?HAppY aShLEY!


I guess I’d seen her before in ASOS several months ago and to be fairly honest I didn’t take much notice…But whilst flipping through my I-D magazine (yep, aren’t I shnazzy) I saw a four page spread on a Westminster fashion graduate, that caught my eye: Ashley Williams, ‘who makes colourful clothes inspired by oil millionairesses in Texas and wrapping papers in Dubai’ talks about how she went about creating her quirky collection and how it was opened by Alice Peppal holding (her falt mate-) Pixie Geldof’s chihuaha (DUH)- how Dubai has influenced her style and how the best thing about being young is Baskin Robbins ice cream! Ashley’s witty and ironic kitsch creations have been worn by artists such as Rita Ora, but what I love most about it all is that her dreamy collection was literally a mouthful icey popsicles, poached straberries and all things nice- paired with edgy crop tops, slinky dresses printed with oil refineries and cream. Delightful.

Now that that’s settled, she seems like a right keewwwl chica, huh? But where does she draw inspiration from? Her trademark ‘HAPPY ASHLEY’ print was from a wrapper paper in a Dubai corner shop afew years ago and her love of ice cream lead her to serenading the collection with sugar- everything has such a personal touch! And although, it kind of has an Calafornia dreamin’ look to it, the collection was loosely based around Texas: the football team, bags, snakeskin and oil refineries in the 30s and 40s…The first snakeskin look even featured actual real snakes heads from indonesia- via Ebay with tiny red crystals in the eye holes! Bit manky I must say…Anyway, she’s abit of an upcoming genius (fashion and photography wise eh eh) and with best friends like Pixie and Alice, she’s sure to go far…

Tweet her @HappyAshleyLand


2 Responses to “?HAppY aShLEY!”
  1. i love her barbie jumper! ❤

  2. hannah says:

    yea! i love it toooooo! wish i had one she’s soooooooooo cool

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