<3 Julia Thompson <3

Julia Thompson herself, featuring illustrator Nikola Vukovic…

Julia Thompson approached me (nearly, like, I dunno) about 9 months ago. She mentioned doing some sort of collaborative project and we decided I’d shoot her new collection of J.Morrison Designs clothes on my trip to Australia, during Winter break. I arrived and the clothes were waiting for me- of course the vibe was perfect: suburban, dreamy, sunny; except, I took the risk of using a 60 year old film camera (belonging to my late grandad) to shoot with, and without reading any instructions. Of course my Dad inspected and it looked in mint condition, but we managed to miss the miniture script, explaining that you had to cut off the first 4 inches of the film before loading, so I guess that kind of failed. When I got back, I decided I’d shoot the clothes, with afew friends instead: we got all dressed up and I used my Nikon D3100 for most of the photos and then another old (lomo 120 film) box camera that used to belong to my Dad- it came out beautiful, the film was grainy and rich in color. After they were done, I collaged them together, using powerpoint (soooo profesh, duh) and I have been hogging Julia’s clothes for ages ever since. You may have seen me wearing the flower-embellished dungarees around, and I even wore the flowery cut-off shorts in an editorial for a Norweigan magazine feature called D2 (yet to come out)- it makes me so depressed to have to send them all the way back to Toronto aghhhhh. It’s been a really fun collab, so I hope you like the outcome and check out Julia’s website SUPPORT HER etc etc etc xoxoxoxxooxxoxoxoxoxo

P.S a continuation of this collaboration (using gifs!!!!!!!!!) may feature on the PULP Zine (which I am contributing to) once it opens in April…(I think)

Thankyou to Izzie, Rocio and Amelia for modelling. 





Backround photos from tumblr.  



All photos and collages above by me, Ophelia, unless specified…

Julia Thompson is 16 years old and lives in Toronto. She’s been crafting since she was a wee babe, loves sewing, making and all aspects of fashion. She ‘loves watching her designs come together’ and photographs, designs and styles all her photoshoots and lookbooks (so far…) She has interned for designer Adrian Wu and at Toronto Fashion Week for 2 years now and has been interviewed by several different bloggers, magazines, etc. She’s a total babe and is inspired by Tavi Gevinson, Petra Collins, Jobin and Diana who were facilitators on her recent service trip to Kenya and young fashion designers around the world inspire her to pursue her dreams. 

Check out her super fab new website here.

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 Photos by Julia, from her latest collection.


How did you start desiging? Have you always wanted to design? 

Well my grandmother Pat was always into creating stuff and clothing was one of those things. When I was about 9 years old she taught me how to sew, and I love to create stuff too, so I guess I just figured it out from there! Ever since then, ya I’ve always wanted to design!

What influences your designs? Where do you get your materials and favorite vintage shops? I hear there is some amazing thrift in Toronto? 

You know when you’re watching a movie or a TV show and you wish you owned all the clothing in it but you know you cant? I am a huge TV/ movie watcher especially 80s shows; those are the kind of sets and themes I get inspired by. The 80’s. Since I re- vamp vintage I get a lot of inspiration from the vintage and then envision the rest from some of my favourite shows like Freaks and Geeks and Pretty in Pink! Also from places and people I see on the street or travelling! I also sew some stuff from scratch a lot to, and I love designing stuff from scratch as I have so much freedom and can almost make clothing come to life. There are amazing thrift shops in Toronto which help a lot because there cheap too!


Photo from a collaboration with illustrator Brie Moreno.

What would you say your style is as a designing? You mentioned up-scaling vintage…Do you do alot of embellishment? 

Each season my style tends to grow and stem from a different direction. Last spring my collection from scratch was inspired by youth and staying true to yourself – your childhood. This fall it was more about punk and inspired by aliens, studs, black lipstick and cool things I find on peoples tumblrs every day! I love trying new stuff especially with vintage, I re – vamp a lot with vintage! I add things like studs, lace, pearls, flowers, sparkles, sequins, bedazzles, patches, embroidery, and so much more!!

Are you interested in just design? Or photography too? Who are your role models? What do you hope to do in the future? 

Actually just last year I realized how much I love photography as well, when I started to shoot my own stuff and play with Photoshop and different vintage cameras (Pentax ME- super, and my 600 Polaroid)! I realized how much fin photography can be as well, and I was opened up to a whole new world!! In general some role models in my life are people who are young and doing what they love no matter what, even if its crazy! Like Tavi Gevinson and Adrian Wu –  a Toronto Designer – very young and successful, who I had the chance to intern with all year! Another huge role model in my life is my grandmother who I mentioned above!


Photos by Julia of her new bathing suit collection.

What inspires you? If you want to pursue photography as a career, who would you love to shoot? 

Travelling; I love to travel and see the world! Going to different places and seeing the colours, textures, scenary, people can inspire me for fashion and photography! I went to Belize in Central America right before I really started to create my own line and that trip really helped me find some inspirations and ideas! I love shooting people im close to and know well for photography and find that I shoot people I know best, best. I shoot my sister a lot and have never took better pictures in my life. But if I could shoot anyone in the world it would probably be Gwen Stefani, because I love her interesting look, style, and attitude!!!

If you’d like to get in touch with Julia for a collaboration or for any other reason, just email her at: jmorrisondesigns@gmail.com or her interns: 






10 Responses to “<3 Julia Thompson <3”
  1. rociowalmsley says:

    omg i look so goood 😉 😉 joke i love you you’re amazing xxx

  2. These photos are amazing! xx

  3. Wow Ophelia! I love the photos.
    The collection is just stunning, and your friends wear the clothes beautifully! On numerous occasions, I’ve asked my friends to do a spot of modelling for me! ahahaha! It’s so much easier to take photos with the people you know 🙂
    Grace X

  4. Eryn says:

    Amazing photos, Ophelia! She’s awesome and your collaboration is fantastic.

  5. sugarmilz says:

    Wow amazing and cool photos!!! Rocio good job!


  6. lollclarke says:

    Photos look beautiful, I’m sure I’ve commented this before, but I can’t get over how professional they are. Well done you and your lovely models;)

  7. Happy Blog Birthday 🙂

  8. kittytotty says:

    where can I buy her bathing suits?

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