Rookie Road Trip….HIGHLIGHTS <3

Last Summer Tavi (DUH- editor in chief of ROOKIE), Petra (contributing photographer), Hazel (staff writer), Petra’s sister Anna, her boyfriend: Avery and ROOKIE fairy godmother, Anaheed, set off on a Road Trip (sponsored by Urban Outfitters) around America. They stopped off in various places to meet their adoring fans and then ended the journey with a huge installation in Space 15 Twenty in L.A! I know that I’m late and this crazy-amazing road trip kafuffle happened literally decades ago- (everything moves so quickly), but my ROOKIE yearbook arrived (a while ago actually, can I just say IT’S SO OOO RAD <3) and I wrote this post ages ago and never finished it so I thought, like: IT WAS TOO MUCH WORK TO JUST THROUGH AWAY *SNIFFLE* Anyway, here are just some highlights from the Road Trip,  for those of you who aren’t as much of stalkers as I am muahahah. Right below this text is a little illustration page of why the ROOKIE road trip was so dammn awesome. Take note: my award winning representations of Tavi’s faces. But seriously guiiz, how cute is she? 

One of the things I loved most was the nostalgic photoshoots- the deserts and canyons and forests and awwww- I love the feeling of wilderness for miles and miles- the scenes, the sunset- I’d love to go on some spontaneous trip to the middle of no where, but the only place near to me that is remotely wilderness-esque is the small chunk of land that belongs to the housing estate/flats nearby. Yay. Also, the Urban Outfitters lookbooks and polaroids and little photoshoot pitstops were the actual BOMB ❤ Here are some of my favorite photos…By Petra:

And Here are some of my favorite days from the ROOKIE ROAD TRIP: 

-In New York readers from all over joined, bringing gifts of trinkets and loveable junk- for a party of dancing, cupcakes and coolness at Littlefield in Brooklyn: indie-Pop group: ‘SuperCute’ performed some of their adorable tunes from their upcoming album- including their theme song for Rookie (from afew months back) “SupeR-Rookie!” Then Emma (Straub) and Jenny (Zhang)- Rookie authors answered questions from their ‘Just Wondering’ collum on Rookie, Hazel read a very deep, fulfuilling piece on staying true to yo self and Tavi read her obviously witty ‘How to BitchFace’… followed by lots of meeting and greeting!

Photo from Urban Outfitters Blog (presumably by Anaheed) 

-In Philadelphia Rookies met at the record shop Long In The Tooth for music shopping and chatting and being awesome…PLUS Philly band Slutever (who wrote the November theme-DUH) song popped in! Then the gathering jogged over (not literally but whatever) to Rittenhouse Square Park where they of course listened to these awesome records and talked/ranted about feminism in fashion and Clueless’ VS. ‘Heather’ VS. ‘Mean Girls’- whilst making fabric banners and bunting and just general crafty coolness.

Photos from U/O Blog (presumably by Anaheed)

-In Columbus everything was so cute geezzz man. The Rookies met for (homemade) sweet treats at Jeni’s Ice Cream Parlour, where they harboured many-a-crazy-flavour! Again, readers had ‘travelled the world to get there’ and all the tweens/teens hung out and talked about: “babysitting horror stories, school pranks, and the love that Justin Bieber brings to young girls…” Everyone bought TONNES of gifts- handmade zines, letters, chosen mixtapes, mini shrines, flower crowns (like they didn’t already have enough flower crowns haha!) One girl, Isabella came all the way from fairyland (i.e ‘insert name, which Ophelia can’t remember’ HERE) and her Dad waited outside the ice cream parlour for three hours until she had to leave, nawww! ❤ The rest of the day consisted of pizza (it’s apparently the only thing Rookie writers eat according to Hazel), creepy giant shadows of jesus projected on church walls, and of course Tavi being shouted at for leaning on someones car- for a moody shot in a little shoot Petra did…Classic.

Photos from U/O blog (presumably by Anheed) Last photo from Rookie-mag tumblr

Ann Arbor: AKA the best day of all time (even though I wasn’t there, but it looked real fun, okay?) The Road-Trippers bundled into ‘Grease Lightin’ (the caravan DUH) and headed off, but on their way, alas, they passed a beautiful white church named “National Shrine of Our Lady” and since Rookies are utterly obbsessed with shrines it would probably be a sin to not stop off and have a look around…Okay, so they didn’t actually find the shrine, but it was a pretty good place for a photoshoot, no? Los chicas were all wearing red/gingham print, so there was this whole ‘eerie creepster vibe’ about it- Tavi even whipped out her record player and they all listened to Carrie…Anyway, the Rookies all met up at the arcade: Pinball Pete’s to unleash their inner child and play fun and games *cheesy grin*- where there was a bowling alley and glowing lights and Petra took some more snaps of some babe-in’ chics for a shoot. Then the group staggered (through the sweltering heat) down to Blimpy’s Burger for lunch and as the meeting came to an end (*hugs and kissess mwah mwah*) the Road-Trippers Snuck away for a dip in the nearest lake! The day ended with a sudden craving for frozen yoghurt, but instead the oh-so-mature teen writers were found by Anaheed playing on some kiddie rides in an empty mall (even creepier…)- oh and they also nearly got locked in for the night!

Photos from  U/O Blog (presumably by Anaheed), Last one of Hazel by Petra

-As soon as the team got to Iowa City, breakfast was in order: they stopped off at a crêperie where they liked to arrange the crêpes like elephants/butterflies/angels. After eating they met readers at the White Rabbit to shop for vintage clothes- there was a sign on the door that read: ‘World Famous Fashion Blogger: Style Rookie’s Tavi Gevinson this sunday at 2pm!!!!!!!!!’ Tavi was like ‘Ew’ but everyone else was like ‘HAHAHAHAHAHA!’ Petra scored an amazing polyester gingham set with daisies all over it and Tavi was given this amazing dress, made and designed by reader: Susie! P.S I only wrote about Iowa City because of the sign with Tavi on it *hehe*

Photo from U/O Blog (presumably by Anaheed or Avery)  

-The next stop was so cool, that there was a part one AND part two on Hazels diary! Woohwhoow. Petra Took some snaps of Tavi looking fuunnkkay in front of this awkward ‘Thankyou’ sign at the gas station stop in Omaha– oh I can’t wait for all these American Dreamin’ shoots on Rookie! For the meet up, all the gals went to see (out favorite sixties looking Wes Anderson feature film…) ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ and then hung out at Blue Line Coffee for espressos and milk shakes whilst being awesome and chatting about how cute the movie was.

Photo by Petra

Photo from Rookie-mag tumblr 

-On the second day in Omaha, the Road Tripers headed straight to New Life Thrift, as everyone had been raving about how cool it was (WHY YOU HAVE NO THRIFT IN LONDON?!) Then they rushed over to the Urban Outfitters where are the Rookies snuggled up in one room to do nail art, make fabric banners and crafty stuff- the U/O staff had decorated the room like a slumber party and it was all very magical with them delivering candys and drinks and all! Afterwards, Tavi and Petra styled some looks for a photo-shoot that will be used for a future UO lookbook! Groovy.

Photos from the U/O Blog (presumably by Anaheed)

-The Next Day in Boulder was a quickie, but the gang played arcade games (winning exclusive prizes of…fake tatooos) and went GO-karting, so I couldn’t miss it out!

Photo from U/O blog (presumably by Anaheed) 

Photos from Rookie-mag tumblr 

-“The view from my car window in… Colorado? Wyoming? I can’t even tell you! After leaving Colorado we cruised through plains filled with mountains, cows, and horses. While looking for a place to eat we found a faux-’50s diner that served what seemed like 100 different kinds of buffalo burgers.”- Hazel…After a quick stop off for a little photoshoot (some photos at work below) they soon arrived at the sculpture garden Gilgal, in Salt Lake City-  where the gang did yet more banner-making and chatting about Martha Stewart, living in small towns and halloween costumes- super cute!

The sign reads: ‘Wake up, YOU’RE not cool’

Photos from the U/O Blog (Presumably by Anaheed)

– In Boise, readers met up at Urban Outfitters for a zine making event- the staff had set up a cosy little tent and it was just about perfect for the Rookies- everyone brought different materials and there were zines on just about every topic haha! Of course everyone had trip ups along the road trip and it just happened that Tavi had fallen sick that day, so Petra’s sister: Anna made her a little zine full of Justin Bieber and babies and stuff…”Later, at the hotel, Tavi watched Taylor Swift music videos and interviews and cried/laughed/was a dork”- says Hazel.

Photos from U/O Blog (presumably by Anaheed)

-The Seattle meetup looked AWEEEESSSSOMMEEE! They met readers at The Vera Project (an amazzeee all-ages art gallery, music venue, and more) for flower-crown making, sunglasses decorating and BEINNG AWWESSOMEEE- the floor was covered in glitter, charms, gemstones, minature animals/dolls, flowers and cute trinkety junk! After an afternoon of crafting, Tavi said afew words and there were good vibes all around the ‘army’ of Rookies! The Road-Trip team kidnapped Eryn (you road trippers can kidnap me anytime): she’d traveled all the way from Victoria, British Columbia to hang out, she had a daisy crown, the cutest shift dress and the same shoes as Tavi…And they infact didn’t really kidnap her- she was staying in the same hotel as them and they invited her to dinner. And of course she said YES!!!!! P.S I know THE Eryn- she’s my American Penal, how cool is that?!










Portland was ROCKIN! Everyone met at Voodoo Doughnut, where stuffing-faces-with-oomgmm-nOM-NOM was in order- the donught team even made some Rookie themed donughts! After making their mark on a brick at the cafe (don’t worry it’s a tradition, they asked the team to), everyone headed down to sit on the grass by the river for chit-chat, that afternoon, we trudged down to Rookie photographer: Olivia Bee’s farm- they ‘had a blast’ petting the dogs, goats and horses and Olivia even let them doodle all over her car- there were already some drawings, from past visitors, but of course they made space muahaahahaa. The second day in Portland was lazy, as being awesome pretty much wears you out…the Road Trippers hung around in town to be cultured and eat,eat,eat- then the group went to ‘House of Vintage’- where Tavi literally bought the whole store! And later Petra shot some of her friends for a future U/O lookbook!

-In San Francisco the style was impeccably coooool! You could definately tell who was a Rookie! Readers were treated to nommy yummy homemade ice creams from  Bi-Rite Creamery and the vibes were ‘flower-crown’ Galllloorrreee! After eating, everyone headed to Dolores Park to hang out- there were more than 70 girls and they could barely fit everyone into the group photo! Even some of the writers were there…













Omigod. I wish I could have been there. Petra and Tavi (with help of course) wanted to create a kind of huge sanctuary- they created this amazing cult-like teenage bedroom, full of obsessive memorabilia, shrines and artwork by Petra and The Ardorous and ROOKIE- PLUS little souveniers from readers that they’d picked up along the way. They thought it was really important that the bedroom wasn’t just full of their own crap and was really a collective of all their readers teenage dreams too. There was a straaaanngge and magical feel about the ‘dollhouse’ and  visitors left their signatures in the little treehouse in the window. It was all very creepy and eerie and nostalgic: vinyls lying around, books, picture frames and diaries left splayed open and around, makeup and glitter and stickers and little figurines. It must have been like stepping into a dream bedroom. There was a bed in the middle and a photobooth and all OMIGOD.



And here I am saying all this like I was actually there. Wow this was a pretty mammoth post, I’m probably boring you so I hope this has been kinda informative I guess, but I had to get this off my chest. BLLAHH- I’m so dedicated. LONG LIVE ROOKIE

4 Responses to “Rookie Road Trip….HIGHLIGHTS <3”
  1. Eryn says:

    I’m Canadian JUST SAYING but yeah super fun and awesome photos 🙂 🙂 look at meee all nervous and excited.

  2. Phoebe says:

    Omigosh I got the ROOKIE Yearbook and I’m bouncing off the walls screaming to (literally!) everyone I know about it (AH!). I brought it to school, and my English teacher was all like “Oh Tavi? She’s awesome! I met her a few months ago in New Jersey!” OOOOOOOOOOOO MMMMMMMMMMMMMMYYYYYY GOOOOOOODDDDDDDD!

  3. Gorgeous pics ❤ So full of life

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