Meadham Kirchhoff S/S 13 and angsty musings.

I have been feeling just very slightly lonely and grumpy and pathetic and mildly dismal lately, for no particular reason; which hasn’t been particularly pleasant, so I hope it is merely a phase of angsty ‘just-turned-thirt-teen-syndrome’ or something. It truly is the oddest thing. It’s not like I’m sobbing my eyes out at home. It’s just that everything makes me feel so glum. But I won’t discuss the matter any further. I’ve been curing myself by watching in Marie Antoinette and bathing in self loathing haha no biggie. But it seems all I am capable of at this point in time are those vibe-esque type posts, which is so fustrating. I’m nit willing to do any outfit posts- I feel like staying in pajamas all day or dressing up in some exquisite outfit (which in fact, doesn’t actually exist…)

Anyway…Marie Antoinette (the film) is just gorgeous. The pastel colours, the splendour, the tragedy, the renaissance styling mixed with the fun punk rock sound track. It is full of opposites and was directed by Sofia Coppola who is an absolute genius. I did a post in it here.

And since we’re on the topic of Marie Antoinette, I thought we’d touch on Meadham Kirchhoff’s S/S 13 show. It took me a little time to warm up to this collection- I first thought it was over the top, fru-fru and disappointing, but now I am glad to be able to say I think it’s gorgeous! The thing I must say I just love about Meadham Kirchhoff is that not only do they approach designing in such a fresh and artistic manner, but everything has such an exclusive or personal touch to it- a deeper meaning. At the same time, most things are accessible: their extreme rainbow eyelash sunglasses were in fact pretty cheap and simply dipped in glitter and had fake eylashes glued on by their assistant Daisy, which reminds me of the kind of stuff I do at home. They’re also feminists and love glitter and all that jazz, which is super cute! I love how they just let things sort of come together as a pose to frantically trying to manufacture more and more clothes for collections, you know? It’s like, they just gather up all of this inspiration in the form of photography, textiles, anything really, and then a week before the show start transforming it into fashion- it’s amazing. Mostly, they are always fun AND GEEZZ EVERYTHING IS JUST TO DIEEE FOR ❤

Their Spring-Summer collection continued on with their exploration of womankind and was inspired by 60’s couture, Madame Pompadour and old Dior, to name afew. They wanted it to be intricate, elaborate and decadent, but really refined and classic- almost everything was embroidered. They just wanted to seeeeee and feeeel beauty all around, they wanted to create clothes that women would feel amazing in, that were exquisite and delightful and fantastical.

The catwalk was dotted with little set ups of worn down mirrors, pastel flowers and magnificent cakes, surrounded by the cutest lipsticks and powders, lamps and fruits- it was like a renaissance painting! The girls would take a chunk out of the cake and lick it frivolously as they strolled round the finery. The makeup was supposed to be au natural- rosy cheeked and almost golden. The girls even had crystals on their faces. Like, I’m sorry (not really), but HOW cool is that? It was all very baroque and Marie Antoinette, but terribly frolicking- Nasir (Mazhar) did such a smashing job on the hats! Though my favourite thing in the whole collection was probably the embroidered bras- they were so kitsch (you actually pronounce it kitch, apparently!) BASICALLY THE WHOLE COLLECTION WAS JUST ABSOLUTELY DELICCIOUUUSS ❤

Photos from by Eleanor

3 Responses to “Meadham Kirchhoff S/S 13 and angsty musings.”
  1. Eryn says:

    Gurl, I totally feel you. I’ve also been feeling those exact same feelings. I actually feel like everyone has been feeling those same feelings. Sigh. Whyyyy.

  2. islay says:

    omg this is amaaaazing! The makeup is sososo pretty! MAC should bring a collection out like that!xx

  3. donnawebley says:

    Omg I felt totally the same when I first saw it, I was like “ew ew ew frills so trashy ph me gerd” but yeah it’s cool now.

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