vibezzz ‘n’ shiz part 1

Hiya laideeez. Bleh. School. Lyfe. Tings.


My kind of inspiration for this season or whatever seems kinda out of place since it’s coming up to “Spring” and I’m supposed to be all happy and joyful and ‘florals’ and shtuff, but I just spent my ‘winter’ in Australia, where it was infact summer, so I guess I’m still catching up. My main inspiration right now has probably been the design from the movie Dark Shadows by Tim Burton. I haven’t actually watched (all of) it- I watched just the first bit on the plane back to London, but I fell asleep. I loved the clothes- what particularly caught my eye was Victoria Winter’s clothes at the start of the movie, when she arrives. Actually, I just altogether love the way it was filmed: eerie, gloomy and very kitsch- but I do particuarly like her dress code: peter pan collars, pinafore dresses and aline style coats. Victoria as a character is very refined, classic and sophisticated in a very simple way- I loved her perfect bob cut and fringe, her clear facial shape, fair skin and sharp eyes. Though she seems slightly mysterious she is kind of that perfect nanny character. The second character that I really like is Carolyn Collins Stoddard. From her first appearence she immediately establishes herself as such a badass character. I mean, come on, this Chloe Grace Moretz we’re talking about. She is so moody, which I love and she does the greatest kind of mehhh bitchface EVER. Literally. She too dresses well: tighter clothes, more edgy, with knee high boots and chokers and things- her look is very seventies, with a color palette of maroons, musty browns and ochres, those kind of earthy colours, which I’m really into this month. She also has a really rad room (I’ll be talking more about rooms, decorating and HOME later on)- I think I spied a David Bowie poster so A++++ Carolyn…… Also, methinks there were afew more ‘Dark Shadows’ movies before this most recent one see above.


tumblr_mf8w6k3W1C1rs9vkfo3_250  tumblr_mf8w6k3W1C1rs9vkfo1_r2_250 Carolyn-tim-burtons-dark-shadows-32283680-1024-768

dark-shadows-img10   Victoria-Winters-tim-burtons-dark-shadows-32283640-702-768.png Darkshadows_dontthrowballs_hd

My next inspiration is Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom. I watched it like 2 months ago or whatever, but I just felllllllllll in love with it it. It’s so dreamy, expressive and totally kitsch. I think that’s probably todays word. *KIND OF SPOILER ALERT!* It tells the story of an equally troubled 12-year-old boy (Sam Shakusky) and girl (Susie Bishop) who decide to leave behind their lives and run away together into the ‘wilderness’ of their island in 1965. Of course they are soon found out and the authorites, as well as the determined and vengeful khaki scouts try to hunt them down, but as terrible storm delays their success the story follows the escape of the idealistic young lovers and their very sort of awkward and pernickety type story. The 60’s styling, moody french music, frowns and retro style cobalt blue, lemon yellow and grey color palette make it just utter perfection. But lets talk about Suzy. THIS GYAL. Her cutsie aline dresses, with the wide sailor-style peter pan collars, her hair pinned back, her knee-high socks, little pixie nose and emerald eye shadow. SADDLE SHOES, BINOCULARS, PORTABLE RECORD PLAYERS, HER NAME IS SUZY, PEOPLE, HER NAME IS SUZY. The colours are like just a tiny bit toned down technicolor, but then like a tiny bit toned up from pastel in a more earthy way. You can see all the 60’s accents and Wes touches. I love it. Ah, young love.

6700147931_3fa1af0264_z6700144273_a12e9b677d_z 6700145327_78f4f6c0e1_z 6700143553_116f640edd_z 6700143879_16585e9602_z 6700146595_0cbe6359e8_z 6700144595_df25826fec_z 6700143307_1323c7fa0c_z 6700142077_595477d12c_z 6700145709_3de7b489ab_z 6700144813_60592bebe8_z

When I was in Australia there was this night where I was really tired so me and my sisters just sat in a dimly lit room doing some drawings. There was this cat mask and I was bored so I put it on and drew a portrait of myself in the mirror. I quite like it to be honest. Above it reads: I WANNA BE A WES ANDERSON GIRL. I guess I sort of associate Wes Anderson with mysterious, animal like girls characters such as Suzy as a bird when her and Sam first meet, hence the mouse mask. But UGH WHY IS THIS UPWISDE DOWN MY LIFE IS A LIE.


Twin Peaks is another inspiration. Audrey Horne and her kind of “poised eyebrows: I-know-some-thing-but-I-can’t-tell-you-I’m-hiding-something-hmmm?” face is always a go to…And although Twin Peaks has many secrets blah blah, I like the cosi-ness of the Oaky tint of everything: again mustard yellows and brown-ish-red colors- dammit, why does my inspiration always revolve around pooey colors 😦 But mostly that kind of gloomy meeeeeep vibe, quite tentative too. I love the baroque-ish style wallpaper in the second photo below. It reminds me of this skirt of Tavi’s and this old sofa in my Uncle’s house (see 3rd and 4th below…) Underneath that are some more vibesy things I’ve picked up, mostly from Tavi’s blog and some Mad Men references there too. Lastly there’s birdy. I love her cover of Skinny Love it’s so full of such fragile beauty and her voice is literally like a feather floating in the wind. Plus she needn’t be, but she’s ever-so humble and she is just the sweetest. So today, because I was bored and procrastinating from packing and stuff- I decided I’d just film myself singing abit. I didn’t prepare the song at all and just did it off some kareoke thing on youtube so the words are abit dodgy and I don’t actually know the real notes. Also I am aware that my nostrils flare up like a dinasour when I sing lol. Also, also I’m also not saying I’m amazing at singing or anything I just wanted to share dat cool tooooon (see above for my majestic skillz!!!!!)

twin peaks PDVD_010 Audrey-Horne-twin-peaks-17264948-660-445

6804015423_bd468b3db5_o DSC_0429

6800066225_e33a21b60d_o 6884139499_8d55bbf128_z 6884122613_56a808bab0_z 6884130481_2411ce7816_z 6884138377_2f87a4634d_z 6884140559_c0326af5a6_z 6503016211_829cbe7dd2_o132497585617-700x289

 1356899474sunday-dec-16-2012-700x218 1356899466sat-december-1-2012--700x194




15 Responses to “vibezzz ‘n’ shiz part 1”
  1. rebeccaryanfashion says:

    you should really watch the rest of the film… not going to reveal too much, but the styles only get better! 🙂

  2. Abbie says:

    Omg you are really good at singing! Do more covers! I love singing but I sound like a drowning cat/ random animal lol! Hope you had a nice time in Austrailia 🙂

  3. Olive says:

    “…refined, classic and sophisticated in a very simple way- I loved her perfect bob cut and fringe, her clear facial shape, fair skin and sharp eyes.”
    Why do you see fair skin as a sign of being refined, classic and sophisticated?

    • I don’t and I’m sorry if it came across that way: I was reffering to her sense of style as ‘refined, classic and sophisticated in a very simple way’ not her race. I’ll watch that.

  4. kezdaqueen says:

    (sorry for the fact that it’s in caps but I’m just took darn happy)

  5. Daisy says:

    Do you keep a fashion art journal?

  6. cottoncandycouture says:

    you are such an inspiration x x x

  7. Caterina says:

    I moved to australia from scotland a while back, and read an article on you in a Dolly mag. Its pretty cool that you’re doing this. very inspiringxxx

  8. MoyaSoya says:

    OMG You are a great singer! You should post videos of you singing more often! xx

  9. katie x says:

    you really are such a good writer!xoxox

  10. Ellieee, says:

    skinny loveeee, yesssssssss, love it 😉 oh and i know your not one of those types that want others to be like ‘arwwwww your amazing, arwwww you should sing more!’ but seriously, you should. ;D ❤ and that fashion/artyy diary thing was booootiful, it seriously makes me want to do one, but like you, i just don't have the time 😦

  11. Bianca says:

    Love the photos these are amazing (:

  12. web hosting says:

    Superb post! We will probably be linking to this great post on our website. Keep up the great writing.

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