young feminist musings part 1: slut shaming and victim blaming

Featured image: Arvida by Arvida for The Ardorus So I’ve been meaning for a while to talk about something less frivolous than like, I dunno, whatever I talk about that you guys may consider frivolous. And I generally have alot of meaningful thoughts and confusion in my head. So I thought I’d try once more … Continue reading

Rookie Road Trip….HIGHLIGHTS <3

Last Summer Tavi (DUH- editor in chief of ROOKIE), Petra (contributing photographer), Hazel (staff writer), Petra’s sister Anna, her boyfriend: Avery and ROOKIE fairy godmother, Anaheed, set off on a Road Trip (sponsored by Urban Outfitters) around America. They stopped off in various places to meet their adoring fans and then ended the journey with … Continue reading


The featured image above is of the awesome Grace Micelli, the last artist below… I don’t know why I called the title of this post ‘Art is Shmart’- probably because it ryhmes and im obsessed with ryhming. BUT DUDES, I AM CONSTANTLY FINDING NEW, AWESOME PEOPLE. I’m like an AWESOME-PEOPLE-MAGNET Anyway, today I am going … Continue reading