about respect? Are you saying wearing clothes is respectful? I’m not saying everyone should walk around naked, I’m just saying it’s odd how people still cause such taboo over nudity. How is wearing clothes self-respect? Confused…Hahah

      • nadespink says:

        I know that not everyone has to be naked, but some people think that because wearing clothes is respectful, it’s odd to talk about nudity. Get what I mean?

        It’s kind of funny really. And yet when we’re babies, they don’t have an issue.

      • totes! Now we’re on the same level. I still don’t think we’re clothes is respectful. It’s merely choice haha! Speak soon! xx

  6. Alyssa says:

    I think nudity adds something of truth, but I think you should blurr it a bit more other wise there is too much NUDE!!

  7. blogthatbarbie says:

    yes that is true

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