Planets and Galaxies

Hey. Yo. Bo. Shmo. Long time no see! Anyway, yesterday I took a trip to the house of our good old friend Millie (of Dragonflies and Lightbulbs) and her sister Emma (of Casually Dazzling) to do a photoshoot- me and Emma have completely different style when it comes to photography: Emma is dramatic and costumey and fantasy-ish and I’m casual, teenagery and potraying everyday stuff. But we decided to do things her way, so Emma (who is a makeup sensation) decided on the theme of ‘Planets & Galaxies’ and immediately got to work on making my face look like a glitterbomb! I swear both these sisters have an overdose of talent: Emma has been studying drama at uni (I think), but can sing, dance and is a master of party dressing! Millie, is completely artsy: an amazing painter, sketcher, photographer who also happens to do tap dancing haha!

Above are the steps she went through to create the look:  “I used mainly silvers, golds and blues; the fabulous Ophelia had greens, blues and purples in her hair which complimented the make up brilliantly. I started by applying silvery gold around the eyes then outlined with a light blue and then dark blue. I then applied silver swirls around her eyes using a glitter adhesive and a wider type of silver metallic-like glitter. I finished up by putting golds on her lips and outlining her eyes with gold before applying falsies (fake eylashes)- I then backcombed her colourful locks a little and gave her a few quiffy bits. Clothes= 3 tutus, blue bed sheet, and black scarf” -Emma.

Emma dressed me up and Millie took most (practically all) of the stunning, stunning, stunning photos below, on her beautiful Canon EOS Rebel T3 *OHHHHH*- she’s so AWESOME. And I just sat there looking fierce and intense and all. And occasionally laughing at myself and being foolish harh harh…Both the sistas edited them well (just several tweeks in the contrast and stuff!) The makeup was damn hard to get off my face and fake lashes made me feel like I wasn’t fully opening my eyes properly, BUT THEY MADE ME LOOK LIKE SUCH A QUEEN ❤ ❤ ❤ Some of my favorites are below…

25 Responses to “Planets and Galaxies”
  1. sabrinasahota says:

    Woow Ophelia, these are beautiful

  2. Izabela Mroz says:

    Amazing! one of my favourite!

  3. elizabethcrawford says:

    hey ophelia! Abso love this post! The make-up is amazing! Just wondering if you could check out my photography blog pleasee and tell me what you think, I’m 12 too;)

  4. Phoebe Nuria says:

    That’s amazing! Absolutely gorgeous! Go Emma and Millie!! Ophelia, this is my absolute favorite blog!! : )

  5. emmaungaro says:

    the make up is stunning, the two girls who put this together are incredibly talented! wow! do they have a blog because I would love to follow it! by the way I am your age and I also have a blog, would you please give me your opinion?

  6. Alyssa says:

    I think that you should become a model, because you have clearly got the looks and the style!


  7. So pleased everyone likes it! 🙂 I’m Emma and am studying natural sciences at uni you silly moo. If you liked this follow my blog for much more glitter and fanciful things aha 🙂 Xxxxx

  8. I L.O.V.E these pictures they are amazing good job Emma and Millie and the star Ophelia!
    Please check out my blog I have only just made it so there aren’t many posts but check it out anyway!

  9. Glad everyone likes the photo’s. Hopefully you’ll like some more of mine on my blog … Opi linked my other one *tut tut* 😉 but yeah have a look and follow! xx

  10. wow i lurrrve the makeup

  11. Hannah WTMF says:

    Wowza! You look absolutely stunning in all of these! 🙂
    I love your make up and your dress.. I’d love to collab with you one day. Although my photography style is kinda like yours – casual, teenager-y, everyday stuff. 😉 And obviously not as good as theirs.

    ~Hannah xx

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