she’s from the seventies but I’m a ninties bitch.

Geezuz I’ve been sitting here for weeks saying nah I don’t have enough time to right that mahusive blog post that I’m working on, and now suddenly I’m like ‘omg wut halp meh’ I NEED TO JUST GET THIS DONE before gah gah gah gah. I will work through the night if I have to but I am gunna get this done. Bad spelling, rambling and shiz.

I mentioned in a post from a while ago, that I’m really into that kinda warm, 60s/70s: heritage-style gloomyness, which Hollie totally encapsulates perfectly in these posts (here and here) and then aside from that there’s my whole groovy and gourdy technicolor-style vision of the late 80s-90s, (which probably isn’t so accurate, but sort of follows on from this vibbezz post I did from a while ago)– involving Courtney Love, Chloe Sevingy, Cher Horowtiz, Gwen Stefani, young Britney, M.I.A and all those strong female figures. When I think of the 90s I think of smiley-faced, poofy-haired, brightly coloured goofy fitness instructors and teenagers wearing puffy tracksuits, I also think of Jenna as a 13 year old girl (in 13 going on 30)- the super vibrant colours and pony tail hair and trashyness. I watched the movie when I was younger and I  was like: meh okay, but watching the intro again I realise how dreamy and typical American high-school-ish the whole set up is: the yearbook photos being taken, the pink bedroom, the brace-face, the girl gang (the Six chicks) REMEMBER? It is so ‘troubled thirteen year old’ I LAV IT, I LAV IT.

I haven’t been doing like any outfits lately because firstly I have been busy and lazy, so mostly just walking around in pants or the same jeans or whatever- but secondly because I can’t take good enough photos myself and it’s awkward asking my family GAH I NEED A TRIPOD GEEZUZ. I have been waiting for this editorial in this Norwiegan magazine called D2 to come out, because the looks that I wore really suit this post, but they haven’t got back to me for ages, so imma just describe what I wore, and maybe if they send me some photos, I can update this post later:

…In one, I am wearing this vintage from that ‘Shoreditch high-street slash Brick Lane crossover area’ in a little hall with lots of stalls-it was £15 and reminds me of that etsy joke jacket Tavi has which brings ‘good vibes’ and stuff. It’s really puffed out and has colourful slogans and things allover! Anywayz, I wore it with my £1 Burger King top and cherry skirt+sunnayzzz. In the other picture I am wearing embroidered shorts by Julia Thompson, a silky kimono that I got for £1, a headband from a yard sale, ballet tights, glitter jelly sandels from a market, LOUISE GRAY x TOPSHOP tee, a love heart ring which I found on the floor somewhere and some bangles/cobra shop choker/stickers too yayayay.

This asos DIY thing is cool toooooo:

I’ve tried to make all my inspo fit into one category here, tried to group theme into themes like physchedelic daisy or something, but everything usually just kind of always ends up just being like kittens and pink stuff, so I figured, what’s the point? Blah. Lets just put it all together and see how it goesss whoooo (it kinda just disintegrated into like paradise and turquoise/baby pink vibez, oh well…) idek.

0x550-1   90s-fashion-drew-barrymore My So Called Life image Claire Danes 90s-fashions1 90s3 55356 285440_2024867235860_4891037_n 419537_2912782153178_8982414_n 551164_10150992285733759_184105586_n  1224489061_4f5edd08a0 1323153428chloe-art-540x609 1346652799img005-700x470 1347953351SSI_Lady-Miss-Kier-3-540x410 1347953504SSI_Lady-Miss-Kier-5-540x431 1351098561Final-Rookie-3-473x700 134575390811 R1-03503-030A big-tiny-smalls-2 cf83ceaccf81cf89cf83ceb70007 Clarissa-Explains-It-All1 Melissa Joan Hart in Clarissa Explains It All.   heidi-montag-aerobics-instructor-02-488x325   kmcnutt1 kmcnutt2 kmcnutt4 kmcnutt5 kmcnutt6 kmcnutt7 kmcnutt8 kmcnutt9 kmcnutt10 kmcnutt11 kmcnutt12 maya-fuhr-2  Molly Claire_Amigo Foods_01_updated Paper-Magazine_Molly-Soda_15 The-Secret-World-of-Alex-Mac-90s-fashion tumblr_magbunZCZU1r3gb6ao1_1280 tumblr_md387j5kLy1r8vo7wo1_500 tumblr_mfntspZ0Vg1qfrrv2o1_500 tumblr_mg6v08rVHD1qfwts0o1_500 visual color bomb

tumblr_mh3kx4fEBa1r0tew1o1_500 tumblr_lzzan7afQ61r68b0fo1_500      tumblr_mgi9fnyk691s38urio1_500 tumblr_mgh4bu97w81r65yiho1_500 tumblr_mfivfc6WTI1r9e2uvo1_500 tumblr_m1xe40R50m1r4llguo1_500 tumblr_mgwcj1xXTP1qz9qooo1_500 tumblr_lv98j9xHds1r5swnxo1_500  tumblr_m8rz2sicCW1r621gdo1_500 tumblr_mgtmcybKJK1r085b3o1_500 tumblr_lxeo50KnPX1r96ggjo1_500 tumblr_mg4k1nUzhJ1rpduwho1_500 tumblr_mgqfrobsd51r22opio1_500 tumblr_m5wttitKAs1ry53g0o1_500

tumblr_ltyelvAZs01qhc1too1_500 tumblr_me2yf7B1jn1qa2j0ao1_500 tumblr_ma3gzqklWa1rozafdo1_500 tumblr_mfguinIUI21qk4jg4o1_500 tumblr_mghh2jRJeh1qemxfbo1_500 tumblr_mfv9igXLbn1qg80mio1_500 tumblr_mbyjlyjvuv1qes7gvo1_500 tumblr_mg7pxpAEkW1qa1iiqo1_500 tumblr_meytjs1FH21qah8kso1_500 tumblr_mgs7lgPNQR1r7hc2jo1_500  tumblr_mgo78mErna1qan898o1_500 tumblr_m0v5ok7JKb1qhfsodo1_500 tumblr_m3qn3t3mO61qlrttgo1_500  tumblr_mg43ghcQq61qzug70o1_500 tumblr_m7xj87Ujl41qgposeo1_500

tumblr_m7g59k7GMS1qiilqao1_500tumblr_mb0tuqqyIE1raqveso1_500tumblr_m3kwwi1FXJ1qzhnmco1_500tumblr_m9foo75Acn1rnh9j4o1_500tumblr_mgtv4dwD6P1qbyf2jo1_500tumblr_mb77kdml5M1qc0cxpo1_500sketchbook5tumblr_m9qfjlbbDc1qzex76o1_500tumblr_me86f8fAva1rjsfnyo1_500tumblr_mhl8zsHW8m1qzh56ro1_500 tumblr_mhbvolP3mi1qa7fnho2_500 tumblr_mhbvolP3mi1qa7fnho1_500 notebook6 tumblr_md8mvkITrn1qfhw7ko1_500 tumblr_mh8qbnv3UD1qdm4tlo2_500 tumblr_mh8qbnv3UD1qdm4tlo1_500 tumblr_ly5t2huz3g1qdd5hto1_500 tumblr_mi13j0Pg8D1r8wexro1_500  tumblr_mi46jqxHmc1r1j4m2o1_500  tumblr_m9fi9ukSB81qzbqf4o1_500 tumblr_m631de5Job1qm4nj9o1_500 tumblr_mi46gjh3iE1rg6jvdo1_500 tumblr_mexfcrrXPS1rmpyc7o1_500

tumblr_mhf8xujcct1qzligbo1_500 tumblr_mhe19qpRGQ1qzuyswo1_500    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 

One of my favorite bloggers/people/awesome legend is Molly Soda. She is just generally like a babe on so many different levels and I did an interview of her here. She has a youtube channel where she posts random stuff and one of her videos (of her reading all her inbox messages on tumblr) is ten hours. How cray is that. She also does cool random videos and makes gifs…

Before I finish, oh-em-gee, the latest Romance was born (I can’t keep track of whether it was their S/S or A/W) show, called ‘Mushroom Magic’ absolutely blew me away. For the show they (being Luke Sales and Anna Plunkett) collaborated with Tanya Shclutz to create this amazing wonderland of a glowing-magical-garden-catwalk. The atmosphere of the whole show just looked so awe-gobsmackeringly-perfect: the disney/Alice in Wonderland theme, caviar-on the-face look, dyed hair, antennae and embellishment were just jdsfhjsfhjsdkj. The colors were sooooo on point: a mix of physchodelic and fluroscent pinks, greens, bananas and blues and the 60s shapes: puffy dresses, huge floppy seventies collars and then structured, sharp, tightnecked, colorful frocks were just so great. For hair, models were dressed in pastel bowl cuts wigs of all shades, wearing tiaras and pom poms and for makeup the models were practically dipped in glitter and coated in neon eye cream. The faces were powdered to a cherry or peachy complexion and decorated with sequins and glitter. Long batting fake eyelashes were added and nails sharpened.

Photos by Oystermag and Susie Bubble

2_36 4_32 6a00e5508e95a98833017c3873a346970b-700wi 6a00e5508e95a98833017c3873ac0f970b-700wi 6a00e5508e95a98833017c3873936e970b-700wi 6a00e5508e95a98833017d42a2b2d5970c-700wi 6a00e5508e95a98833017d42a2b6b7970c-700wi 6a00e5508e95a98833017eea16e9dd970d-700wi 6a00e5508e95a98833017eea16ecd7970d-700wi 6a00e5508e95a98833017eea16f453970d-700wi 6a00e5508e95a98833017eeaf70c17970d-700wi 6a00e5508e95a98833019101ef6a3a970c-700wi Romance Was Born MBFWA 2013 6a00e5508e95a98833019101ef85c6970c-700wi 6a00e5508e95a98833019101ef865c970c-700wi 6a00e5508e95a98833017eeaf70ce8970d-700wi 6a00e5508e95a98833019101ef885f970c-700wi 6a00e5508e95a98833019101ef8489970c-700wi 6a00e5508e95a98833019101ef8789970c-700wi 6a00e5508e95a98833019101efc60a970c-700wi Romance Was Born MBFWA 2013 8_28 13_21 10_28 Romance Was Born MBFWA 2013

Anyway, see yah round…….. <3<3<3<3<3<3


5 Responses to “she’s from the seventies but I’m a ninties bitch.”
  1. OMG these vibes are perfect Romance is Born is perfect, the colours are perfect, this post has confirmed what I already assumed: I am totally living in the wrong era. I want to wear subtle psycodelic (that looks spelt wrong whatevs forevs though) and jelly shoes and jam to The Shangra-Las 😦 and David Bowie and The Runaways and Hole. WHAA. And its not even sunny…anyways, great post xx

  2. kezdaqueen says:

    Yay! 13 going on 30 = ♥

  3. Great photos! Oh how I miss the 90s I used to want to be gwen /Courtney / Clarissa so bad!

  4. milliesugar says:

    Love this post, molly soda is so awesome I want her hair!!! Where do you get the vibezy pictures?

  5. Lisa says:

    Hey, for some time ago you mentioned the interview for a norweigan magazine – here’s the link for the article if you don’t already have it:


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