DAY 3: The Daisy Ladies!

Hello! My name is Eryn and I just recently started my very own blog, Fashion Fledge. For my guest post today I’m going talk about myself and share with you a photo diary of my best friends and I during a day of sushi and shopping downtown. Basically, this is my girl gang, ‘The Daisy Ladies’ -and I hope you enjoy our daisy-printed, 60’s loving rad-ness. 

 This is me in the front! I’m obsessed with fashion. I consider myself an aesthete, and for me, the way I dress is self-expression. I also love art, music, and basically anything that falls under the wide category of ‘culture’ (well, this applies to all of The Daisy Ladies.) I’m “Crazy Daisy” because I dress crazily, and am, well, wild. In the middle is Sara! She loves theatre. She’s seriously into acting, singing and dancing- and she’s super talented. She’s so funny too, and we have so much fun shopping together, as we share a love for clothes! She is “Sassy Daisy” because she’s sarcastic and sassy (and we love her for it). I’m pretty sure Sara’s philosophy in life is ‘When in doubt, peace and pout!’ In the back is Erica, aka “Rocking Daisy!” She’s a beautiful dancer and an amazing friend! She’s super sweet, humble, and funny, and is obsessed with fuzzy socks and hot chocolate. We have a lot of fun together (she’s the ultimate pep-talker), obsessing over Audrey Hepburn (someday, we’re going to eat breakfast in front of Tiffany’s), and various other teenage-girl things. 

I’ve known these two for less than a year, but they’ve quickly become like sisters to me, and I’d do (almost) anything for them! You do not want to mess with The Daisy Ladies. I swear we’re not actually mean. I’m talking overachieving goody-goodys. Which, y’know, works for us. If you’re curious about the origin of any of the clothing we’re wearing, ask!

From left to right: Sara, me (Eryn), Erica, looking super tough (which is a lie!)

Photos by Teddy- probably the most polite, sweet person, ever! She loves art, dogs, and French history and culture. Someday we’re going to travel together! Photos edited by Ophelia! 

From “THE ERYN” (as Ophelia calls me) ❤ ❤ ❤ 


3 Responses to “DAY 3: The Daisy Ladies!”
  1. says:

    you guys are beautiful

  2. these pictures are beautiful! love the outfits~ great vibes!

  3. beautiful photos! love all the outfits ~ the denim is so great!!

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