Lah lah laaaah lah.

Today I decided I was going to be a loner and stay at home and be a couch potato etc. Totally my own decision. I lay around in pajamas all day: doodling, crawling around with my little sister, dressing up and failing at trying to clean the collosal mess which is my room. Wow. I lead an exciting life. Anywayz, here is just a quick outfit I threw together this afternoon: I am wearing the Louise Gray-X-Topshop NEWGEN tee (from last february) underneath Louise Gray’s dress for Topshop which I picked up on Saturday from Oxford Circus. It was on sale so we got it AKA my life is basically complete. I fear several sequins will fall off and I have to be careful when I sit down, but it is the most classy little smock I’ve ever been clothed in and is one of those pieces it is harder to NOT BUY than buy, you know? On my feet I am wearing these ASOS platforms which remind me of the cartoon Lizzie Miguire, remember her? And on my head is the glitter-dinosaur headband featured in my last post. I look really grumpy because it was late in the afternoon and I was bored and I’m an angsty teen- yep, I’m 13 DEAL WITH IT.

6 Responses to “Lah lah laaaah lah.”
  1. ida says:

    I can’t decide to like or to dislike that outfit cos it somehow has this thing that just wants you to stare at it, but loving the dress so we also love you in Germany cos i am from Germany rock on
    regards from over here

  2. Annie says:

    Hey! i think the outfit looks so cool on you. You are very creative and innovative.Love the collage on your reading your blogs. i think you are a very intelligent 13 year old.

  3. theprofessionalranter says:

    I love the shoes! hair is super adorabubbles!

  4. Leah says:

    Sparkles + Platforms= FAB.

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