Day 1: Donna’s DIY :D

Hey readers, it’s crims0nandclover here! I’m gonna move a little thing I do on my blog on to here and add a ‘todays song’, this is just where I give a song I’ve been loving lately and link it to listen to while reading the post. 🙂 So, todays song is Brand New – Mix Tape.
I got a little inspiration for this outfit, but it was mostly just me wanting to show off my new cut out tee (kinda bad, I know). I saw a post on Chictopia of a girl wearing this gorgeous aztec-y knitted jumper with a neon skirt, navy satchel and cream cat eye sunnies. My inspiration came from her docs which she had paired with polka dot lace socks. I had never thought of wearing my docs with lace socks and I felt I had been neglecting them lately. I paired my Topshop white lace socks with my burgundy distressed docs, I’ve looked online but I haven’t found anywhere you can buy them anymore! I wore my black skull cut out tee and just threw on some black shorts which I cut from old jeans and cuffed.
Check out my tutorial on how to ‘make’ the cut out tee here! See you whenever, I guess. Have a nice day/night!

DIY: skull cut out tee

by donnawebley

Another song i’m loving right now is Sunny Day Real Estate – One. Knock yourselves out.


  • A shirt (I recommend using an old one on your first attempt so in case you mess up)
  • Fabric scissors
  • Something to draw out your template (I used a Sharpie)
  • A book/piece of cardboard, something to put inside the shirt when you start cutting


First, you can either find a template or draw your own. I used this one and changed it a bit. Use your pen/pencil to draw it out as a guideline to wear to cut.

Next, put your cardboard or book (I used a book) in between the shirt and simply just cut out the template you drew on the shirt. The teeth took the longest for me.

Now, rock you shirt in public! I suggest wearing a bandeau (I don’t have one) unless you want to show your undergarments 🙂

Have fun!



4 Responses to “Day 1: Donna’s DIY :D”
  1. elizabethcrawford says:

    I love your outfit! The cut out top is amazing! oh, and I love the docs, the lacey socks go great with it! 🙂 xxx

  2. ClaudiaCatanho says:

    I have the exactly cut out top and I bought it at Zara for 1,99€. It looks amazing but with a silicone bra and not a regular bra. That’s my opinion..

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