Mid-week post: an interview with Molly Soda !11 !!!!! !! ! ! <3 <3 !!!!!!! <3

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Soooooooo, a while ago I sent an email to (tumblr sensation and ultimate webcam babe) Molly Soda, and she actually replied, which is awesome and sweet and lovely. As well as having amazingly fab hair, she is a total internet princess: she makes (usually flashy) gifs, has a website full of trashy junkfood, selfies, old picures of Britney Spears and makes random-ish youtube videos of herself just generally looking perfect. Here’s what she saiddd…..

So could you please just kind of introduce yourself: three interesting things about you, three like random or (considered) wierd things about you. How old you are, if you write for any magazines etc all that simple shtuff blah blah blah…

hello! my name is molly i am 24 years old and i currently live in chicago, il.

3 *random* facts about me:

1. i have 2 pet rats named butt loaf and cute loop

2. my real name isn’t molly

3. i’ve always wished i could play the harp

What’s the best and worst dreams you’ve ever had? 

i have a hard time remembering my dreams clearly if i don’t write them down right away. i should probably start keeping a dream journal because dreams are a good source of inspiration in a way. the worst dreams i have generally have to do with situations i have anxiety about, like if i’m stressed out about something i generally have nightmares about it until i confront the particular situation or it clears itself up. the best dreams i have generally involve me eating lots of yummy food or doing cool stuff that i wouldn’t normally have the  physical power to do in real life.

If you were to be a character in a 90s movie, who would you be? If you’re life was to be documented in some sort of way, how would it be? A book, movie, TV show? And what kind of tone? 

If i were a character in a 90’s movie (1999 counts, right?) i would be kat from 10 things i hate about you. that was one of my favorite movies growing up and she was a definite role model for me as a tween. i’d definitely want my life to be documented in a tv show form but not like cheesy reality tv. i’d want a sitcom of some sort. i think the tone would be humorous and maybe a little embarrassing because life isn’t fun if you can’t laugh at yourself.

You’re stuck on like mars or somewhere, and you have three things in your pocket, what are they? 

1. chapstick

2. a tube of lipstick that is actually a little knife inside http://www.smkw.com/large/knife/DBPK273A.jpg

3. some sour gummy worms

What magazines have you featured in and what is your impressions of the whole kind of press palava. Do you enjoy interviews or think they’re kinda boring? What kind of character do you try to portray or do you just kinda say watevah and go wid da flow? 

i’ve been in oyster magazine, paper magazine, supersuper magazine and i’ve done interviews for zines etc. you can see all of my press links here: http://mollysoda.biz/press.some interviews are more exciting than others. sometimes i get bored of getting asked the same questions over and over again. so far this one has been really fun. i try to take interviews lightly and have fun with them. i don’t really try to portray a certain persona in them or anything.

I’ve seen your youtube channel, your videos are kinda totally random. What’s the inspiration for that? Some of your full inbox videos are like 10 hours long. Don’t you get tired ahaha? 

i’ve been taking webcam videos of myself for a long time now. for a while i was trying to post a new one everyday but it’s become less frequent over the years. i make a lot of videos of myself singing lately. i like the idea of doing private but public performances for the camera/internet in my room. i got tired making the 10 hour video but didn’t actually know it was going to end up being 10 hours. my goal was to read every single message in my tumblr inbox and it was important that i finished it, no matter how much time it took.

What are your most used words and phrases, do you read any zines? Who are your internet buddies? Favorites tunez. The hair color you’ve liked most on yourself? 

my most used words/phrases tend to change. i can’t think of any right now but i definitely make a lot of weird noises/sounds lately. i read zines! i have a pretty cool zine collection going so far. i really like the zines grace miceli makes and girls get busy zine is another favorite of mine. i want to start making more zines. i’ve only ever made two. i have a lot of internet buddies! i couldn’t even list them all. there are a lot of cool girls on the internet that i have worked with that i would love to meet in real life some day. most of the music i listen to involves female singers: strawberry switchblade, marine girls, bratmobile, PENS, slutever… i think i like yellow and orange the best. dark green is good in winter. i recently dyed my hair brown and i’m digging it.

What would you consider yourself? A blogger, artist? What do you enjoy spending your time doing and where do you gather inspo from? Do you have any idols style wise?

i’d say i’m both a blogger and an artist. my blog/internet presence counts as art in a way for me and serves as a good archive of my work/interactions with the internet. i enjoy making videos and websites, hanging out with my rats, doing little arts and crafts like making bracelets or hair clips. i think as long as i’m doing something fun, positive and productive i’m happy. i don’t have like a list of people i take style inspiration from but other girls on the internet, people i see walking down the street, other artists, anywhere really.

Favorite designers or brands if any?

i don’t pay a lot of attention to that. i get most of my clothing from the thrift store.

Black lipstick or hot pink gloss? Ryan Gosling, James Franco or Ezra Miller? Poop or farts? Daria or My So Called Life? Tacos or Nachos? L.A or London? Pet cat or pet bat? Unicorns or trolls? Twitter or tumblr? House party or pizza by the tv? Middle school or high school? Hugs or kisses? 

 -black lipstick

-none of the above 🙂




-i’ve never been to LA and i haven’t been to london since i was a kid but i think i’d choose london

-pet bat



-pizza by the tv but parties are fun too depending on my mood/the weather

-middle school


Anything you want to add about yourself? Any questions you wanna answer even though I haven’t asked them? 

🙂 that’s all for now let me know if you have anymore questions though!



6 Responses to “Mid-week post: an interview with Molly Soda !11 !!!!! !! ! ! <3 <3 !!!!!!! <3”
  1. dani says:

    oh my god i can’t get over this zomgggg ❤ you 2 are both so amazing and MOLLY'S HAIR <333
    and i was wondering if you'd like to do a package swap/ be pen pals?? yr fabbb

  2. Bianca says:

    Wow I love her hair, style also (:

    • Bianca says:

      I wish Ophelia was living in a Australia we could be best friends ): I wish Company magazine was here I’m away from all the connections, fashion wise anyway.

  3. Phoebe says:

    Just to let you know you are, like, my idol!!!!!

  4. Maija Sofia says:

    Wow! Lucky you I love Molly Soda!

  5. lalarukh1 says:

    Lol your blog seems fun !! Love the pictures You are beautiful 🙂
    Do check me out at http://www.foodpeopleloveandstuff.wordpress.com

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