Well we haven’t spoken in a while.

A compilation (by me) of photos by Venitia Scott, model: Lindsay Wixon

Heyyyyyyyyyyaahhhhhh. Heyyaaaaahhahahahahahaha. Alright, alright. Watspannen wichu guiz? I have been pretty busy. Year eight has been boring, tiring and sarcastic lately. I have had lots of homework and not got much done, but friend-wise some cool tings have been going down. I think I am getting back into my hipsta-gangsta-slang-self…fam. My most used word at the moment has got to be “hollllllaaaa”-  half spoken, half sung, of course. And my most worn items of clothing have been my amazing rainbow tie-dye crop top gifted to me by cow vintage, my good old denim washed boyfriend jeans, (which I got for a fiver from Dalston) and these crazy awesome patent chelsea boots from TOPSHOP, which are the easiest and comfiest option. I am sorry for a huge lack of posts, or more specifically outfit posts lately. It’s just they take more effort and I am a smelly poop and I need to get a tripod. Magazine wise, I was featured in three magazines over christmas (DOLLY, Sunday Times Style bargain issue thing and COMPANY magazine) and the Sunday Times Style featured me again this month in an OPI’S World page spread in their big style edit ahhhhh, which was totally awesome!!! ! ! !!  Below you can see the company feature (with Carrie of Wish, Wish, Wish) and the two features in the Sunday Times Style (-the second one has doodles which I did heheh)…The Sunday Times style have been super supportive in all these features and in taking me to LFW so thanks a bunch and I hope we can collaborate again in the near future. Look out for me in a Norweigan magazine called D2, soonish. I guess this is a big ‘lately’ type post. You can pick through the bits you’re interested in…

I was also featured in The Evening Standard and dubbed as the 4th most successful kid in London, I am bewildered and surprised- see it here.

Scan 8 Scan 1 481240_345255012250466_712246596_n

Other important stuff that’s happened lately is obviiiiiiii international Womans day woohoo- I spent mine adding commas into wierd sentences about people having ten fingers on each hand, shaking salt and water together, melting plastic and doing the wrong excersize in maths, yay for school. Then the next thing is my blog is now my own domain #HOLLA, basically meaning I now have more space, I’m http://www.opheliahorton.com (as a pose to having that pooey .wordpress in the middle) and I can post my own videos without having to embed them! And then there’s Mothering day today, so happy mums day, mum. I hope you’re not too stressed wiv ur cray-cray lyfe. Here are some scans from my diary and other various tingz:

1. Doodles in my diary.

2. The first scan is my “HEY CRAZY” Louise Gray A/W 13 show invite, with a walk to school rubber, some paints, a postcard from the Leichenstein exhibition, a negative of my Dad and my seat number from when I was front row at Clements Ribeiro at LFW- it coincidentally is my age.

3. my diary and collages.

4. the cover of my diary and a dog rubber.

5. Photo strips of me and Maddie and friends posing, a ghost world inspired doodle form class, a carebear piece and a polaroid of my 13th birthday party.

6. Doodles of my outfits at the last LFW.

7. My oyster card, brooches/badges/pins, a rough trade photo with Ella Bee and Maddie and a new book about March Jacobs.

Scan 5

Scan 1 Scan 2  Scan 6  Scan 7 Scan 3  Scan

Here comes the ALL GOOD THINGS COME IN THREES BIT. So have picked my three favorite: artists or photographers, models of the moment, upcoming movies, and cool tunez.

Artists. I seldom have time to spend a relaxing Sunday afternoon at a gallery or show or something, but admist all the hustle and bustle of fashion week, I did manage to stop off at the press viewing of the new Roy Lichenstein exhibiton at the TATE Modern. It was a mix of perfectly structured paintings, sculptures and prints, it was fun and comical and stylish. I loved being surrounded by all this crazy color and the best bit was that everything perfectly coincided with my banana-polka dot print dress. It was great and I would totez recommend it! #Lichtenstein -NOTE: I was allowed to take these photos because of a press pass and I am allowed to post them online, because it has been approved by the coordinators/PRs/whoever. Please do not use them for commercial purposes or even use them anywhere else (i.e your blog)- or I will poop on you 🙂 Thankyou, that is all.

DSC_0310  DSC_0319

DSC_0323 DSC_0313DSC_0314 DSC_0318

The second cool person I am going to be talking about is Juergan Teller. I think I’ve already talked about his awesomeness, but basically, I love his photos. He has the coolest daughter, Lola and has photographed (like) everyone in the history of coolness. I visited his ‘Woo’ exhibition at the ICA (see here for more) during half term and it was lush. As soon as you walked in there was Dame Viv, as bare as a baby’s bottom…if you could say that? As you walk along you see snaps from a forest, with quotes underneath explaining or narrating each photo, as if you’re there. In the next bit there’s rooms full of huge prints of his work on the walls: a trademark marc Jacobs print, and other selections from his more commercial phases. My favorite room was like a cramped little box. The walls were completely covered with his photos: the flashy, edgy, reality, grunge feel really comes out- it was a mix of editorials, portraits, comissions and family photos. Everything was diva and glam and stuff. One of the photos was of his daughter Lola in a pond on her 14th birthday (I think)- she’s dripping wet with a pensive expression. Below it explains their conversation. Juergan Teller sounds like a cool dude, I’d love to meet him.

I don’t have any photos form the actual exhibiton…(it’s a mystery) but here are the photos from the journey with Theo and Amelia.

DSC_0589 DSC_0592

DSC_0601 DSC_0603

DSC_0602 DSC_0584


Sooooo…favorite model time. Lately I have been into: Xaio Wen Ju, Kelly Mittendorf and Chloe Norgaard. I think what I like about them is that they all have really unique bone structure, jaw-wise. While Xaio Wen has a round and smooth face shape, Kelly has sharpe cheekbones and distinct features- Chloe is almost the opposite: with a long face and perfectly shaped chin. They all have lovely eyebrows too. Eyebrows seem to be a thing. Most of all I love that they all have a great style, personality and smile. I love a good smoulder, but smiles are always cool too.

kelly-mittendorf11  kelly_mittendorf_ponystep_magazine_the_wild_the_innocent_spring_summer_2012__5GmUmlb.sized

tumblr_me9iilrXVb1rrkwvbo1_500  tumblr_mi9a7jjUiM1qcd230o1_500

tumblr_mjb4qsn8PJ1qm9adgo1_400             tumblr_mj9bjnasOc1qc4bq2o1_500

I wouldn’t say I’m a huge fan of going to the movies, but I am super excitedddd about some movies coming out soon. Firstly, ‘Spring Breakers’ looks real good.  I don’t really know how to put it, but their website say: ‘Four sexy college girls plan to fund their spring break getaway by burglarizing a fast food shack. But that’s only the beginning… During a night of partying, the girls hit a roadblock when they are arrested on drug charges. Hungover and clad only in bikinis, the girls appear before a judge but are bailed out unexpectedly by Alien, an infamous local thug who takes them under his wing and leads them on the wildest Spring Break trip in history. Rough on the outside but with a soft spot inside, Alien wins over the hearts of the young Spring Breakers, and leads them on a Spring Break they never could have imagined.’ Sounds exciting, no? Plus it features (James Franco…but) all my fave Disney channel icons, so I’m super excited to see how good-girl-gone-bad they get.

p.s Opening Ceremony are doing a collaboration with them, which is totally cute. See here.

The next movie is ‘The Great Gatsby’ by Baz Luhrmann. I love a good thrill movie and Leo and Carey are just perffff. I’m not even going to watch it just for the costumes by Prada. The movie follows newbie to New York, Nick: an aspiring writer from the mid-west and explores his encounters with Jay Gatsby, a flamboyant millionaire and the relationship between the rich and their fantasies. From the trailer I am guessing that he meets some mysterious rich dude and there’s a big secret, tied into love, corruption and betryal- encrusted with the pardy style of the 1920s, mixed with a punk soundtrack. Leaping lizards it’s gunna be good!

The last movie is Sofia Coppolla’s film: ‘The Bling Ring’. It seems to have a similair vibe to ‘Spring Breakers’ but is going to be like crazy amazing because it’s by Sofia, duh. If you’ve been living under a large rock for the last decade or something, Sofia Coppola directed ‘The Virgin Suicides’ (starring Kirsten Dunst) and ‘Somewhere’ (starring Elle Fanning) to name afew other legends. ‘Inspired by actual events, a group of fame-obsessed teenagers use the Internet to track celebrities’ whereabouts in order to rob their homes’- she matches her last films in that she has a babe’in cast, featuring Emma Watson and Leslie Mann. She again stuns me with her perfect use of fonts.

Mmmm music wise, I’d say I’m pretty much late on everything. All my friends know all these indie bands like: the Smiths, the Wombats, the Kooks, the Macabees…? And I’m just like, halp meh; but my friend Theo helps alot and shows me cool people. Right not I have been listening to a mix of shimmery Best Coast, Super Cute, Girls, Grimes, Marina and the Diamonds and random songs with obscene names. Some cool new people that I’ve encountered lately are…Firstly: Bastille and their song Bad Blood- I prefer the eery video (to the song of theirs which I was actually first introduced to- ‘Pompeii’) and it’s super creepy. I didn’t understand the story line of the music video to ‘Bad Blood’ at first, but basically, this girl’s boyfriend goes missing or drowns or something and she can’t save/find him, so she goes insane and goes into his house and wears his clothes and eats all his mouldy crap and nearly kills herself and then realises that she needs to get her shit together. They do alot of yowling and grunge. Then there’s the Vaccines. I think I’m kinda majorly late on this one, but oh well. I haven’t listened to much of their stuff except for ‘Teenage Icon’- it’s fun and bouncy. Lastly, there’s this artist called Sade who I heard about on ROOKIE in their hero status bit, and I just love her soulful voice, deep tone and MERMAID VIDEO GUYS IT’S A MERMAID. A MERMAID, but mostly, her music just seems so comforting mmm.

Another thing I saw on ROOKIE was this film by Mihael Lucid (in 1996, edited in 2000) about girls in school/society and the feminist movement within the youth. The short film explores the issue of being a ‘freak’ or being treated unfairly or differently in school and follows a group of teen riot girls at a Californian campus, whilst they speak about their experiences. They are called the ‘dirty girls’- a name given to them by their classmates (etc) because their clothes are ‘something out of the garbadge’, their hair isn’t brushed, they ‘rebel against society’ and supposably don’t wash. The girls explain why they don’t care what other people think, don’t try to compete with one another and don’t conform to societies ideals. IT’S REALLY GOOD JUST WATCH IT ALREADY. PLUS, I think it was vice, but someone found the two main girls from the short movie, did a follow up interview/another movie and the trailer is somewhere ahahahah go find it, but here is the shoot.

See you dudez and dudettez soon, Ophelia xoxooxxooxoxooooxxxxxxxxxoxo

10 Responses to “Well we haven’t spoken in a while.”
  1. Have you checked out Chloe Norgard’s tumblr art-of-translation.tumblr.com? Its so full of glitter and her amazing hair xx

  2. Cami Cruchet says:

    I dont understand the english (I speak spanish, I’m from Chile) But the pictures and the videos are so cool, you are so cool, I like your blog. ❤

  3. Eryn says:

    Congratz on all of the magazine/press success, you go gurl!! I love all of your doodles and photos and favourite things.

  4. sugarmilz says:

    I saw u in company! That’s how I discovered your blog actually. Love this post.x


  5. Halima Bangee says:

    You do realise that mothers day was like three weeks ago? And somehow I don’t think you’ll be able to get into the cinema to watch spring breakers:-) not hating, just saying x

  6. donnawebley says:

    wrjofafaofma,l i’ve been looking for spring breakers online everywhere but i can’t find it ugh suckz

  7. Jojo says:

    Hahaha! I just love you and your blog! Great stuff XXX

  8. Daphne Monadnock says:

    that model with the color hair is just so beautiful, i just saw this fashion editorial where her hair is just insane! lol 🙂 http://bit.ly/17rLQsm – so beautiful… i want to do my hair like that but I am brunette… do I have to bleach it before?

  9. miaaaazz says:

    blegh.. whre is that skirt from that your wearing with the model? super awsomez

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