“Do I really have to put pants on”

Ugh we have so much to talk about we need to catch up, but there’s just little time and too much to say. And in every spare moment I feel the need to rest or enjoy myself filling my brain up with pretty things from tumblr. But I’m alive. Gah I can’t wait for half term so I literally spend every day blogging. Sorry for the bummyness.

From your faithful Ophelia.

8 Responses to “gah.”
  1. lucy says:

    aw i love you :’)

  2. amie says:

    hi your blogs amazin!!!!

  3. carrie says:

    its funny since i always feel exactly the same.. oh life xo

  4. elizabethcrawford says:

    waiting for half-term too:/ it’s been snowing at my house:o

  5. Keziah Truman says:

    ahahaha you’re anmazing!
    and i have a few questions as ive only just started my blog- when you make a new post, how do you feature one of the images on your home page?
    and also, how do you add new menus (e.g. contact me, about etc) 🙂

  6. mayathapapaya says:


  7. i’m literally addicted to tumblr and it’s prettyness, help

    it’s just so goddamn cool D’:

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