When black cats are seen it’s near halloween…

Here is a playlist of my favorite spooky tunes for halloween with help from my lil sis (above)

It’s halloween: day of the dead, month of the which, basically just an excuse to wear black lipstick. I’m so excited! I think I’m being barbie, but if you can’t think of anything then Taylor-Ruth has loads of babe-worthy ideas here. This year I’m not going trick-or-treating, but I am going to a party so it’s all good- GUIIZZ CALM DOWN. I’m so glad halloween is in the holidays so I can spend the whole day preparing even though no one comes up our street. Here are just some vibe-ish things- I’m really feeling this right now…

(Most Photos from tumblr)


On my 13th birthday I got one of the J.W Anderson notebooks from his collection with TOPSHOP- I guess I just wanted to start a diary because I feel like now is really the right time to start one- I don’t really know, I just felt like it, you know? My handwriting isn’t as neat and lovely as I would’ve wanted it to be but yeah. Oh well- here are my latest entries….

Also, here is a creepy polaroid of me and my little girl gang (Jess, Rosalind and Sorcha), whilst we were just hanging in the forest taking photos and freezing to death- shoot coming up soon, I’m super- excited ahahhahahahaha! It is a bit blown out or something, but it kind of captures the moment well. Month of the witch WHOOOOOOO…

Apart from this half term being pretty crappy/pooey/whatever, I’m particularly perky today. I’m kind of getting my mojo back. But literally- in the past few days I have sat at home being lonely and grumpy and pathetic and miserable and it has been the most horrible gloomy weather and everything has been so uninspiring and bleeugh. I hate it. I can’t wait to just leave and go to Australia this christmas. And this is half term we’re talking about. Like, if I’m this over school now how bad will things be when I actually go back to school?! Whoa, everything is just so annoying, however, I can assure you that this is the last moany post. Happy Angsty October.

What am I gonna do when I can’t blame October for my angst? Dammit.



9 Responses to “When black cats are seen it’s near halloween…”
  1. Abbie says:

    Hi ophelia cool post! Just a question do you know where you can get a good Polaroid camera? I’ve searched and there all like, 80 pounds?! I want my blog to look all vintage and coool aha x

  2. Tess says:

    Ugh I feel you, girl. I’ve gotten myself into such a rut lately and all I do is watch Friends and listen to Taylor Swift. The other day, I only got out of bed to get some Nutella from the co op and I genuinely contemplated going in my pyjamas. I’m sixteen in a week and I’m so scared because shit is starting to get ~serious~ and I wish I could curl up into a ball and preserve myself in a jar or something. Anyway, it was reassuring to hear you feel equally as apathetic and glum and hormonal as me xox

  3. hey i love your blog and this is crazy your posts are awesome read mine maybe? (see what i did there? ;D)

  4. Phoebe says:


  5. Tiki says:

    I love the Brady Bunch!

  6. georgia says:

    i know how you feel. oh, the dilemma’s of being a teenager. do you have family that you’re visiting in australia?

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