It’s a foggy day, In London Town…

Ohai, people of the world. So yesterday or the day before or *dammit* I actually don’t know- me and my super-cool friends decided we were too tired to go out and be cool and all, so the only other alternative was for me to turn them into total craft babes and stay at home being vain couch potato mammal/things. We basically took the bus all the way to sainsburys, just to take a cute nostalgic snap in a way tacky photobooth and then (since there were no pound stores near my humble abode) we went buying little tidbits like cheap glue-guns, headbands and glitter on the way home. When we got home we gathered all my creepy kiddie stuff (don’t worry kids, it’s just my little sister’s pink pom poms and pipe cleaners and sequins and sweets and unicorn vigurines and flowers and heeaavven etc.) In the end we each had our own headband- I made two because I’m special. They turned out totally RAD- if I don’t say so myself! So we decided to shoot them and have a bit of a mess around on my new Nikon D3100 in the woods nearby. So here are basically some photos of us ‘werking it’,  being bitchface-ish and like: “SHUT UP!?” Also, I am in love with my new hair. Like, seriously guys, how cute am I? I cut it because I was sort of sick of my manky ‘faded-lime-green-/SLASH/-fail-blonde’ hair and now I have a tufty ombre-kind bob. WHOOOP. Tis life. P.S the glitter dinosaur headband is by me, the pom-pom and love hearts one is also by me- and if you look close enough you can see Brittney Murphy as Tai from CLUELESS saying: “you’re just a virgin who can’t drive.” And the fluffy-lovers with the sweet saying: “FOREVER” headband is by Maddie.

If you want to know what we are wearing then comment because I’m such a lazy poo.



7 Responses to “It’s a foggy day, In London Town…”
  1. Eryn says:

    Oppphhheellliiiaaa I LOVE your hair. Seriously. You guys are super cute, love these photos! xxx

  2. these are amazing! totally Petra-y! ❤

  3. Phoebe says:

    I love your haircut!

  4. Were’s your white top from?

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