LFW: Ashish S/S 13

Oh-mmyyy-gaawwd. London fudging fashion week. I can’t believe I’ve managed to resist the urge of blogging through out the week- because I was totally buggin! *Clueless reference- see what I did there?* Sooooo, I only went to one show (because I am a loser) BUT IT WAS AMAZING!!! There was something about it. I mean, it’s not like it was my first show so I’m still figuring out what was so special about it. I guess the runway was like the typical long runway you always see in the photos so even before the show had started I was already hyped. You know how things aren’t usually the way you expect them to be? Well, this was nearly exactly the perfect typical kind of situation I always associated with runway shows. It was all very surreal and de-ja-vu-esque. I guess the fact that I got to sit on third row (even though I had a standing seat MUAHAHHA) helped because I could actually see everyone’s faces nodding to the music instead of being up on a balcony (don’t get me wrong, hat was great too) like last season at Louise Gray. PLUS, Kate actual NASH was sitting front row (LIKE) ten meters away from me…And since she might actually know who I am (because I was interviewed in this zine which she was also in and she read it and blah) I was sort of trying to get her attention without waving my arms about and being all fan girl. She didn’t notice me (doh) but she has the prettiest smile!

Before it was time to queue up for the show (Ashish, by the way) my Dad and me were just kind of hovering around outside- like everyone else. He kept telling me to queue in the line (he wanted me to get a good view because I’m such a shortie), but I was scared people would think that I thought that I was better than them or more important or something like that, so I waited until people were let in to joining the line. It was pretty scary actually, because we got to the top of the line at last and then the dude letting people in tells me I’m in the wrong line, so I kind of had to just shuffle through all these people looking at me like: “She thought she could get in ha-ha”- or I’m just paranoid, but anyway there was this whole kafuffle and I finally ended up waiting in the right queue next to some badass fashionistas. This one dude looked totally babe-in and said he’d seen my blog through Susie (Bubble-DUH) and I was all cute and chuffed and I complimented him on his outfit. When I got into the show space everyone was running around getting into seats and lights were flashing everywhere- this photographer guy sat me in THE ACTUAL FRONT ROW to take a photo of me and I kind of just sat there trying to smile, whilst being engulfed by my huge fur jacket! Everyone was so groovy! Then, I had to move of course, but one of the usher ladies encouraged me to squidge into third row and I sat between two (I must say, sort of grumpy looking) people- I feel sorry for the designers sometimes, half the people there looked pretty miserable! I guess this whole fashion show is the norm for them though. Anyway, excuse my rambling; lets get onto the show…

I spent most of show trying to capture the models on my camera, so I had to remind myself to actually look at what was going on and enjoy it! I just loved the whole atmosphere of it all…The models were fierce but not givers-of-crap- I loved how slow and controlled their walk was. Ashish once again struck such a perfect balance with the clothes- he used very glam textures (i.e. his trademark sequins, glitter, tinsel) with really casual silhouettes: slouchy jumpers, harem pants, slip dresses and odd jackets- it seemed fairly simple, but knowing Ashish there’s probably more than that. It was tomboy and geek (gappy teeth and specs galore)- I’m thinking he was sort of carrying on with his androgynous outbreak from 2011, but with feminine accents- pastel pink lips, purple flared eyelashes and a messy top knot (supporting the come back of scrunchies– don’t-cha know?!) But while this was all deadly serious he topped things off with mix-match denim, sporty shoes and his RAD witty slogan tees (tres fatigue, anyone?) It was very chic I’d say. Have a look…

Here is a little video I made of the show, on my little digital camera- sorry about the wobbly-ness and the fact that someone with huge curly hair sat in front of me! 😛

11 Responses to “LFW: Ashish S/S 13”
  1. styleastronaut says:

    You’re posts are ace<3

  2. Izzy says:

    Brilliant hope you had a good time ! How did you get the tickets ?xx

  3. oh wow! That must have been the most amazing experience ever! I wish I’d got tickets (always next year!) and I just love the collection! Are these your photos?

    Grace X

  4. Crystal Ou says:

    Luck girl … love you D:

  5. Jessy says:

    wow awesome camera work and great writing..im pretty sure i was a piece of shit when i was your age and wld not have been able to do any of this! good on u♥

  6. Helen says:

    I love your blog and everything you’re doing. You’re an inspiration. Absolutely keep it up, you’re going to have the most exciting future in fashion. (p.s… The Ashish collection blew my mind to 🙂 )

  7. Miki says:

    Amazzzingggg!!!! Maybe I’m gonna go to NYC FASHION WeEK
    I’m Nigerian-American but i was born in America one day for sure!!
    My favorite model(s) are Jourdan Dunn and Chanel Iman 🙂
    Loveee your Blog

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