Profile: I came to decide to write this blog, because inspiration was upon me. I had seen one of my sisters friend's blog on vintage fashion and the wonders of everything and then I decided to write blog. Since I cannot buy the things i desire, why not write about them and other frivolous things? So as I type this minute, a new dawn is breaking and a new blog too! I have interests in writing, although I never have managed to write a whole story, but I quite like writing narrative poetry and passages. Unlike my older sister, I can't find myself writing philosophical essays on 'To look in a mirror', or other significant thoughts.Instead, I base stories on scenes from my vivid, un-escapable dreams, or romantic and thrill-orical mysteries, much like 'The Red Necklace' series- by Sally Gardener. I enjoy photography, because it puts things in different perspectives and art (don't know why, I just do) but I don't have much time for it. So I'm not really sure if I am going to be a photographer when I grow up, as it seems just a stitch boring, having to sit in a studio all day- taking pictures of other people. Perhaps a part-time hobbie? And of course fashion..fashion is a main aspect of my life actually. You may think not, because I don't have many designers clothes, but you don't really need them to write about them. As money is not upon me, the clothes will have to wait and I will have to wait and think: " If the clothes go off stock, I will remake them not as a little girl, but as a designer" So I hope you really enjoy my ramblings and tomfoolery!

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