pictures of the week ‘n’ all that jazz

So heyaaaaaa guys, it’s the easter holidays, and I’m totally and utterly beffubled with my posts. I have about 25 drafts open and am working on about 6 posts at the same time. I planned to talk about these things as soon as I saw them, but then never got round to it, and it’s all very muddled up.

IMG_0772 IMG_0774 IMG_0768 IMG_0706

IMG_0727 IMG_0771

IMG_0767 IMG_0778

HOW IS EVERYONE GOING? I have got afew things done: I saw Holly on Saturday- we crafted stuff and tried out my new Olympus OM10 in the park. I had a relaxing easter sunday and then went to Brick Lane with Maddie on Monday, where I got some cute things: a Stevie Nicks Record, Pink Sweater, baby barettes and a badge (+lunch, for under £20 eheh) and then we went to a forest nearby and rode all the way down this huge hill. When we got home we went out to Fujiyama and had yummy sushi for dinner, came home to meet Grace, ate moist brownies, watched a new intense thriller and then slept. Today I went out with Donna: we had a quick look in Dover Street Market, where they had trolls in the window display, the fluffy Celine shoes, YES, I SAW THEM IN REAL LIFE, and where a suspicious security guard followed us around. I also saw these amazing chunky comme de garcon shoes which were glittery and clunky and gah, I need them. We ate lunch in Berkley Square, walked past all the couture and then took the tube back to Oxford street where we wandered around Topshop and the likes. My feet hurted so I suggested we go home. And now I am sitting on my sofa, on a perfectly sunny day, not doing much, but talking to myself and making gifs of myself…


Note, my hair is shorter, because I cut it. It looks kinda manky still, but the ends looked like straw and though the rest is still kinda dead from the bleach, it’s not as bad anymore. Another thing that has happened is that it’s my bloggiversary. Yay, whoop de doop, yes, whooo, lah lah lah. Yeah, sooooo I kinda forgot that I started this blog exactly 2 years ago today…I think I’m supposed to upload some kinda of special video being like ‘yeah I’m amazing’ or telling some cheesy tale about how this all happened, but nothing much has happened since. Okay, kind of abit has. I started off writing this paragraph being all like: ‘When I first started my blog, it was one of those annoying trying to be really smart and ‘in’ style tips, fasion know-it-all blogs…’ and then I was like, WAIT, you babes have put up with me for (like) 2 years, I think you’re gunna know what my blog’s like. And that’s boring anyway. I don’t even know why we’re having this conversation (we’re not, I’m talking to myself, cause this is the INTERNET) and I am here to show you the cool photos of ze veek, so yeah: listen…if you want to.


Omg, if you haven’t seen the Prada Candy L’eau film directed by Roman Coppola and Wes Anderson (dream team ahhh), you have got to see it- it’s perfect. It follows Lea Seydoux, as ‘Candy’- a charming French woman who attracts men with just a whiff of her sweet alluring scent (-something like white musk, caramel, benzion and a hint of citrus.) The film involves two men chasing her around, before she decides who to pick. In the end, we’re not sure who she picks, however we learn that ‘banana split’ in french, is simply: banana split. 


Lazy Oaf (aka like one of the coolest online shops ever) launched their shoe collection with Kickers just last week, and it’s totally awesome: there’s a pair of shoes that are black, white a red- brogue like, with bows, another pair have a rainbow platform heel, there’s a sparkly pink and a sparkly black pair and there’s a mickey mouse to the first minnie mouse pair too. The lookbook was shot by Masha mel, styled by Tess Yopp and features the Bloom Twins.  

578845_4646159873718_42179897_n 381761_4633310112482_1110486118_n 425815_4667397124636_1078685848_n 429680_4646160673738_2021812709_n

So Sinead is an awesomely talented artist and also writes and creates fab songs. Above are four of her illustrations: (from the top downwards) of Jade, Ibe, Flower and me (I’m the last one!)


Advanced Style and Karen Walker. 


Kiernan Shipka (by Lauren Dukoff) is so cute, I want to be her best friend. 


From Oyster Magazine


Grimes= also the cutest.

prada17 prada2_0 prada10 prada8 prada6

No one will ever understand my love for the Prada S/S 13 lookbook. It is glorious.  


The Unsettling Still life photography of Rebecca Storm.


Michael Pudelka is so amazing, ahhhhh. 


I’m guessing there’s some Courtney Love inspiration for this ad campaign? ? ?????? ? 

Seee yaaah soon xoxoxoxooxoxoxo

3 Responses to “pictures of the week ‘n’ all that jazz”
  1. sugarmilz says:

    Hope u had a good Easter!

  2. Martha says:

    Omg I love your blog so much please visit mine and give me some tips I love your work thanks xx

  3. dani says:

    omg ilysm i geniunely fangirl over yr blog all the time and reblog all yr stuff on tumblr (i’m <333 do you want to be pen pals??

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