Me being a spaz.

URGH. It is so close to London Fashion Week and I’m totally buggin. I still practically haven’t got any tickets although I’ve done all the right stuff and sent in my application and all that SHIZ…With no reply. It’s crazy! {Kids are people you know..?} I told myself I’d work and work and work my butt off and I’d get in. HELP. Anyway alot has been going down and I’m pretty excited for a good few months of blogging ahead. I’ve been organising shoots and interviews and have lots of posts to come. YAY. Also, I thought I should tell you now, tommorow I’m going on an intensive string camp at which I spend 5 days at my cello teachers house playing in chamber groups and orchestras non-stop. It’s waaay funner than it sounds. So, I’ve hopelessly tried to organise 5 guest bloggers for these five days in which I am absent. But knowing me, this of course, has sort of failed- as afew people dropped out and such. So expect the worst and then maybe it might not all go so wrong… (I tried to do a big post tonight for before I go on camp but I had no time and was so tired it failed really badly. I am seriously stressed about whether these guest posts are going to work or not…I’m gonna be up early tommorow…) Okay Adios have a nice life. I’m too tired. Goodbye.

12 Responses to “UGH.”
  1. ethanbradshaw says:

    You should come over to Sheffield for our fashion week. Sheffield is so so fashionable.

  2. POPTUCKSHOP says:

    Don’t worry about the tickets, lots of PRs never reply although they may have allocated you a ticket, and the tickets usually arrive the week before the shows because the press offices are super chaotic and disorganised! Which ones have you got so far? I haven’t even thought about applying for anything yet! But I haven’t got the motivation to make a big effort this season I don’t think :/ Have fun in string camp! My cello practise went out the window this summer

    • I have applied on the website and sent messages out with no reply. Though I am very worried as I won’t get the emails if they send them this week as I am at camp!!! :/ I don’t have any really!

  3. Eryn says:

    DON’T STRESS (it makes things worse, I swear) IT’S ALL GOOD ❀ You're one intense twelve year old, Ophelia. RESPECT.

  4. emmaungaro says:

    I hope you can get tickets! Good luck! I know I am def not going to NY fashion week 😦

  5. elizabethcrawford says:

    aw, I hope you get tickets:/// If you do, I hope you have lots of funnnn:))) btw just wondering have you got my email? my blog is and my email is πŸ™‚ <<(just in case you see my email and your like "whos that?!") πŸ˜€

  6. Caoilfhionn says:

    AW!!Don’t worry,you’re the new Tavi,they’ll have to give you a ticket.Good luck with camp,and I hope you have a fab time at London Fashion Week πŸ˜‰ Also,care to bring me back lots of nice clothes and goodies!?xoxoxox

  7. Taylor says:

    I know. It’s so hard doing something big after school along with other activities and homework.I know because I am twelve, am in gifted classes plus I run a chairity called autisms awesome helpers.people so often refuse to even beilive it.I also love fashion

  8. belleee says:

    You look like a character from Moonrise Kingdom meet Veruca Salt. I love your name though. x x x from argentina

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