confused easter nostalgia

wooohooo. I am a shit blogger. Hi guys (if there’s anyone still there…) hey, hi, how are you? Urm so like I keep planning these posts and being like ‘oh, there’s not enough in that, better build it up with some more stuff, eh?’ And then like a month after being like: I shouldda just got my shit together and DONE STUFF AND WROTE STUFF, right? So then I get to this situation that we have right here, where I have an unfinished posts from like monthsss ago. Urgh, I feel like such a douche bag at the moment, cause it’s like this period of time has passed and I don’t wanna be blogging about it because it’s not relevant anymore, but still it’s like important and stuff happened and I am obsessive about not missing out on stuff so yeah…

Also, I am really fustrated/annoyed because we backed up and then completely wiped my mum’s computer, (which was originally the one I took over and nearly blew up with tumblr pictures and too many photos and stuff) so we could buy her a new computer, give my Dad the old one and plonk me on like the ten year old little white macbook gremlin thing (I don’t mind really…) However, unfortunately, in the process, I lost several (about five) events/albums/whatever from iPhoto and pretty much all my bookmarks containing ideas for new blogs so at the moment I am fairly frantic and annoyed at myself for avoiding posting because there’s just so much to sort out and do and yeah…I also have countless amounts of emails to reply to so SORRY PEOPLE I LOVE YOU I’M JUST AN IDIOT.

I also am aware that I am losing the immediacy of my posts so imma work on that too. Today lets just talk about the Easter holidays and what I got up to. Okay it was kinda a month or so or three or something ago but shhhh they’ll never know. I tried too like note everything down that I did because I am just weird and I have to okay. Below are some (kinda barely edited entries from my diary)…

Thursday 28th March

interesting sleepover with the gyals.

Friday 29th March

I probably had plans but I don’t think they worked out and I think I just sat there and rested I guess.

Saturday 30th March

Holly came over. We talked clothes and we went to the sweetshop and then the park, where I shot her for ‘The Pulp Zine’ on my new Olympus OM10 camera using the remainders of my first roll of film. When we got back we lounged around and she showed me some of Haim’s music and their song forever, which sounds like it should come form another era and is just perfect.

photos below by me

42920018 42920019 42920020 42920021 42920022 42920026 42920027 42920028 42920029 42920031 42920032 42920033

Sunday 31st March

Apparently I had no plans…Maddie wanted me to come over but I couldn’t be bothered to get the bus all the way to her house because it was late and I’m a wuss.

Monday 1st April

A super great day. I dragged Maddie to brick lane and although I had no money, we had a real good time, if I remember correctly: in Spitalfeilds we went to PRET and got a sandwich (expensive ugh) and I remember the wind blowing everywhere outside. We sort of just roamed around abit and I got a big pink sweater from Rokit that says: ‘How come everyone gets to yell bingo and all I get to yell is OH SHIT’ on it. It’s the bomb. The vintage store that we had actually gone there for was tiny and so we just got an ice cream (I got lemon as per usual) and went home quickly. Dad took us out to the forest later and we took some photos on my Olympus. The light was stunning and we climbed all over the trees and found the ruins of an old church. Dad says we should come in the night when we’re older and try get into the big abandoned train tunnel, and Maddie likes the idea, but I’m not so sure. We biked all the way down the hill, rode round the park and then met mum and dad at home to go for sushi. When we arrived home Grace came over and brought some very moist brownies. We watched a movie that Dad got called ‘Argo’ but it was abit full on and I don’t think they cared for it that much because they kept texting, but I couldn’t blame them.

photos below by me or if I’m in them then by my Dad

9956_403295609769360_1053176503_n 529168_403295403102714_133618450_n 644713_403295696436018_457185992_n 20817_403296076435980_286750456_n-1 604059_403296163102638_1247248098 537119_403295766436011_1615881198_n 533750_403296303102624_1914831055_n

Tuesday 2nd April

We had pancakes in the morning and Maddie and Grace played good music and the light came through the windows in the kitchen, which was nice. I felt abit bad because I nearly had to throw my friends out of my house because my friend Donna from my old school, who I hadn’t seen for ages arrived. We took afew buses and trains to oxford and carnaby street but we’re both pretty awkward so after a while we sort of ran out of stuff to say. However, it was still an enjoyable trip.


Wednesday 3rd April

A lonely day of good computing.

Thursday 4th April

I dragged myself to Covent Garden for an interview with ‘The Muse TV’ -I had tweeted about how grumpy I was that morning and so they were really sweet and bought me some percy pigs. It was generally a pretty average interview with all the usual cliche questions like: ‘how does it all feel?’ etc but generally it was fine. I was starving afterwards so me and mum went to veg out at M&S, but we didn’t stay because of the terrible weather. The rest of the day was spent being a loner.

Friday 5th April

It was supposed to be our girl gang meetup (Jess, Rosalind, Sorcha etc) but noone really made much of an effort and so it kinda didn’t happen. I moped around, then re-did my whole wall (it looks fab) and then went to Izzie’s house for the night. Izzie kind of confuses me (hi) but she is really nice and definately someone I want to get know abit. Claire was real sweet and Sophie was so lovely: she was friendly, easy to talk to and just generally great. We took photos, drank bitter coffee, ate pizza and watched Jawbreaker, The Virgin Suicides and fell asleep on the sofa to ‘Drop Dead Gorgeous’ which was fun.

Saturday 6th April

In the morning, Dad picked me up and I can’t really remember but I don’t think I really did anything except sitting at home. The Greethams came over for dinner, minus Libby as usual, but I understand why she wouldn’t want to come. We met them in the park- where there was nice lighting and I took photos of the girls climbing around. We came home for dinner and watched Kung Fu panda.

photos below by me

66806_403296963102558_495399416_n 525213_403296839769237_1556165791_n 552751_403296613102593_1558190817_n

Sunday 7th April

D.I.Y cultures in Shoreditch! Mum dropped me down there (by train of course) and then left me when Tara (a friend of mine from the first ROOKIE meetup last Summer) came. We walked around the bottom floor where they were holding talks and had stalls selling magazines etc, then went upstairs for a collar making workshop, which was not so productive as I cannot in any way sew. Straight afterwards we had the girls get busy patch making workshop and Beth Siveyer (ultimate babe) and the girls from Hanecdote showed us how to stitch the feminist symbol onto a patch. I purchased afew things and I wished I was older so I could’ve stayed longer and gone for a drink or hung out at Brick Lane with Tara, instead we went and got an ice cream (I got lemon again) and we parted our seperate ways. When I got home, mum dropped me off at Grace’s and we stayed up late watching Lolita (1997) -which was deeply disturbing and intruiging, but more on that later. I fell asleep and had to leave quickly in the morning, but I forgot my oyster card and Grace left for Jourdan.

Photo below by Beth (me and Tara are at the bottom heheh)


Monday 8th April

Again I remember little of the events of the day. I probably just sat around. I remember Lissy came over in the evening. We jumped on the trampoline, ate mum’s risotto and then watched ‘Honey’ -it’s been so long since we talked but it was an odd and slightly un-fulfilling evening. Idek but I lav her anywayz.

Tuesday 9th April

Today was amazing. I lay around in the morning thinking it would only take me 10 minutes to get ready, but then it got to like 12:00 am and I was supposed to be meeting Zoe in like 20 minutes and so I ran upstairs and changed and panicked about not having my oyster and just generally being really unorganised. Finally I walked down to Zoe’s and we took a tube to Hyde Park Corner, which was another mistake and we ended up walking all the way through Hyde Park just like last year. However it was a lovely walk, minus the creepy foreigners making weird noises at us. When we finally got there, the Serpentine had dissapeared and was infact a temporary installment, so we (i.e me Zoe and three other girls named Cordelia, Ava and Maisy) just stood there. After a while we sat down on the Grace, unloaded our dismal amount ofย  ‘crafty stuff’ and eventually just started eating Curiously Cinnamon and chatting. Molly and Maya arrived and we walked over the feild, through the misty London cold to a small cafe where we sat and talked about music fandoms, the book of mormon and school, and then Ava had to leave to meet her friend. We took a group photo, bid her goodbye and made our may down the high street to Kensignton station where we took a train to Leicster Square. On the way to a ‘legendary dumpling stall’ in China Town, we noticed free ben and jerrys, so inevitabley, obviously stopped and I got some fish food. When we finally got to this stall, they had these huge dough like dumplings, like the ones you see in those Hayao Miyazaki films. They weren’t very nice, but I pretended to like them and we continued on to Carnaby Street where we took too many photos in Doc Martens and complimented a man for his moustache in AA. We spent about 30 minutes trying to find Ed’s Diner, to no avail and in the end settled for Maccy Dee’s. We walked back to the station singing Amy Winehouse and said our goodbyes.

photos below by me

11965_403297453102509_1309199528_n 72189_403297229769198_496092562_n 319924_403297159769205_127885800_n 320083_403297573102497_194193687_n 544355_403297296435858_1945525138_n 545953_403297939769127_1965381729_n 547826_403297769769144_1227939795_n

Wednesday 10th April

I remember doing nothing but nothing.

Thursday 11th April

I was supposed to go to Brighton with Holly now that she’s back from Japan, but things didn’t work out so I merely continued decorating my room and then Maddie came over for a sleepover.

Friday 12th April

In the morning, me and Maddie had to wake early to go to this Cake Pop thing in Wandsworth. Naz, who was hosting the private workshop in her own house (also home to some cute dogs and birds and a child), welcomed us in and we discussed ideas and we began. We crushed up some chocolate cakes, mixing them with butter icing until they were moist and rolled them into balls before freezing them and thinking up designs. My little sister was supposed to be at her friends house, but we were so late that we didn’t have time to drop her off so we merely brought her to us. She was so hyper and abit of a menace and I felt so bad for invading this poor ladies house with two impatient kids etc etc. We were all very hungry, so after making afew we thanked Naz and left her in peace. We got some sandwiches and then decided it would be a good idea to go to the Gambados nearby- I hadn’t been for ages so I was excited and the kids wanted to go. We waited in the que for ages and then began running around the grimey, sweaty maze of plastic and shouting and crying. My little sister’s friend said she wanted to go on the spinning cups, so me, Maddie and my little sister and her friend all went on one together, and all was cool, until my little sister’s friend puked on Maddie. It was gross and I would’ve been so pissed if it was me, and we all went back to the Greetham’s feeling kinda ew. Me and Maddie took the train home and when I got there I was locked out. My phone ran out of battery so I merely sat under the shelter singing to myself and watching the rain drip off the leaves and onto the ground. Dad arrived home from work and took me out for dinner and we bonded and ate good food.

Saturday 13th April

I was so tired that I stayed at home eating the most amazing M&S cookies and sung along to Tavi’s perfect 8tracks playlists whilst being completely unproductive. For lunch mum took us to the burger kitchen and me and Aurora had a strop but in the end it was fine. That night, mum and Dad took us to Saskia’s NYO concert and Mum was so annoyed because we were so late that me missed the whole first bit and had to come in half way through in front of everyone. But it was so good seeing Sas again.

Sunday 14th April

We went to family friends in Camden for lunch. It was very fancy and I mostly avoided talking to people and waited for food.

Monday 15th-Tuesday 16th

I went to Theo’s house because I had barely seen her all holidays cause she went to Egypt. We didn’t do much but watch movies and talk and on Tuesday we watched Twin Peaks, the first four episodes were so gripping, and my obsession started here.

photos below by me

59275_403298103102444_968556367_n 64411_403296529769268_1980198987_n 155706_403298033102451_1657457491_n 483525_403296476435940_942620426_n 526412_403298169769104_148115819_n

Now we can talk about now.


3 Responses to “confused easter nostalgia”
  1. Hey thats ma letter! Nice photos oxoxox

  2. Cecily says:

    Wow! The pictures are great! I wish I lived in London because it’s so interesting… then I remember ther’s too many people for me, then I remember that at least the are more cool people, then I remember I dislike crowds… why can’t the be somewhere with cool/interesting people that isn’t so crowded? xxx I loooove the pictures ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Ida says:

    Lovely post! Sorta feeling sad-ish over the fact that you get to do all that stuff I can only dream about at the moment! Not that you wouldn’t deserve it but I just happen to love London ๐Ÿ˜€

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