more things that happened in the summer that i didn’t blog about until now ok sorry

maya by me on my olympus

so you may have noticed i literally haven’t blogged for ages so yeah wow you don’t have to be smart to have noticed that. im trying to get blogging about it done now so read on for a mish-mash of things that happened i guess?????

my friend sezzy who moved away from london a while ago (it was probably like more than a year ago now) but she came back to visit us and the rest of her friends in the summer and we met up in the park and then went back to my house and made a slide and rainbows with the water hose -(see below for pictures of me awkwardly trying to sunbathe and writhing around lol)

 (when you click on each thumbnail in the gallery above you can see the photo bigger btw)

i met up with agnes who i’d been speaking to online for ages. she took the train to near my house and was so shy when we first met, but we soon got talking and took the bus back to my house where we basically just hung out and played table tennis all day, which was nice and pretty chill.


a polaroid agnes took of me when i wasn’t ready, to demonstrate how leaky her old film is

later we took the train from brixton to oxford circus and went to lazy oaf’s launch party for one of their new collections. i got my nails done (which didn’t last long because i have the worst habit of ripping off nail varnish lol) and we had some tacos and tried the coconut juice which we both agreed tasted gross and then kind of waddled around abit, because we couldn’t afford anything.

it wasn’t one of their best launch parties (i always miss the best ones i.e the food themed convienience store one or the looney tunes one) but i took some photos on my nikon (above) and a professional photographer also took photos of people and got some pics of some friends of agnes who me saw there too (below)


after we’d had enough: agnes went with her friends and i went with my friends who i saw there: holly, izzie and kix. we went to pret where izzie discovered the ‘sushi-wrap’ and then took the underground and DLR to holly’s house, which was a fun adventure. when we got to holly’s we ate cereal and stayed up watching keeping up with the kardashians and then fell asleep on the sofa.

DSC_0742 DSC_0743

another thing that happened in the summer was that i met up with ellie and maya. i knew ellie through her blog but i didn’t actually know about maya until we met -and they were both so lovely obviously. i spent like an hour changing before i decided on an outfit that was weather appropriate and met them at the urban outfitters on shoreditch high street (oooh much hipstur)- we went through absolute vintage and blitz and down brick lane and rokit but it was soo hot that we couldn’t stand walking around so we just got smoothies and some tangfastics and then went and sat in he nearest park we could find. the only photo i took was some photo of an ear sculpture on a wall (lol) but ellie and maya took loads…


mayas journal

mayas journal

more legs ew by maya on disposable

more legs ew by maya on disposable

my awkward legs by maya on disposable

ellie by maya on disposable
ellie by maya on disposable
me by maya on disposable

me by maya on disposable

5 Responses to “more things that happened in the summer that i didn’t blog about until now ok sorry”
  1. jasmine says:

    ah wow your summer looks SO fab (◠‿◕✿) i love the shoreditch urban outfitters ah! have you been to the breakfast club restaurant in hoxton? its so so lovely there tehe, i just followed your blog n twitter btw – im @h3yjasmine 🙂

  2. Adele says:

    still obsessing over your summer posts- luckily I live in Australia and it’s Summer now so everything is super relevant and beautiful omg

    why wasn’t I this cool when I was your age? 😀

  3. Wow so much inspiration in one post! I love it! (:

  4. mayajessie says:

    Ophelia I love your blog so much, I have just made my first one and any advice would be great!

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