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Viktor Vauthier is one of my new favorite photographers. He mainly does fashion portraits and his style is so chic, edgy and flashy but in a kind of simple way, if that makes sense- I think he uses film cameras, but the effect is just so sharp and clear and fun, I really love it! He shoots for one of my favorite brands: Lazy Oaf, but he also does a lot of free-lance work and has photographed Leomie Anderson, Anais Pouillet, Codie Young, Josephine De La Baume and many other totally important icons! He’s shot for ASOS Magazine,  KYUR8, Nasty Gal and Purple Magazine to name afew! Here are some of the favorite snaps…

Photos by Viktor Vauthier 

ALSO, have you seen Azealia Bank’s new videos? I am loving ATLANTIS. It is soooo…what I’d call trashy hipster, but in a good way. Then there’s fierce (show below) -every song has such a swing to it. Azealia banks has so much attitude it’s actually crazy.

Photos from the Topshop Website 

Lastly, I have the hugest girl crush on Hannah Lambert. Just to let you know, I did know about her before Topshop did a feature on her a week or so ago, on their website and blog haha- I spotted her at fashion week and she looked absolutely amazing. I think something her and some other successful bloggers or style icons have in common is that they’re all really good at layering and using different textures for example huge sequins on fur, lurex on knit, cotton on dip-dyed jeans, are you getting me? I love that look. It is so fresh and UGH amazing. The young, bleach-haired Central-Saint-Martins student’s style has been getting her a long way and she’s already Sarah Mower’s assistant and has been featured in just about every important magazine in the history of important magazines, okay? After her viral street style snap by Candice Lake, her (mix of groovy upscaled vintage + totally high end designer + “teen meets courture”) outfits have landed her in VOGUE already. Next season, expect all eyes to be on Hannah.


8 Responses to “Hot right now”
  1. abbielauren says:

    I just love that furry googley eyed purse! Runway DIY need to do a DIY on that! X

  2. Tiki says:

    the music video is so great!

  3. Roubalita says:

    Great photos! Viktor is just amazing!
    Come check my latest article on the Maison Martin Margiela collection

  4. Libby says:

    Viktor has a Terry Richardson kinda vibe going on (hopefully with less sexual exploitation than Richardson though), a bit Juergen Teller-y too. I did this course where we did some studio portraits and all the lighting in this style, and it’s all to do with how close the model is to the wall and the angle of the flash. Way more technical than it looks at first.

    • yeah definately. Sometimes I wonder why Terry Richardson gets so much money for taking practically ‘snaps’ that look like easy portratits, like, in his living room, but it must be a bit more more complicated. I totally get what you’re saying though xx

  5. ahh! love azealia banks song!

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