Fall Vibezzz

At the moment I am feeling a kind of uneasy mix of sad nostalgic and awkwardly perfect vibes. Not that I’ve ever been there, but I am really into that kind of trashy American suburb feeling at the moment. It reminds me of the prettiness of the town in Edward Scissor Hands and the way Tavi talks about L.A, and road trips and lust and everything that I wish I’d experienced kind of. If that makes sense. I made some collages on my computer to just blaaah everything out. I really like doing that. Surrounding myself with all the amazingness which is my tumblr moodboard thing makes me happy. The first one features photos by Petra Collins and is like that ‘Summer Lovin’ kind of vibe which I still haven’t gotten over, the next is a sad depressing collage with Marylin Monroe and the Frank sisters and the last one is about happiness and blah blah blah.

Pictures at the top by Petra Collins

Most of the pictures are off tumblr and I collaged, pasted and put them together with powerpoint…

NOTE. BE EXCITED. My first roll of 600-800 ISO Diana F+ 120mm film came and out of the 12 photos, 8 came out properly exposed and all and I’m so pleased! To be honest, it’s so manual I was just messing around taking abstract shots and trying things out, but I’m already IN LOVE. It’s just so unpredictable and the colours are gorgeously rich. The flash really helps and it is tricky, but I’m super proud of myself. I’d love my own film processer for Christmas. And I’d love a tripod to take shameless selfies or outfit shots.

I have really been feeling pastels lately, because they are so perfect and mostly everything I will never be. I am also feeling very lonely and melancholy and haven’t been writing diary entries because I am too confused and I know it will just fustrate me. I can’t seem to get my act together and everything just seems to be disapeering and all my girl blogger friends seem to be drowning in perfection and here I am just being lonely and stuff. Hopefully when I go to Australia this christmas everything will be shiny and happy and I can’t wait to shoot some clothes for my friend Julia. But right now I am just sitting here waiting for school to end and being a poo. School is also really annoying because it’s that weird age between being a teenager and being, well, not a teenager and everyone is acting all ‘I’m so old’- it’s that kind of moment of truth like when Kate stops being friends with Lizzie and Miranda or when like, you know, that one friend starts to freak. Tense middle school times. Sometimes I wish someone would just make a film about my life: it would be like the tone of Freaks and Geeks, slash Lizzie Mcguire slash like, Jawbreaker except no one dies I just thought I’d through a bit of Rose Mcgowan in there. Whenever someone asks me how school is going I do that kind of Tavi face like eek and everyone’s like oh. I feel like Daria. Plus, I am eating Granola for lunch which is not a good sign.

Anywayz, now I’ve told you my life story, I’ve been fishing around and since this post is kinda on the theme of perfection and pastels and blah blah blah here are some bits that I like.

1. Edward Scissor hands



This kind of unsettling, wrong perfectness reminds me of the perfectness of Louis Vuitton’s last collection with the creepy escalators and models coming down the catwalk in pairs like twins. Everything was symetrical it was so FREAKY. Take a lookie:


And then Prada’s S/S 13 collection too…

2. The Wizard Of Oz



3. Charlie and The Chocolate Factory



4. Bye Bye Birdie 

The whole movie is basically about how Kim McAfee and Hugo Peabody get pinned and everyone’s like OMG GUIZZZ and then quirky little Ursula spreads the word and suddenly this is like totally hot GOSS. Can I just say I love Ursula’s fresh kicks and like totally groovy boyfriend jeans, PLUS I love the way Kim says Mom, it’s so smooth. Also, isn’t it misleading how old Kim looks? And I swear when I turn 16 years old I’m gunna be like some lonely old granny thing, as a pose to, a woman oh dammn. Also, also, I haven’t even watched this movie, it just looks pretty and I’m so confused WHO’S ANN-MARGRET?!?!?



It is weird considering the meaning of ‘inspired’- I guess to me something that inspires me is something that catches my eye or that I think is striking or pretty or gives me an idea or makes me immediately want to create or do something. Apparently inspiration is: ‘the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something’- sounds deep, huh? It just came into my head when Rosalind and ma homies were over and me and I was talking about how I’ve always just kind of followed what other people have been inspired by. Tavi’s always talking about how GHOST WORLD really turned things around for her and how personal everything is to her, but I kind of feel like there’s never been one thing that’s really made it for me, that hasn’t already been snacked upon by someone else, you know? It’s kind of hard to articulate. But anyways, here’s the latest of my junk from tumblr…

Also, during the autumn holidays I got this old comic book from a market. I guess I don’t really read it it’s kind of just something fun to have around my house or something I dunno. I just like those kind of things.


And then, years ago, my ROOKIE yearbook arrived. It’s so amazing it’s actually crazy. Like, so crazy. It has stickers and a crown by the Meadham Kirchhoff boys and even a record. It is full to the brim with awesomeness and I can’t wait to just gobble it all up. Today I was wearing some pink/indigo washed boyfriend jeans from a bootsale, my mum’s furry slippers and my Dad’s SUPER top. I am also sporting a weird head thing. I am too tired to take photos and do the whole uploading shenanigan so you’re just going to have to imagine it. Okay have a nice weekend bye.

10 Responses to “Fall Vibezzz”
  1. ahh i have a sally annual and bunty and stuff!

  2. Found your blog from reading your interview in Company, congrats girl! Can’t believe I’m jealous of a 13 year old’s blog, but seriously this is awesome stuff xx

  3. Tiki says:

    I have magazines like the last comic books that just sit around hahah

  4. luuuucy says:

    love you so much :’) lizzie & daria are my two favourite fictional people ever!

  5. Lucy says:

    I love how you use films as “inspiration” although maybe thats not the quite word. I always think they sum up what fashion Im into at a particular time because they capture the whole lifestyle rather than just the clothes! Like I totally agree, clueless and all the nineties american films are so inspiring because I want to be in them! BASICALLY Im saying, you’re cool, in my eyes for using films in your posts. I love you xo

  6. okay, so this is really awesome.
    You did a great job collecting all those pictures and stuff, i am inspired by most of those too and got some more inspiration now, suburbs are the best, even in Europe just saying.

    (i’m in hurry, but i just wanted you to know that yet another girl read this and got happy :’))

  7. Saw you in company! Great blog! At your age I was writing zines, so it’s really cool you blog!

  8. Helena says:

    your blog is so perfect. Congrats for being the coolest 13 year old out there, I’m 15 and no where near your coolness lol xxxxxx

  9. sydney says:

    awww these photos you took are really good!! i have a camera like that (from my father) but film rolls are too pricey for me

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