I thought I’d put a very frivolous post title, because I’m not really feeling frivolous at all. Things have been super iffy lately. Like, my blogging is so inconsistent and my blogs aren’t from happy to sad, they’re like: happy, sad, POOP, sad, meh etc etc etc. But such is life I guess. Certain monumental events in my life have made things kinda melancholy lately. Things have really changed perspective in my mind and everything seems pretty superficial and pathetic most of the time. I have been listening to Lana Del Ray’s born to die and thinking about the lyrics:

Don’t make me sad, don’t make me cry

Sometimes love is not enough 

And the road gets tough, I don’t know why

Keep making me laugh, lets go get high 

Cause you and I, we were born to die

Death is abit of a tricky thing. Sometimes you think you’ve clocked it, but you never really have. It sucks, but at the same time it is sort of morbidly fascinating. Death is so close every moment of everyday. My Dad was telling how when he was only 8 years old, he had to take the bus to school on his own. He told me how (in Australia where he grew up) there used to big a huge six lane freeway- he used to stand right on the edge of the curb and just tip his toes over the edge, swinging back and forward. Three inches away is death, just grinning, lending a hand, beckoning you in. Three inches out and you’re dead. How crazy is that? Death is like a door, it’s sort of the easy way out. But subconsciously, every day, I wake up and make the hardest desicion of my life. I choose to live. We always forget about little things like that. I know it’s kinda cheesy, but I’ve been feeling very thoughtful lately, like our friend Joey. Anyway, lets not get all caught up in my depressing befuddlement.

tumblr_lwqub1wdCj1r8vo7wo1_5001 Photo on 2013-02-12 at 20.03 #3

forgive me, for it is a school night

Anyway, basically to fill you guys in: I am contributing to a magazine/online zine called the PULP magazine opening 1st March, I am also contributing to a magazine called Outsider founded by Eva (bikini kill jacket babe) and Dayzee starting in April, I may also be contributing to a magazine called Dalliance magazine and I also may be contributing to a feminist collective called ‘The Wandering’ by Eva again. Right now I am very busy with homework, House Drama and London Fashion Week, but hark, half term is on the horizon meaning relaxing (lol as if) and meeting up with ma girl gang and also being frantic and sleeping and stuff like that. Lately I have been internet meeting lots of people because of all these magazine shenanigans, so let me introduce you to afew of my new friendilahlahs…

Rachel of Toby Knows, who takes amazing photos generally and is just the ultimate mega cool-person-atron and then there’s Isobel Whalley Payne, who also takes crazy amazing photos (is friends with Rachel of course) and helps to run a website called Felix and Florrie: a teenster magazine for boys and girls which you should totally check out duh- their latest post is particularly splendid. More talking to Isobel later, but here are afew of her (last photo set thing) and Rachels (first three) photos gah:

IMG_0008 IMG_0012 IMG


Also, one of like my favorite blogger/photographers/general legends is Arrow De Wilde, has anyone else seen her super cute feature in Keaton Henson’s preview video on ROOKIE- ‘Lying to you’- it is LIKE the definition of perfection. LITERALLY PEOPLE LITERALLY. Here it is: (if the embedded video doesn’t work click on HERE, before duh)…

Also check out Chloe Sevigny’s latest riot/protest inspired collection for Opening Ceremony it’s really awesome of course, I love you Chloe ❤

Sorry for such an average post, meh, seeyahsssssss xo

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  1. Hey, I love your blog, please could you check mine out

  2. lauracasas23 says:

    very interesting blog !!!

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