what we have here is a dreamer


a blog post concerning another thing I did in the summer (which I coincidentally never blogged about ugh me ugh)

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so during the summer of this year (oh shit this year just ended and i am still blogging about summer that’s bad ok sorry um summer of last year ok om i suck watever lets continue) i met up with rosalind and jess (who i first met in the fall of 2012 after the rookie meetup that summer) -and also dani, who i got in touch with via the web, as per usual. we met at mine and waited for everyone to arrive before going up to my room and applying fairy tattoos and drawing flowers on legs / getting to know dani since none of us had ever met her before ❤ we watched that episode (7, season 2) of twin peaks that i always chickened out about but really wanted to get past, because rosalind and dani said they’d watch it with me. smartly jess decided to listen to the chipmunk version of ‘kiss you through the phone’ but i watched it and it freaked the fuck out of me. anyway then my mum made us some lunch (too much actually) and then we got dressed up to go out: i wore (what i literally wore all summer:) my cute flower bralet from Queer Tears on etsy, with nancy’s shorts (im sorry if you happen to see this but they are so nice tho sorry sorry), dani wore her dungaree dress, rosalind wore her lilac checkered skirt, that little pixie/elf printed 70s dagger collar shirt and the cutest sneaker/sock combo and finally jess wore her long black velvet dress which we cut into a babydoll. side note: i really wanted to take bikes because i have this fantasy of cycling through my town with a posse of chics and being really badass a la –

tumblr_miu0zaxyx91r08eq0o1_500 copy 1340946005134072209326June2012background-700x463 copy tumblr_mm1cw9nTrl1qcsujvo1_500 copy tumblr_mhl8zsHW8m1qzh56ro1_500 copy tumblr_mbafruWXYl1qdomqvo1_500 copy

however no one else could be bothered to bike lol (it will happen someday OK) so we just walked (but it was a power walk and bitch faces were distributed so it’s all cool) –

here is a really random and terribly filmed video of us strutting our stuff okay also ignore my cringey voice and naive use of the term ‘girl gang’ which i have avoided throughout this post (because it’s problematic)

PicMonkey+Collage Screen+Shot+2013-09-10+at+18.16.30 sdfghjkl


above are some photos taken on dani’s diana f+ mini

we first went to this hill near to my house. usually the grass is long and swishy but it had been cut -which at least meant it was comfortable to sit down in and we could do cartwheels and things (ft. visions by grimes playing). it was quite a dry but sunny day and we soon got bored so i took them down the hilly path and i can’t remember where we entered the park, but i remember after some walking we decided on sitting near tennis courts and that big tree. the grass was kind of itchy but we really needed to sit down so i downloaded ‘carmen’ by lana del ray (as i was obsessed with it at that point) and we listened to that whilst enjoying the heat and observing this dude doing exercise near to us. me and jess then climbed on the big tree, as i was feeling particularly ambitious -and i felt abit like cecilia lisbon (but all sweaty); perching on a thick but high up branch (and of course gazing longingly into a (in my dreams) cute boy’s eyes…(dream boy not included sold separately) ok)…dani doesn’t live in london and her dad was coming back to my house to pick her up- but jess wanted to dye her hair so i quickly took them to the local ‘highstreet’ (i.e an array of random ish shops) if you will -where we got some bleach from the drugstore (and some of my favorite floral-flavored-lip-shaped sweets). the bus ride home was particularly pretty as there was that kind of late afternoon glow basked over everything. we hurriedly dyed jess’ hair in my bathroom (v profesh) and unfortunately dani had to leave 😦

below are some photos which we took throughout the day on rosalind’s canon ae1

me, jess and dani on the hill outside my house (by rosalind)

me, jess and dani on the hill outside my house (by rosalind)

rosalind's legs (by me)

rosalind’s legs (by me)

me looking all gross and squinty (by jess/dani)

me looking all gross and squinty (by jess/dani)

me and jess tree climbing

me and jess tree climbing

rosalind by dani/jess (idk who)

rosalind by dani/jess (idk who)

me, jess, and rosalind all had booked tickets to see labyrinth at an open air cinema in the same park we’d been to earlier, so after stressing about losing my ticket, we packed a bag and left. when we got to the park there were already loads of people there (all set up with their neat little picnics and rugs and pop up seats etc) so we quickly claimed our territory and sat there laughing and fooling around. the afternoon glow soon turned into a peach which turned into a pink which went all blue and mauve and then dimmed to a brooding twilight and then darkness, before the movie started. it got kind of cold so we all tried to get some space in my tiny sleeping bag and i remember it being such a great moment: seeing the stars above us, watching the big bright screen and singing along to “the babe with the power” along with david bowie (as the goblin king) and everyone else watching the movie. after the film finished it was really dark and we stumbled around trying to find an exit and my mum picked us up and we dropped rosalind to the station. jess slept over than mine and then left -but it was such a dreamy day and i wish it could’ve lasted forever (deep)

7 Responses to “what we have here is a dreamer”
  1. These photos are so pretty and I love the yellowy hues ❤ omg a bike posse that would be amazing


  2. Adele says:

    this is the dreamiest adventure ever, I wish my summer’s were that magical but I don’t have any cool friends to do stuff with like climb trees or improv hair dyeing ❤ bit jealous, very inspired


  3. anastasia says:

    this stuff is so amazing … im making a blog too please check it out 🙂 I love your pics and amzing individual style 🙂 x

  4. this looks like the most perfect day ever omg your outfits kill me! the pictures are so dreamy, it’s making me wish summer so much!

  5. lotte p. $ says:

    these pictures are amazing, like litterally

  6. Looks like you had so much fun… gosh I used to love temp tats!

  7. Gwen & Elena says:

    Love the atmosphere in these shots, it really captures summer. Love all your outfits to! New follower 🙂 x

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