The illustration-collage thing above is by moi- I drew around the clothes…From left to right: COURTNEY- bralet, jeans and scrunchie from American Apparel, sunglasses from Topshop. MARCIE- bralet, skirt and scarf from topshop. JULIE- top from American Apparel, socks and clutch from Topshop and skirt from Nasty Gal.


Anyway, I watched this film at my friends house last Friday and I loved it. The script, the clothes, the soundtrack, EVERYTHING. This week my biggest struggle has probably been trying to stop myself from saying: “everything’s peachy keen” every few minutes. The movie is the slightly tragic story of the teen dream who gets *accidentally* murdered by some girlfriends during a birthday prank gone wrong- Liz Purr chokes on a jawbreaker (DUH) whilst being *kidnapped* on the morning of her birthday! The movie tells the tale of a messed-up-high-school girl gang and how Courtney, Macie, Julie and their newest edition: fragile Vylette, try to cover things up. It’s reallllllyyy good I’m telling you. What I find most intruiging is how the main character Courtney Shayne manages to hold things together and stays calm when poop gets real- she’s so controlled and a total leader- definitely someone to channel for confidence. PLUS, she dresses like she means business. Here are my favorite snippets from the movie, a playlist I wrote and decorated- and above are some outfits inspired by our favorite badass babes…



1. Lollipop Lips- Connie Francis

2. YOOHOO- Imperial Teen

3. Volcano Girls- Veruca Salt

4. Don’t Call Me Babe- by Shampoo

5. Hollaback Girl- Gwen Stefani

6. Primadonna Girl- Marina and the Diamonds

7. Fergalicious- FERGIE

8. Material Girl- Madonna

9. Teenage Girl- Clementine Creevy

10. De Ja vu- Beyonce

One Response to “JAWBREAKER 1999”
  1. Abbie says:

    great post Ophelia! Jawbreaker sounds awesome 🙂 also I love your sweet wrapper collage I’ve done one like that…

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