Some babe friends of mine taken BY ME on my amazing digital camera which I found WHOOP WHOOP ❤

October. Freaks! Geeks! Spooks! Speeks?  It’s the month of the witch! My favorite month of the year! And you know why? Well, halloween of course! Just kidding! It’s my birthday in exactly a week (exactly a week! Freaky, huh…) I feel I’m already getting my mojo back together and all the poo-i-ness of school is just draining into one mass of crap that I can flush down the toilet for half term. Ahhhh. I guess October is supposed to be the sort of suck-ish month:  full of angst, bitchfacing (we’ll let that one slide), dark secrets sinisterness, death and all that shiz, but (I’m too cool for that, DUH) I love it! Anyway, on the more sweet-(and spice, and all things nice)-side of things, it’s October: candy, candy, candy. So basically, because I am angsty (GRRRRRR it’s my only excuse) here are some spookster photos for you to GOLLUM over -(see what I did there?) And a cute song to cheer you up…Happy October!



10 Responses to “Feelin’ FREEEAAKKY?”
  1. Anita Anota says:

    I just found your blog! and I love it!!!
    Kisses from Buenos Aires

  2. happy birthday (for when it’s your birthday)! 🙂

  3. Phoebe says:

    Oh my gushy I don’t get why people don’t like October. It’s kinda like the aftershock of September’s rebirth of high fashion! And yes, don’t forget about CANDY!! Ooshy mooshy I’m having a chocolate cake sugar rush right now so I’m sorry for being so bumishly random!!

  4. im gonna make me a pumpkin costume! so into halloween- i NEED sugar!!!

  5. Ella Burns says:

    Finally someone else who loves october, my 13th was 2 days ago! Found your blog through company mag, did you know that you’re in it? Anyways your blog is amazing, please upload more!!! 😀

  6. Ella Burns says:

    sorry dumb moment :L course you’re in it sorry! By the way happy birthday for when your birthday was!

  7. Florence says:

    OMG I love your blog! I am 12 (kind near your age well very near hahha) I have a blog too wera i post fashion and beauty want to check it out? http://www.confessionsofabeautyblogger101.blogspot.co.uk/


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