Natalia Kaut Studio

So, last month or something along the lines, I had the oppurtunity to visit Russian couture design label: Natalia Kaut. They were so sweet and welcoming and I just had a little look around their studio, chatted and even tried some things on! Here are so photos and a little interveiw with Natalia herself…

So how did you start designing clothes? 

I always loved dressing up and I remember stealing my grandmas fabrics when I was younger- I would often make my own clothes or dresses for my friends! I was a classical pianist at the time, but my friends urged me to start designing…

That’s awesome: I play cello and flute! Where is everything made? Do you have lots of workers? 

No, no, no. Everything is handmade right here in the studio, so I can really watch what’s going on. I live right above here so there is alot of quality control- we don’t even have a PR agency and there are pretty much only 3 people running everything- it takes about one week or 10 days to make one piece: handmade and from all natural materials. We don’t do any laser cutting.

Wow. How did you get noticed? 

Well, last february there was a competition between several upcoming designers at the V & A museum- we won and were awarded a spot at New York and Paris fashion week, that really boosted everything. It was a bit of a rush and in the end we decided not to take the offer, but it was a really great thing to do and we also do alot of collaborations and welcome lots of young bloggers into our studio. You never know who’s going to be the next biggest editor, right?

Sure! What inspires your work?

Oh, lots of things. Everything around me: travelling, mosaics, buildings and combinations of colours I see around. More specifically the church across the road: the detailing in the stained glass window is incredible and the suede twirly designs on the tulle jackets are inspired by that.

Where is your favorite place in the world? What can you see your self doing in the future? 

Definately Vienna for the beautiful architecure and Paris is amazing. But I also love London- we are so lucky to be here! In  the future…I guess designing interiors or furniture because I am so influenced by architecture, though I really enjoy making accesories so maybe I could focus more on that.

Mmm yes I can see you doing some sort of house ware. How would you describe the ‘Natalia Kaut’ girl? Or her style? And who would you like to see wearing your clothes? 

Modern, structered, brave and cool, but it really depends on how you style things. See, I can wear this neoprene dress with some simple heels and a clutch or I can dress it down with a blazer. However, I would say everything is very feminine-chic, but powerful aswell- I’d love for Kiera Knightly or Susie Bubble to wear something of ours!

Yes, I saw Rita Ora wearing a fluffy red laced mini dress, but I can imagine Kiera wearing one of the more floaty pieces and Susie wearing the more daring colorful dresses. You mentioned neoprene, what is it that you like so much about it?

It’s just so accesible, easy and FUN! Whether you’re curvy or flat it looks great on everyone- it’s easy to style and comes in so many bright colours. It’s my newest project. I am constantly coming up with new ideas.

8 Responses to “Natalia Kaut Studio”
  1. thecoolcustomer says:

    Its like Lazy Oaf gone couture! 😀

  2. lucy says:

    you’re so lucky! all of the clothes are so beautiful!

  3. wow! Lucky you!
    Such a great opportunity, I’m verrrrrrrrrry jealous right now! 🙂
    Grace X

  4. Oooo…what fabulous designs. I’m coveting one of those clutches.

  5. rayneamour says:

    Those are really great designs. Wish I could’ve been there. xD

  6. Melissa says:

    Wow, I love these designs. Really incredible.

    ❤ Melissa

  7. netiacomps says:

    oh my god, your sooo lucky!!! You must’ve kived it! Amazing desgns!

  8. ella says:

    wow that’s a great opportunity! your so luck!

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