ugh I should’ve posted this ages ago, I’m a silly fart

Ahhhh, fashion week was so long ago. I wrote this post in February and then never posted it. Read on if you’re still kinda interested…

So, I was feeling pretty meh, tired and exhausted after my second last day at lfw on Monday. I don’t know why, but I’m pretty sure IT’S JUST MONDAYS. I almost couldn’t get out of bed, but managed to drag myself to the last shows of London Fashion Week On Tuesday. After a disastrous journey into town, we (being me and my loyal chaperone, mum) made it to the TATE tanks. We were kind of late and once again I was totally stressed about looking like a snob, but my mum helped me to work my way to the front of the crowd and we asked the PR for Nasir if we could get in. There was a moment, when he was speaking to someone through an earpiece, saying: “yep, the waffles, no they said waffles”- and then he sighed, nodding us through. What a babe…

Nasir Mazhar was literally amazing. I loved the fact that the presentation was more than the clothes, it was the whole atmosphere. As soon as you walked in there was lights, smoke and drinks being served. It was like we were in some sort of ninties club. There were about 5 ladies on the stage all in total glam clothes strutting around, whilst the lead singer shouted swear words (lol, rebel)- occansionally inserting “Nasir Mazhar rox” into the mix, no I’m joking, they were really good and it was great. NOTE: the awesome furry crop tops, metallic pleat skirts, tacky-style jackets and diva heels PLUS awesome hair. He’s kept to his mix and match textures, with a more fierce gyal look.



Photos by me

After popping into that, well, once we were in (guess what)-WE WERE IN. There was such tight security at the gate that tickets weren’t checked on the door into the show. Like my twitter pal (and boss at sneaking into shows says…) ‘it’s all about timing and the way you act’- walk in like you own the place and THEY CAN’T TOUCH DIS. So anywayz, we went in and I slotted into one of the aisles, and though I couldn’t see very well, I just enjoyed the show. Meadham Kirchhoff (and Louise Gray) definately had he coolest crowds, but they were both so packed, it’s cray. The mermaid fairy babe girl, who I have been raving about all over twitter was there, AGAIN+ also Hannah Lambert and other amazing peoplez. This dramatic ravel music was put on and before the show started I couldn’t stop thinking about grabbing one of the goodie bags, but I never got to cuz we had to rush to Ashish after 😦 Soooooo….

Meadham Kirchhoff was crazy good- I am running out of complimentary words. The show started very monochrome, which shocked me, but like everything, they did it so well: they began with simple designs and things got more elaborate as they went along, but for me the theme was kinda: Wednesday Adams/glam post war/austere princess vibez, and seemed like a continuation of their A/W 2011 and last shows. I loved the fact that the models never had perfect faces or proportions, and all were abit awkward, which is cute, duh. I think the cherry on top was that they stuck to their aesthetics: with oversized white collars, signature flowing dresses and theatrical veils or tiaras. They added those tiny details that noone, but the most observant would notice- intricate embroidery, diamente detailing, pearls, maybe- and it was all very refined, pristine, breathtaking. As said in ELLE online: ‘Meadham Kirchhoff stripped away, cleaned up and focused on their “intrinsic taste and what really matters” for their latest collection’- but of course still managed to keep signature elements such as the frolicking, frilly dresses and clunky statement shoes. They teamed perhaps somewhat simplistic shapes (compared to their other more ‘layered’ collections)- such as bibs and pinafores with shiny shoes, patent textures and beautiful gothic tones. It was perky, but elegant and refreshing- what Edward called: his obbsession with perfection. Oh, and it was so perfect…



Photos by

Read Topshops full report on makeup/hair and everything here.

After that we had to leg it to Ashish down the Victoria Embankment (it was such a glorious day) and I slotted in the que as soon as I got to Somerset. My friend somehow last minute got a 2nd row ticket so I perched next to her and enjoyed the show. Sadly Kate Nash wasn’t there, but the crowd was still real cool, it’s wierd how you remember people from shows- it’s pretty much the same people from place to place.

Ashish. What are we going to so with Ashish. His collection was even better than his last one. He totally nails understated or casual glam perfectly, plus he practically made the creeper in fashion, so he’s ultra cool. I love how he managed to intertwine new themes, such as workman chic, with his last collection’s denim fetish and his trademark sequins and humour. He strikes a really great balance between just creating what feels right and thinking about what would be wearable- his collections always seem sort of spontaneous or effortless: the windswept hair, bleak expressions and slouchy fit. To me his main forte is his skill when mixing traditionally masculine shapes with more feminine textures, such as a checkered shirt and jeans with a glimmering luminescent sequin sparkled workmans jacket. Of course, he adds finishing touches such as pointy shoes and witty tee-shirts to top of the sultry look. Watch out guys, Ashish is on the prowl.

ashish-autumn-fall-winter-2013-lfw28ashish-autumn-fall-winter-2013-lfw17 ashish-autumn-fall-winter-2013-lfw9ashish-autumn-fall-winter-2013-lfw23 ashish-autumn-fall-winter-2013-lfw26ashish-autumn-fall-winter-2013-lfw31

Photos by 

-Although I haven’t got any photos for Tata Naka at the moment, they have to be one of my new favorite designers and I can’t leave them out. You walked in and it was ‘The Breakfast Club’-ish, with the models casually leaning against the wall, standing up chatting or sitting gossiping on the bench. The clothes were cool and fun and the set up was totally awesome!

Sorry I took so long to post this, je suis trop stupide.

Lastly, THANKYOU, THANKYOU, THANKYOU for the amazing oppurtunity, Mikey, Laura and Tiffanie from the Sunday Times style ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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  1. milliesugar says:

    everyone loves meadham kirchhoff! 😀

  2. poppy says:

    fantastic post you have a fab blog, hope you check mine out! x

  3. NzY says:

    oh what a terrific fashion …….

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