say whaaaaa

Can we please just take a minute to appreciate this babe Azealia and how legendary her music videos are. Seriously. From the iconic missy elliot/lil kim/mia/estelle style 1991 video combined with the ‘voguing’ and sophisticated french touches, to the trashy kawaii video for Atlantis, everything’s so great. Then there’s the Lana Del Ray, but edgy Azealia-style Liquorice video (personally one of my favorite raps!) I really like one of her earliest videos: L8ER too.

Also, just wanna say, I’m not one of those naive people who think that their idols (not that Azealia Banks is my idol) are perfect.  I am aware of some of the issues that have come up lately with the whole homophobic palava and twitter abusive wars and crap between Perez Hilton and Angel Haze and her, I still kinda like her music though, but don’t support any of that shit she said. She used the phrase/interpreted as an insult: “messy faggot” to describe apparently ‘someone who acts like a female’- (I understand that surely this is, like, putting women down right? Also dissapointing since practically the whole media assume this: ‘being told he acts like a woman’ is an insult yay) I’m not gunna hold a grudge against her (being bisexual herself)- because she said some bullshit, though I understand the implications of her actions. You should read this if you’re interested:

3 Responses to “say whaaaaa”
  1. MoyaSoya says:

    She is so cool! Thanks for introducing us Ophelia! xoxo

    Maya 🙂

  2. thecoolcustomer says:

    I have such a blatant girl crush on Azelia Banks. I love your blog and have been reading it for a while…I’m looking forward working with you and the others to Outsider!

  3. arslan says:

    wow, you have an amazing collection of photos and videos

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