Guest posts Day 2: Saskia

Howdy people of the world!! “Who is this strange person?”  -you are probably thinking 🙂 Why it is moi of course- the esteemed and royal awesomeness- a.k.a: Saskia Horton. Yes, i know right, my last name kinda rings a bell…. where did you hear it before?…… Mwahahaha….. suspense-y times right? 😉

Lolenski, you’ve probably already guessed that I’m Opi (Ophelia’s) older and awesome-r sister. So ya, welcome to Day 2 of guest blogging, although it’s actually day 3, but i’m a day behind- oops!! (Don’t tell Opi when she gets back!) And unlike my teeny weeny wittle sister, i aint that wow-ed by fashion. Hey! Dont get me wrong, i’m not like some crazy dressing cavewoman who has never heard of Meadham Kirchoff, Christopher Kane, Tavi Gevinson and all that jazz, i’m just a crazy dressing cavewoman who happens to live in the same cave as a equally insane tween fashionista and therefore knows more than one should know about these things 🙂 So, when effaced with the oh-so-terrifying prospect of guest blogging, my knees began to shake and my fingers trembling as i approached the daunting, sleek, silver laptop! Ah, “woe is me!” I wailed, (well i mite of said something else but anyways…) And just before i had a mental breakdown my darling 5 year old sister Aurora had an epiphany which she conveyed to me with the upmost confidence and charisma that she beholds as she said, “You should write about…. our fashion show” I was like, “Say what, sister?”

So together we created and edited this wonderful fashion show! It consists of Aurora wearing a mixture of Mum’s, Dad’s and Ophelia’s clothes, which i will attempt to describe:

  • Pink “Tres Cool” knitted jumper from Topshop (i think)
  • Vintage rainbow coloured tee that looks like a massive dress/poncho thing on Aurora
  • Topshop grey/white crop top
  • Aurora’s white scallop shorts (you can get similar bigger ones in H&M),white tutu and wierd white top with strange rainbow pattern which you probably didn’t notice
  • Mum’s green chiffon top with belt holding it up making it look awesome (my idea btw 🙂 )
  • Stripy black and white shirt with love heart on, made into dress, with BIG white belt on back to front (hehe)

So that’s that!! Enjoy mes amies….. 🙂  Here’s the link for the fashion show- just copy and paste it into your search bar:

5 Responses to “Guest posts Day 2: Saskia”
  1. Peta Vinten says:

    Love it Sassy! xxx

  2. Romy says:


  3. blondiesstylefix says:

    Awh brilliant!
    For someone who isn’t fashion crazy – this was hilarious, I say start your own blog! Your little sister would be proud! Enjoy the rest of your guest blogging!
    Lots of Love
    Grace X

  4. blondiesstylefix says:

    oh and check out my blog if you have time!


  5. Tiki says:

    so cute!

    could you check out my blog if you have time?

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