cool tings (that post where I tell you what I’m obbsessing over at the moment)

Featured Image: queen Maya herself, by Laura-Lynn Petrick

Hoi. Although I said blogging is going to be back to normal in January, well I am going to be super particularly busy because of school and personal reasons and stress and all that jazz, so things are going to be well as normal as possible. But things have been, like super wierd. Everything seems to be moving so slowly at the moment. School, is obviously, school. Teachers are obviously, teachers. And, students are obviously, the same I guess. It’s just so cold here and I haven’t adjusted yet. My leg really hurts from sitting on it whilst at the computer for hours. And my head really hurts from overload of things disturbing the orbit of thoughts around my tiny little mind. I fell asleep in my school uniform last night, which is kind of random, but seems relevant in my mind, for some reason. I mean I should be excited ’cause I have so much coming up, but I’m just so tired of everything meh, maybe I just need a push off. I thought it’s really time I do a sort of fashion or educated type post as a pose to random vibeezz, I’m feeling really dressy though so hopefully I can get some outfit photos done too.

So one of my latest favorite photographers is Maya Fuhr. I think I featured her and Camille Brunet’s website MSG & ME in a post, but lately I’ve been loving all her photos- she really captures the moment so perfectly, all her photos are so dreamy surreal in image, but real at the same time, just gah she is so good. All photos below by Maya…

20739_315220313758_2215461_n 250227_10150198269743759_3358694_n 205930_10150264826218759_1155086_n 250227_10150198269748759_6730235_n 262660_10150217775283759_1716488_n 282567_10150254185978759_5749219_n 417505_10150573396833759_1271519180_n 318049_10150918957778759_962005110_n 424069_10150631976033759_69741653_n 252671_10150933343343759_465553538_n 295993_10151070163403759_209686541_n 308080_10151114742618759_1696466837_n 599506_10150918941913759_1137223763_n

Being a judgmental half-English tourist, Australia has always been pretty dead to me when it comes to fashion- it’s kinda gaudy on the outside you just have to find the hidden gems, there are some really cool places. Perth has always been the closest to that whole kind of american, wilderness, summer lovin’ ideal of mine. I love Australia, in some areas it’s kind of tacky, in a really tacky way, but I really like that. I love all the urban deco bungalo houses and low trees and I love the bleakness and warmth of the atmosphere before the sun goes down. I love suburbs, they’re the best. But anyway, one day I was bored to bits and my dadda said he’d take me to Leederville, a trendy lil village type thing not far from where we were staying: there were loadsa shops on this one street called ‘Oxford Street’- perhaps the fashion capital of Perth hmmmm? So anyway we strolled along trendy cafes and tings and found this AWESOME FAB RAD boutique called Atlas Devine– it had loads of awesome clothes from Australian designers as well as several English babes such as Henry Holland etc etc etc. Anyway, what I wanted to talk about was a super-cool brand called Romance was born. They’re a pair: Anna and Luke- they met at fashion school and were offered an internship with Galliano, but turned it down because they wanted to start their own brand. They ususally use Australian cartoonist designs for their prints and in their last collection, (which is totally Meadham Kirchhoff SLASH Louise Gray) they collaborated with Marvel which was gah amazing. I think quite afew famous guys and gyals have worn their stuff: Kate Blanchett (should I know who she is?) is a fan, but their big thing is their really theatrical shows, which I really admire. Below are some photos by me from the shop…

DSC_0059 DSC_0064 DSC_0071 DSC_0065 DSC_0081 DSC_0090 DSC_0101 DSC_0107 DSC_0111 DSC_0120

I also wanted to do a sort of Meadham Kirchhoff round up thing, I dunno what this section is really- they just did alot of collabs around Christmas which I thought should be acknoledged. They did an arty wrapping paper collaboration with Farfetch and then these absolutely gorgeous handpainted leather jackets for NET-A-PORTER, which were simply glorious. And then there’s the amazon jumper collaboration for about only £70, WHY do I not already have one on me right now, that is the question. All of the photos below (except for the amazon jumper ones) are nipped from Susie’s blog, so credzz to her haha!

81vOYGW2smL._SL1500_ 81Xd2kaOY8L._SL1500_ 814C+C5ZnUL._SL1500_ 81FDTIv4pjL._SL1500_

6a00e5508e95a98833017d3d508467970c-700wi 6a00e5508e95a98833017d3d5084ec970c-700wi 6a00e5508e95a98833017ee4c60019970d-700wi 6a00e5508e95a98833017ee4c6020c970d-700wi 6a00e5508e95a98833017c3321eced970b-700wi 6a00e5508e95a98833017c3321ed7f970b-700wi 6a00e5508e95a98833017c3321e9da970b-700wi6a00e5508e95a98833017d3e12d53b970c-700wi-1 6a00e5508e95a98833017ee587b5b7970d-700wi 6a00e5508e95a98833017c33e42588970b-700wi

Juergan Teller is like a legend of photography. His photos seem really angsty and , moody and at the same kind of flashy. They’re so theatricaly and AT THE SAME TIME casually beautiful, oh the contradiction. He’s also photographed some cool dudes like Dakota and Elle Fanning yayaya and super babe Edie Campbell. Check him out.

5 hannah-holman-daisy-marc-jacobs-juergen-teller juergen-teller-marc-jacobs-advertising-1998-2009-04-432x540 marc-jacobs-ss-2012-by-juergen-teller marcbymarc_7_frockwriter tumblr_m6azj3lqwu1qiawh2o1_500 tumblr_ly21kjxw7K1qemptgo1_500 Chloe-Sevigny-Miu-Miu-campagn-1996-juergen-teller l-2BnKw9XvIXV4YaAk  marc-jacobs-daisy-fragrance-sophie-srej-frida-gustavsson-by-juergen-teller

OKAY, Arrow De Wilde is just the ultimate godess. I follow her on instagram and she follows my good friend Hollie ugh blah shmeh. And everything she posts is just the dreamiest omg just oh MY GOD she is the biggest babe. She and her friend run a blog called The Sunday Sisters– she did an editorial on ROOKIE and is about Tavi’s age and yes is the daughter of Autumn. She is just the coolest, no question- PLEASE JUST BE MY BEST FRIEND ALREADY OMGZ. Photos below from Arrow’s blog…

tumblr_m3mwwyoNeo1rr562eo1_500 tumblr_m5frtuwCRA1rr562eo1_500 tumblr_m39ngalwsx1rr562eo1_500 tumblr_m7ad9aFtJI1rr562eo1_500 tumblr_m0nisrL82t1rr562eo1_500 tumblr_m1kptvTJgB1rr562eo1_500 tumblr_m5fry0nP151rr562eo1_500 tumblr_mgybcsZsEq1rr562eo1_500 tumblr_m6xi14qxSp1rr562eo1_500 tumblr_m7ad8xcGnr1rr562eo1_500

Then, lastly I wanted to show you M.A.C’s their latest collaboration for 2013 with the super-cute cartoon ‘Archie’s Girls’- there are products for both the Veronica character (most of which use bright or rich colours) and products for the Betty character (most of which use pale pinks and peaches)- the collection seems great and the packaging is just perfect. It’s sososososoos retro- I can imagine using one of those Veronica matte lipsticks and doing my best Wanda Woodward pout in the mirror. Classic.

MAC-Archies-Girls-Brush-Kit-1 MAC-Archies-Girls-Betty-Lipglass MAC-Archie-Veronica-Lipsticks-1 MAC-Flatter-Me-Pearlmatte-Face-Powder-packaging MAC-Archie-Veronica-Lipsticks-2 MAC-Archie-Opulash-Mascara MAC-Archies-Girls-Betty-Lipsticks-1 MAC-Archies-Girls-Betty-Lipsticks-2 MAC-Feelin-So-Good-Mall-Madness-Strawberry-Malt-1 MAC-Archie-Young-Hearts-Mirror MAC-Cream-Soda-Powder-Blush-1 mac-prom-princess-powder-blush-closed mac-archies-girls-eye-shadow-x4-packaging MAC-Black-Poodle-Magic-Spells-Pigment-1 MAC-Cheers-My-Dear-Lucky-In-Love-Pigment-1

10 Responses to “cool tings (that post where I tell you what I’m obbsessing over at the moment)”
  1. Ibe says:

    Ophelia! Love this post! Romance was born is one of my fave brands. Ugh the asos colab is so great, i wish i bought a sweater. Also i am totally going to buy that purple veronica lipstick. Oh and Arrow is Autumn’s daughter (not her sister. Just wanted to let you know). ❤ ❤ ibe (so excited for this summer!)

  2. katie says:

    just out of curiosity, what camera do you have? your photos are to a really high standard and i was just wondering as i need a new camera myself, thanks!x

  3. Sydney says:

    Check out my blog at

  4. Claire says:

    Thanks for sharing! Those are all amazing pictures. I love your blog and taking inspiration from you, especially since I’m 14. I haven’t found very many bloggers to follow around our age. Let me know if you have any reccomendations! 🙂

  5. Millie says:

    Only just found your blog and I a glad I did because I am addicted to the awesomeness of it! Oh and I love the post, awesome comic dresses they are so cool! Oh and please check out my blog? Only just getting started!

  6. I’m glad i stumbled upon your blog because it’s awesome, the one thing i loved the most is the comic dress!

  7. i love your blogs , and those picture from this article are awsome…Thanks for sharing! purple veronica lipstick is magic , i kind of in to buy this

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